Review of the Dser RoboGeek 21T WiFi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Quick Analysis




Ease of Use







  • Relatively quiet.
  • Maps your home and understands where it's already cleaned.
  • Works on all floor types.
  • Compact and unobtrusive.
  • Fully compatible with Alexa.


  • Magnetic strips must be manually placed to tell it where not to go.
  • Not as poweful as a standard upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Not suitable for very shaggy rugs.

When robotic vacuum cleaners first came out, many people thought that they were ultimately just a gimmick. The initial models, indeed, were difficult to operate and usually kept vacuuming the same corner of a room over and over. However, the technology required for robotic vacuum cleaners has drastically improved in recent years. As a result, modern robotic vacuums are actually quite useful if you choose the right one for your home.

If you don’t already know, robot vacuum cleaners are used primarily by those who don’t have the time to vacuum their own floors. They’re also an alternative to hiring house cleaners. They may be even less expensive, even with their costly asking prices. In short, they’re normally popular among business professionals who don’t spend lots of time keeping up their own homes. Robot vacuums are easy to use and are generally considered to be “set and forget”. That is, you turn them on and let them clean your floors while you attend to other matters.

So how does the dser RoboGeek 21T WiFi Robot Vacuum Cleaner compare to others of its kind? In this detailed review, we’ll seek to answer just that. Each aspect of the vacuum will be thoroughly examined so you can get a real picture of how this robot works and what it can provide. In the end, you should have enough information to determine whether it’ll be a perfect choice for your home. Let’s begin!


Control and Connectivity

The dser RoboGeek 21T WiFi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a high-tech cleaning bot anyone can enjoy in their home. A lot of its value can be found in how easily you can control it. It’s been designed from the ground up for wireless functionality. As a result, you can use it through the proprietary smartphone app or the remote control that comes with the purchase. Ordering the vacuum to clean a new room or initiate a new cleaning schedule is as simple as hitting a few buttons.

As for the app, it works with both iPhone and Android operating systems so long as they have been recently updated. In fact, the app is an even better way to control this vacuum cleaner robot. It’ll be periodically updated with new features and functionalities. It’s a great way to keep the vacuum at the cutting edge.


When it comes to wireless connectivity, the bot can connect to 2.4 GHz frequency networks. It can also integrate very easily with Alexa if you have this kind of smart home functionality. In fact, using Alexa in tandem with this vacuum robot is recommended. You can use Alexa to schedule vacuuming sessions when you aren’t home or during the slower parts of the day. It can also help your robot keep track of where it’s vacuumed and its power settings.

Vacuum Power and Noise

However, you don’t need to worry too much about the vacuum being too loud for comfort. It operates at about 58 dB on average, rising just a little higher or lower depending on the vacuum setting. The highest setting honestly isn’t too loud for most.

When we checked the vacuuming capabilities of this bot, we found that the RoboGeek 21T had lots of strength to spare. It has a maximum suction power of about 1600Pa, which is comparable to many smaller traditional vacuum cleaners. Even better, its sensor suite is so sophisticated that it’ll detect when it needs to kick up the vacuuming strength by itself.


This means you won’t have to notice that it isn’t picking up dirt effectively enough. The vacuum can recognize this automatically. Suction increases happen within 1.5 seconds. This is a nice touch, as well, since it will make cleaning time take up less of the day. In short, there’s no mess too worn into the carpet for this vacuum bot. It can also work quite capably with hard floors or ceramic tile. Any type of common floor material you can think of, it can handle.

Charging and Size

The vacuum’s internal batteries are powerful enough that it can vacuum at its maximum power for about 100 minutes. That’s plenty of time to thoroughly clean a small to midsized home depending on the exact terrain. Even if it doesn’t knock out all of the cleaning in one charge, it can always be recharged and returned to the task later.


Another element that we found which enables this vacuum to work for long periods is the extra-large dust box. It’s integrated into the core of the vacuum chassis and is 600 mL in capacity. While it’s not nearly as large or spacious of the dustbin for a larger vacuum, it’s decent enough as far as small vacuum robots are concerned. Many competing models don’t have dust boxes of this size. However, many do because of their larger size.

Let’s discuss the overall thin size of the bot as a whole next. There’s no denying that this vacuum robot is incredibly unobtrusive and easy to forget. It’s only 2.83 inches high, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space and isn’t very loud as it vacuums around your home. While this small size does limit its dustbin capacity, it’s a trade-off for it not being very big. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you prefer larger but more noticeable vacuum bots.


Sensors and Stripes

We already mentioned the sensors a little bit, but let’s dive into them further. Some of the inherent functionality in the sensor suite allows the bot to avoid falling off the stairs. This “anti-drop” tech is really great when you see it in action yourself. Infrared sensors installed at the bottom of the robot give it enough warning that it won’t tumble downstairs or easily be flipped over from uneven surfaces.

The sensors designed with this robot go even further, too. The vacuum is smart enough to know when its battery is below 20% capacity. When this happens, it’ll automatically return to its charging station. Again, this is great for the user since you don’t have to worry about checking on your vacuum bot. When it needs to recharge, it’ll take care of things itself.


Many vacuum robots have a critical flaw. They’ll return to an area that they’ve already vacuumed, resulting in certain areas of your home being super clean and others being dirty. Or they may show up in areas that you don’t need cleaned. The RoboGeek 21T doesn’t have this issue. This bot comes with a pair of magnetic strip rolls which, when you place them on your floor, act as invisible barriers to turn the vacuum away. These strips leave a soft magnetic presence for the vacuum to detect wherever it goes.

Essentially, these rolls prevent the vacuum from coming into areas that don’t need to be cleaned and stop it from getting in the way. You can also adjust the strips every now and again to corral the vacuum into cleaning certain areas, preventing it from returning to the same area over and over.


An additional four side brushes are included within the box. These aren’t strictly necessary for the vacuum’s operation. But they can add a little more cleaning power to each vacuuming routine. They make the vacuum take up more space. However, we think it’s a great solution if you need the vacuum to thoroughly clean a wide-open space relatively quickly.

Final Verdict

The dser RoboGeek 21T WiFi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is, in the end, an excellent example of what a robot cleaner should be. Its initial asking price is a little high, and you can’t forget the ongoing price needed to replace the magnetic strips.


But even with this negative, there’s no denying how capable this robot vacuum cleaner is. The magnetic strips do a great job of helping the robot stay on target and avoid areas that don’t need cleaning. The sensors at the bottom are accurate and powerful. Even more interestingly, it’s available integration options with Alexa are awesome to behold. Once integrated, the vacuum truly feels like another part of your entire smart home system.

As a result, we feel that those who already rely on smart home gadgets will appreciate this cleaner more than others. As a set-and-forget machine, you can’t do much better. It even recharges itself when the battery gets low! All in all, we’re impressed by this vacuum cleaner and would recommend it to most folks interested in these kinds of automated assistants.

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