Edimax N300 Ultra-Mini Wi-Fi Extender (EW-7438RPn Air) Review

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We’re all quick to claim technology is changing the world and even in the field of extenders there are new ones popping up every year claiming to be the next big thing; so how come there’s always that one last spot in your home or office that receives reception so bad you’re forced to switch to 4G out of frustration? It seems that as soon as you leave that little bubble the signal starts to drop a bit and then it becomes so slow, you might as well be back in ’95 working with dial up. The main reason you should consider picking up the Edimax N300 (EW-7438RPn Air) is because it was designed to address this problem solely – extend your wireless network, provide a strong signal in far off places and improve your overall reception/speed.

edimax n300 EW-7438RPn Air

If you have no prior experience working with extenders but sort of understand the gist of it, the main way they work is by taking your current WiFi signal and then extending it wirelessly (in any direction). Your router already provides a certain signal range and that’s probably not enough for you so you’ll need something stable to get the same speeds without having to move it. If you take a look at the bestselling “Wireless Access Points” or WOPs, these basically utilize wired networks and take a lot more to set up. The best part about working with wireless extenders is that they use your current username/password so you won’t have to do anything once it’s there.

Slick Design For An Easy Set-up

The Edimax N300 is not small enough that you can carry it inside your pocket but it’s also not large to the point where it stands out – it’s pretty much the size of your typical wall adapter. You’ll notice there’s a sliding power on/off switch, configuration buttons and some lights to the side to indicate when it’s working. Inside the package they’ve included a mini CD with all the instructions you need.

edimax n300 EW-7438RPn Air

The bottom line is that you really don’t need to have an IT degree to know how to set this up and it barely takes a few minutes. All you do is basically think of where you need to get that additional signal (dead spots) then walk around with your phone to see where you’re getting 2-3 bars. After that you find the nearest socket and plug it in – it’s going to connect to your current network and extend it. You can then go to one of these dead spots and get online there. The network usually shows up as “+ extender”.

If you have concrete walls, you’re probably aware of just how fast signals can drop the further away you get from the source. The Edimax N300 can easily transmit large amounts of data even when you have walls of this kind and you can eradicate dead spots for good.

edimax n300 EW-7438RPn Air

Use Your Current Settings

If you’re worried about accessing the extended signal, it’s basically the same username/password you’re currently using so you won’t have to make any changes there. There will be 2 separate networks but this one adds “extender” to your current name so you can distinguish it easily. You might be surprised to see how your main network will have 2 bars next to the full 5 bars of the extender and pretty much everything sees an increase in speed – streaming, uploading, etc.

Main Advantages For The Edimax N300:

  • Will extend the range to cover your entire house/office using 802.11 technology. Support for all WiFi network types.
  • Barely takes a few minutes for the complete setup.
  • The LED lights indicate optimal signal strength so location placement isn’t an issue.
  • Very portable/compact and blends in with the environment.
  • There are protection systems in place.

edimax n300 EW-7438RPn Air

Our Conclusion

When you combine a small/convenient device with an easy setup and efficient practical features you get a device similar to the Edimax N300. It doesn’t matter if you have a single room to cover or you’re trying to cover entire floors, this extender will get the job done. You can realistically expect to get 70-85% of the general speed you’re getting when you use your device next to the main router and they have top notch support/instruction manuals. The discreet appearance pretty much makes it one of the best choices for people in need of an extension and considering the price, it’s definitely worth it.

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