Findster Duo Review – No Monthly Fee GPS Pet Tracking

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For most pet owners, their pets are considered a member of the family, albeit a much furrier one. Obviously, owners want to know where their pets are at all times to make sure they are safe and sound. And while most pets are typically well-behaved and stick close to you, even the most obedient of pets can get distracted and run off without warning.

Dogs, for example, can smell and hear thousands more scents and noises than we can, and may go running off to explore the unknown. An open door, a forest trail or an off-leash dog park all provide your dog with a multitude of new stimuli that can lead your dog on an unplanned adventure (and you, chasing after it). Thankfully, there is a way to keep track of where your pet is at all times: GPS pet trackers.

Although GPS pet trackers have been around for some time, they have been large and inconvenient. In addition, many companies require you to sign up for a monthly fee, on top of the up-front cost of the actual tracker. Finder Duo, the “next-gen” GPS tracker, is the newest GPS pet tracker that eliminates the drawbacks we find in other pet trackers.

findster duo

Design & Modules

The Findster Duo, as its name suggests, involves the cooperative integration of two separate pieces of technology: the pet module, and the guardian module. The pet module is a small yellow device that is fastened to your pet’s collar using velcro. The pet module itself has GPS that allows it to be tracked by the guardian module, that you simply keep on your person, like in your pocket. The guardian module then connects your phone, which is capable of converting the data your pet’s module is sending out to the Findster Duo’s GPS satellite network, into a visual map.

Then you can use the map to go out and find your furry friend. The two modules communicate with each other using Findster’s MAZE technology, a system they’ve developed themselves. The Findster Duo is also compatible with both iPhone and Android. Regardless what type of phone you have, you can use the device. Multiple modules are easily integrated, allowing you to monitor up to 5 different pets at one time. Whether you’re a commercial dog owner or just a dog-lover with a big furry family, you can make sure all your companions are safe and accounted for.



The two modules can communicate with each other at a distance up to 2 miles (3.2 km). This maximum distance can vary, however. If there are many buildings present like in urban areas, it could be smaller. In open areas like fields or for those who live in prairies or other such settings, the maximum distance can be even greater. If your pet does happen to leave the maximum area, the map on your phone will show you the last position your pet was in, so you can head there to start looking.

findster duo

Security Fences & Virtual Leash

When you’re walking your dog, there will always be certain areas you want your pet to be able to roam, while others you want him to stay away from. You can set these areas on the map of your favorite parks to make sure the Findster Duo keeps track of your pet should you become distracted. Security Zones are the places that your pet will be allowed to wander without alerting the Findster app, which can be adjusted using the app.


Danger Zones are areas that you may not want your pet to roam. These areas may be the field where all the ducks hang out, a playground, or roads. If your pet leaves a Security Zone and enters a Danger Zone, you will get an immediate, real-time update to your phone. The ping alert lets you know your dog is starting to stray, and it is time to call him back to your side.

The Virtual Leash feature is another form of a Security Zone. Many dog owners enjoy walking their dogs off-leash in designated parks and areas. Sometimes though, when you’re out at the dog-park, you may get distracted as you catch up with your friends and other dog owners. The Virtual Leash creates an invisible radius around you, with a distance that you can adjust using the app. Should your pet stray outside of the Virtual Leash radius you’ve previously assigned, you will again get a real-time alert, notifying you of your dog’s wandering.

findster duo

GPS and Tracking Capabilities

The Findster Duo makes use of extremely precise GPS (global positioning system) technology in order to track your pet. GPS operates using satellites, that orbit the earth. The satellites communicate directly with your smart phone, which (using the guardian module) detects the signal being emitted by your pet’s module. The GPS data is then relayed back directly to your smartphone. This allows you to track your pet in real time using the map that is displayed. There is a small amount of lag of course, as the radio waves need to move from module to module but it is barely noticeable and they really are essentially real time updates. A small icon denotes both your position, and your pet’s position at that time so you can head towards his direction.

Durability and Battery Life

Although the small modules are lightweight and compact (about 1.6 x 1.6 x .39 inches) they are very durable. The pet modules are water resistant, but not water proof. Rain and splashing in a pond should be fine, but if your pets decide to jump in the lake, it may not survive. Otherwise, the modules are well sealed from dust and dirt, and can definitely last quite some time on your pet’s leash. The batteries within the modules are fully rechargeable, and can charge simultaneously from the included charger. Obviously battery life can vary based on several factors like temperature, actual usage, and age, but typically the batteries can last up to 5 days.

findster duo


A healthy pet is a well-exercised pet. Data that Findster Duo collects during walks helps you ensure your pet’s needs are properly met. The Findster app will help remind you when it’s time to head outside for exercise, or maybe it’s time for a rest day. Your friends, family or dog sitters can all access the app as well, so you can monitor and make sure that your kids or dog walker are actually giving your pets the exercise they need.

findster duo rewards

Another amazing feature to the Findster Duo is the accessibility of Findster Rewards. It provides rewards to you, the owner, for keeping your pet exercised and healthy. Then, it measures how many steps you take, and how many paws your dog takes. By reaching certain milestones of distance, you can access discounts of your pet’s favorite food by trusted brands. Never before has walking your dog been so beneficial for your health, your pet’s, and your wallet!



The MAZE technology that Findster has produced is the secret behind the lack of monthly fees for the Findster Duo. The MAZE technology connects the two modules, which are both have GPS capabilities built-in to the module. The modules then don’t need to piggyback the GPS capabilities of your smart phone, eliminating the need for monthly fees. All you need to pay for is the two modules – or additional modules for multiple pets – and you’re all set. The Findster Duo even comes with a standard pet collar for added value. Findster also includes a one-year limited warranty for their products.

Final Words

The Findster Duo is a truly unique GPS pet tracker. It’s the only tracker on the market available that forgoes monthly fees – all you have to purchase is the modules, and download the app. The GPS is extremely accurate, and quickly updates in real time. Real-time updates notify you when your pet has surpassed the limitations of your Virtual Leash, Security Zones, or the total range of the Findster Duo.

The small and discrete modules have rechargeable batteries that can last up to 5 days, and won’t bother your pet while on their leash. Another truly unique to the Findster Duo is their reward system, by which the data the Findster Duo collects will reward you for surpassing certain milestones of W-A-L-K-S. Rewards come in the form of discount coupons to brands of your pet’s favorite food, and keep you and your pet motivated to stay active. If you’re a a pet owner that wants to monitor your pet’s location at all times, keep them safe, stay active, all without breaking the bank, then the Findster Duo is the device to do all that and more.

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  1. Does the dog device have a hole in it so that I can secure it better than velcro or is there a spot where I could drill a hole to accomplish this?

  2. The dog device has the standard piece that will slide onto a dog collar. Agreed, the Velcro strip that one could buy at any big box store is a joke.

  3. I couldnt wait for this product to ship to me, but was sadly surprised to find that it was almost impossible to set up my “fences” and “safe zones.” I tried several times with no luck. Software needs a lot of work to make it more user friendly and actually “usable.” Sadly, this was a waste of time and money. Great idea, but poor software.

    • I agree, my disappointment started when I opened the package. It will be returned real soon. Pairing the two modules for charging is a joke. the less than adequate magnet coupling is less that adequate. I finally just gave up on it. the setup video is just as inadequate. it does not address many issues.
      This is a great idea, after waiting 2 months to receive the piece of JUNK, Also I dont have a mobil phone with download capability. I am not going to spend $$$$ to purchase just to use this thing. Also instructions says to turn the modules off, where in hades is the turn off button, nothing shows. also, both modues are grey, it is a guess as to which is which, since it is not marked or color coded as indicated above. No yellow module.


  4. So far I’m only getting around 10 hours battery life! And as far as tracking outside for the History, It seems to only refresh every 5 minutes or so, therefore am not getting a great reading of his travels (cat). I know they are new and waiting for maybe a software and hardware update

  5. The battery will not last all day. I walk Gus in the morning but let him in and out when he wants. So I have to leave the system active because I don’t know when he will get out if a gate is left open.T.
    -Erratic operation. Instruction says turn off the pets device and it will turn off the guardian. keeps turning back on? Tracking on the phone is not easy to follow, and provides inconsistent information.
    When you are trying to learn the devices operation and it is not consistent it makes learning very difficult. The map sometimes is complete with roads, other times (almost always shows the dog and guardian but no street. I feel that if my dog gets lost I will not be able to locate him. You need a major software update that is as easy as any other software update. Not one that wipes out everything and you have to start over.

    Michael T.

  6. This company made a huge mistake by releasing this product before its software was up to sniff, er, snuff.

    As comments above make clear, it just doesn’t live up to its promises.

    Also, it’s worth mentioning that the while the yellow pet tag’s weight (1.76 ounces = 50 grams) is fine for most dogs (maybe not those under 12=15 pounds), it really is too heavy for cats.

    For reference, 50 grams is about the weight of 9 quarters.
    The weight needs to be reduced by more than half to appropriate for a cat (about 22 grams = weight of 4 quarters). If this can be accomplished with a smaller battery, I think the trade-off would be worth it for a cat. Once the software is optimized, you should be able to turn off the tracking except when you actually need to directly monitor your cat, and this will optimize battery use.

    Once this product is optimized, it should be great.

  7. We have had trouble getting this product. We preordered it this summer in June and have still yet to receive a product. They keep saying it will be antoher month at the end of each month. VERY FRUSTRATED!!!!

  8. I ordered this product early September due to be shipped at the end of the month. Every time I contact them they tell me that it will be shipped at the end of the next month. I’m starting to think this company is a scam!

  9. Same as comments above. I ordered two of the newer model. Months of them saying sorry shipping delays but only when I reached out to ask. After confirming both orders and that I needed them to ship after 3 false shipment promises or wanted a refund I got a shipping notification. Then only ONE set arrived. I now had to email back again to ask where the other one is. Have yet to hear back.

    Hear are the questions I also submitted since the one I received does not work at all. This is after several days of playing with them, the software etc.

    1. Why do the trackers connect and disconnect all the time? Even when my dog is sitting next to me and the guardian is sitting on the table.

    2. Pet tracker battery dies extremely quickly and is always telling me it is low battery. It does not connect well to the charger either. Takes like 5 tries and you have to set it just right to get it ro stay connected.

    3. Accuracy of pet location. Does not change as pet is outside and on the move. Distance pet is said to be away is never correct, not even close. Pet comes from opposite direction tracker said she was. Which of course are the main purposes of the tracker. Once pet is back in the house then eventually it updates that the pet was on the move.

    4. What is the distance the guardian can be away from my phone and the app to work? Its annoying to always have to have it sitting right next to my phone for it to possibily work.

    I also turned off the invisible fence feature as other customers have mentioned since it does not work at all. My dog would be sitting next to me and it would send me alerts that she was outside of her fence area.

    All in all extremely dissappinted and frustrated. Feel like it was a waste of money and yes they should not have released a product that was now clearly no where near ready.

  10. Wow. Death of what could be a great product.

    You need to get a battery that will stay charged for a MONTH, not 5 days.

    So glad I didn’t purchase this.

    • Yeah, a month would be good, but that’s not realistic. My old flip phones would last about 10 days in standby mode, just waiting for a call—- that is if I DID NOT use them. It’s VERY unlikely that you’ll ever see a month for ANY similar device.

  11. Disappointed
    Do not buy this product. It is not ready to be used for our loved pets. I waited 3 months with excuses that it will be posted to me shortly. I HAVE GIVEN UP. You should do the same. I got my money back thanks to god. Forget about this product.

  12. Findster DUO + I admire the spirit of the young people who developed this product, but I will not buy a new one to replace the one that is lost. Here is why:

    1. The single point of failure is the cheap plastic mount that holds the pet module to the dog’s collar. It is cheap, and it breaks.

    2. The “radar” feature does not work in rural areas.

    3. The battery life is less than 5 days, with or without GPS turned on.

    I’m going back to their competition and paying for monthly service because the other devices actually work. Keep trying!

      • Ditto – thanks for the reviews. It was difficult to find reviews by actual users – all the ones posted by the company are questionable in light of the fact they are all general glowing promotions of the product. Thankfully I found this collection of reviews before wasting my money

  13. I thought this would be the one..but after reading reviews it seems to be no better than most others that I have read about. Can anyone suggest a product that actually works. I have a beagle and they TRAVEL!

  14. Hi there, really thought this might be the one – I‘m deperatly looking for a tracker with a „radar“ function that will work in rural areas without mobile network/internet connection!! – but then I read this reviews … thank you guys so much for saving me from the annoyance and waist of money! Still if anybody has a suggestion for a actually great working product please share it here with us!? :-*

  15. I really like the Whistle 3 you have to pay a subscription fee monthly but the batterylast for days and it is one piece that needs charging. I made the mistake thinking that theses ( the Findster) would be better because they didn’t have that fee but the don’t work. The Findster does not continuously monitor the animal and the battery only last one day plus you have this other piece that you have to keep charged also.

  16. I ordered these well before Christmas 2017. Never received them. Numerous emails back and forth with “Kate” who made numerous excuses as to why I never received. Have not received a refund either. Buyer Beware! In my opinion they are scamming.

  17. Do NOT order Findster – save your money and sanity. I ordered and paid for a Findster Duo which was delivered over 6 weeks beyond the date promised. Communications were terrible from the company regarding when the unit would be sent. When I finally received it, a part of one unit fell off rendering it unable to be recharged. I didn’t drop it, hit it or mishandle it. I asked for a replacement which required them arranging a DHL service to pick up the unit. While they represented that they were sending another unit right away, they did not do so until they received the unit I was returning. The replacement came, it was defective. Since there is a 30 day money back guarantee, I told them I’d like to return it for a full refund. Findster said that the DHL service was down and that when it was back up, they would arrange for pick up. No word for a week. When I inquired about how an international delivery service could be down for a week, they fessed up. Their contract with DHL was being negotiated and once they have it set, I would be able to return my unit for a full refund. this company is a total scam. Don’t waste your money. You will lose it. I don’t have much hope in getting my $ back but I will go on every social medial platform and make sure that they never scam anyone like this again.

  18. We have had our Findster Duo+ around three weeks., We have never managed as much as 250yds range in a flat grassy field. They have required me to update the firmware three times over this period, but nothing has improved range, just wasted my time,. Don’t touch these with a bargepole. The range will be nothing like 2-3 miles promised.

    • I have 2 cats but I gave it to a friend that walks his dogs and and it worked past 1 mile until he went over a hill then the “line of site” was gone. Remember that the light grey transmitter must be with you at all times

  19. I used to have an iotatracker but they went out of business. Have not found anything yet comparable that does not require a GSM subscription. I have been looking at building my own with a radiosonde (weather balloon transmitter) or with an RC airplane tracker. There are also some cheap VHF and UHF beacon locators without GPS, though (e.g. MarcoPolo but at $250 it is too expensive). I will update you here when I have found a made something that works.

  20. WEll I got the Duo+ earlier this month and so far I’m very happy with it. Granted it did take a few weeks to arrive but when it did it worked as promiesed. Their support helped me set everything up and I’ve been tracking my lab since. Glad I purchased. Rob

  21. My experience with Findster has been overwhelmingly positive. I tried other pet trackers like Whistle and Iota before this one and frankly there’s no comparison regarding the frequency and accuracy of the GPS updates (not to mention the absence of monthly fees). Seems like they need to work on their timelines but overall I’d definitely recommend this product to other dog owners.

  22. Findster Duo-Terrible product. Took 3 months to arrive. The gps never connects properly. My dog escaped the other day and when we needed it most, it said “not connected”. Do not waste your money.

  23. Another happy customer here! Live tracking works a treat, plus love seeing our route after each walk. It’s robust as well (Ziggy likes to play rough and so far so good). Best tracker we’ve tried!

  24. I find it weird that there doesn’t seem to be a completely trustworthy and efficient tracker for dogs and cats that does not cost the earth! We can get a human though into outer space etc but still have difficulties in tracking a pooch?!!

    Was very interested to read such wide ranging reviews -from don’t touch with a barge pole to it works!

    Came across this website after I had gone ahead and ordered one! Will give my honest review once we have it & tested it. They have promised shipping mid June, so let’s see.

    I just want something that works, preferably without the need for extra subscription costs.
    But in the end day I am more concerned at reducing stress and keeping our naughty adventure freek dog safe.
    Lets hope that the improved FIndster Duo plus( which they are supposed to have tweeked in response to various problems) will deliver. Got a amputee dog who can not afford to get into any mischief out of sight!!!

  25. I’ve had a Findster Duo Plus for a few months now and I’m very happy with it. They seem to have sorted out some of the problems of the first version. It did take some weeks to arrive but it works here where there is a poor mobile signal which make other trackers unusable. The mapping of a walk has worked well but sometimes the mapping is correct but the distance recorded takes some time to catch up. My dog hasn’t run off but my limited testing suggests the tracking is accurate and if a connection is lost it will reconnect when back in range. The radar function works but takes time to get used to. There are other functions which I haven’t used – Leaderboard, Virtual Leash, etc – but the basic functions seem to work well.
    For me, the chief benefit of the Findster Duo Plus is that it doesn’t need a mobile signal to work. If I lived in an area with strong mobile and GPS signals I would have gone for a cheaper tracker as this one is expensive but in the long run the lack of subscription probably makes up for the price.

  26. Waited for shipping. When I enquired it was always “soon”, but it never arrived. Cancelled pre-order, hope i get refunded. Was an interesting and promising device. Read the reviews above, wish i had done so before wasting time ordering and waiting now. Hope they fix the issues.

  27. I waited a month to get it but it was well worth it! I don’t know what other people expect but it works perfect, find my cat every time only thing that is troublesome sometimes is hooking to charging port!

  28. After several weeks, I finally received my Findster today and I have to say I’m pretty happy so far. The GPS accuracy isn’t the greatest, but it gets the job done. Dog ran past the invisible fence a couple times and I bought this for peace of mind in case he runs off again. Obviously still need to evaluate the product a little longer, but I’m definitely satisfied so far.

  29. I purchased in June 2017 with expected delivery in AUgust. Received it after Thanksgiving. First used it today (June 2018) as I boought it for summer hikes. It worked for 10-15 minutes then “lost signal” The button on the unit no longer functions to turn it on./off receive status indication etc. Just a piece of useless junk.

    • Update. They replaced the unit within 2 weeks.
      My unit only has a range of about 300 yards, and that is in open above tree line mountains, with direct line of site. Also, there is a long (10-30 seconds) delay in live tracking and radar. It will show my dog 100 yards ahead of me, when she has already moved 100 yards behind me.

  30. This system is junk for a couple of reasons:

    1) The charger is so frustrating to work with. The magnet isn’t strong enough, so getting items to charge is a pain as they drop in/out of charging.
    2) The fact that if you want to stay current with tracking means you have to charge DAILY? See item #1
    3) If two users share the account, as in my case, having to turn off bluetooth on one phone while under they same roof so as not confuse the system isn’t practical.

    Returns are a major pain in the butt too.

  31. Only had the unit for two days after waiting a few weeks for it – so far not impressed. The worst part that I have found so far is the charger which is very badly designed. It consists of magnets to attach the guardian unit and the tracker itself. The problem is the magnet is weak and it takes multiple attempts to get the units to connect and charge and once you have the charger cable attached it exacerbates the situation. It has taken me about five minutes every time to get both units connected to the charger. Findster did respond to my enquiry and acknowledge that the charger design is ‘not so perfect’ and that they are working on a new design and can put me on a list of customers awaiting the new charging unit when it is ready. So we’ll see but having spent almost four times as much to purchase the Findster as I spent on my last tracker I would expect something as straight foward as a charger to be free of design flaws. I would recommend that if you are thinking of purchasing this tracker that you wait until these design flaws have been rectified.

  32. I found using a bit of blutack to stick the charger to a desk and raise it to the right height has helped.

    But on the other hand, one of my cats lost his collar, and I literally cannot find the damn tracker, even though I know it is somewhere close to my apartment. I really wish there was a method of getting the tracker to make a noise or have light come on for when it is separated from my cat.

  33. Disappointed
    I have used this unit for about 3 weeks now and am disappointed.
    The unit does a good job letting you know when the dog does past a virtual fence and teaching dog movements when it is in range.

    Battery life is terrible. Lucky to get 8 hours between charging.
    After only a few weeks the base unit will not fully charge
    Advertised range is 3 miles. In Georgia the range is about one quarter mile at best. This is in a wooded area no tall buildings.
    Had trouble charging the transmitter. Had to reset following directions of Findster tech help.
    Charging system is terrible. It is painful to get a single unit to stay connected to the charging base and a lot more painful for charging both pieces.
    I would not recommend buying this product

  34. I’ve had this for over a month now. In general it does much of what it says but there are a few gripes I have, some subjective so I’ll stick to two I’d consider most pertinent and significant.

    1. The software does not update location/status consistently. It seems very “confused”. For example, it will say it’s “disconnected” when the pets are right there and all modules are on–and this is after it initially (and correctly) said “Connected” and reported the location properly. Then it will go back and forth (again–while pets in full view of me and not out of range or anything) saying “Disconnected” or showing status “a day ago”, then 5 minutes later it may finally say “nearby, just now”. It’s just extremely glitchy and I simply don’t trust what I’m reading on my app at any given moment. I have to take sort of a “prevailing majority” of the readings and go with that because it doesn’t seem to know what mode it’s in or whether it’s really connected at any given time.

    2. Battery life is only about 8-10 hrs. I guess relative to other full-time gps trackers this is not terribly bad, but I feel they should have a power-saving “lesser-than-realtime mode” (not “activity only” mode). For example, I may not always want second-to-second tracking (and given my first gripe–we don’t really get that anyway). So if my pet is gone for an hour, well, maybe I just want to know where it was most recently, say, in the last few minutes so I have a general idea where to start looking. It’s not like my pets zig-zag at full speed around the neighorhood–they find a spot and they hang out for a while. So instead of realtime, a ping every 2 minutes I think would save a tremendous amount of battery and still give us a very reasonable chance of getting within calling distance or line-of-sight of our pet.

    Like I said–in general it works and I can get close to them if they wander off but the software seems like beta version, they really need to do some serious rewrites to make it more robust and reliable.

  35. DO NOT purchase this product. I have used Whistle pet trackers for years, and this is a far inferior product and company. The units are shoddy, the customer service is unresponsive, and don’t believe their 30 day money back guarantee. I purchased 2 units for my dogs, and within the first day, one would not charge. The batteries only last a few hours. After several requests, I finally got a return authorization from the company. I packaged everything exactly as instructed and shipped it off using the provided return label. Weeks later, I still haven’t received a refund.

  36. I’ve now had this product for nearly 3 months and my verdict is in–this is not worth buying, it’s a failed concept in my opinion.

    It was unreliable at best when I first got it, but because it did show the pet on a map (occasionally, and when all conditions were perfect) I thought maybe getting used to the extremely slow and iffy response time was what I needed to be comfortable with this. No, that never happened–and it’s not just that the software is poorly written or the hardware isn’t well made–I think it’s simply a failed concept.

    The “tag-team” concept of having the “home” module and the “pet” module is just not reliable. It’s way to much a hassle to try to figure out if the modules are “on” or “connected” to each other–let alone connected to the phone’s software after that. Too many points of failure. I wish I would have stuck to my initial gut feeling and returned this within the 30-day period, but I hope others see this and I can save others the frustration of trying to deal with this.

  37. Not even close to accurate. Tested with iphone and ipad, with pet module at 40m and in line of site. The app points me off in the wrong direction. Tech support was no help. Returned the product.

  38. Purchased Findster Duo+ 31 August 2018. Electronic aspects seem to work as advertised.

    I’ve experienced a problem with the way Findster has chosen to attach the pet module to my dog’s collar. The pet module is inserted into a plastic mount that is attached to my dog’s collar with a half inch wide elastic (rubber) band. The band has holes in it and is secured to the pet’s collar with a rivet-like piece. The pet module is securely held in the plastic mount but easily removed for charging, a good design. The weakness is the method Findster has chosen to attach the plastic mount to the collar—the elastic band.

    In the few short weeks I’ve owned my Findster Duo+, my 90 pound German shepherd dog has detached the plastic mount (along with the pet module) TWICE. Fortunately this occurred in my dwelling vs. outside on my 5+ acre property, and I was aware of it. I believe the cause was the dog scratching. If my dog were unique in the scratching department I’d say “no problem”, but dogs scratch and it is a problem.

    Reaching out to Findster—hoping to obtain two additional plastic mounts to attach to my dog’s various collars with sewn-on nylon webbing vs. the rubber band thing—I found out that the “cheap” plastic mount isn’t so cheap after all. $19.99 per mount!!! Oh, and there are no electronics in the plastic mount.

    I recommend the Whistle 3 tracker. Its one drawback is it needs to be in range of an ATT cellular signal.

  39. I wish to return mine under the 30 day return policy as I am extremely unhappy with this useless product but am finding even this is very difficult to do ?

  40. We purchased 2 Findsters for our two dogs last spring. They are amazing in letting us know where our pets are. Walking them around our 100-acre farm is now relaxing since we always know the direction they are going in. I agree about the attachment method being not as secure as other reviews but the radar found the one that came off, in our vineyard, quickly. And the technical support has been perfect.

  41. Three months after enjoying the purchase of my Findster Duo I began having problems. In January of 2019 the fence outlining my property disappeared. After not being able to use the Findster for one month, an update corrected the problem but made the device almost useless to me.

    I have a property the size of 3 basketball courts and when drawing a fence, the updated zoom feature prevents me from zooming in as close as before. The previous firmware version allowed me to view my property full screen on my cellphone. AFTER THE UPDATE, WHEN DRAWING A FENCE ON MY IPHONE 6S PLUS, MY PROPERTY IS NOW ONLY 1/2 INCH WIDE. If your property is the size of a football field you might enjoy the Findster. If you have a smaller property you will not be able to accurately draw a fence.

    After months of communication with Findster I received an email: “We apologize for this, but unfortunately, there isn’t a new update to have a higher zoom level. We apologize for the inconvenience, and I’ve already passed this to our Head of Product.”

    Please believe me when I say that Findster is almost useless unless you have a ranch or estate. We have a large property and until an update corrects the problem, I’m stuck with a $100 mistake.

    This review is already much too long and I have much more to say if you want to contact me. You can search for me on my social media sites.

    Robert Preston
    Hacienda Heights CA


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