First-Look Review of the PITAKA Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 MagEZ Case 3

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  • Overall Design - 9/10
  • Protection - 9.5/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10
  • Magnet Strength - 9.5/10


PITAKA’s MagEZ Case 3 for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 successfully marries the principles of protection, design, and functionality. This case is more than just a fashion statement. Backed by aerospace-grade materials and superior magnetic technology, it confidently safeguards your precious device while maintaining a minimalist, sleek appeal.


  • Aerospace-grade protection
  • Sleek, ultra-slim design
  • Strong magnetic attachment
  • Enhanced wireless charging


  • Premium price point
  • Limited non-MagSafe compatibility

In the fast-evolving world of foldable smartphones, protection without compromising on style or functionality is a tough one. And yet, that’s not stopping companies from trying to manufacture the perfect phone case for these futuristic devices.

One such entry comes from PITAKA. Its MagEZ Case 3 for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 promises a slim silhouette backed by the strength of aerospace-grade materials.

But does it deliver the goods or fall short of its promises? We had to see just that for ourselves. Let’s take a closer look to see how this innovative case stacks up.

Unboxing: What’s Included?

Upon opening the package, you’re immediately greeted with the sleek case itself. Its presence is subtle but immediately feels premium to the touch. The package also includes a document kit, which, though sparse, provides essential details about the product.

However, given the straightforward nature of phone cases, this simplicity is both expected and appreciated.

PITAKA Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 MagEZ Case 3

Build Quality

The MagEZ Case 3 touts its construction using aramid fiber, renowned for its durability and resistance. In layman’s terms, think of a material that’s five times stronger than steel yet weighs significantly less.

This impressive strength-to-weight ratio is evident as soon as you handle the case. This isn’t your everyday case that you see online and in stores for a few bucks. This is something else entirely.

Don’t let that deter you, however. You want different in this instance. You want something that bucks trends to deliver proper protection.


You can immediately appreciate the scratch-resistant nature of the aramid fiber. During our tests, even after deliberately trying to scuff it with keys and coins, the case remained unmarred, echoing its promise of protection against daily wear and tear.

What’s more, the case’s Fusion Weaving style not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also feels structurally sound.

Furthermore, the precision-aligned magnets for MagSafe compatibility give it a sense of sturdiness, ensuring that your phone is held securely when paired with MagEZ accessories.

Form Factor

Notably, this case sports an ultra-slim design. At just 0.95mm (or 0.037 inches) in thickness, it seamlessly blends with the Galaxy Z Flip5, adding only negligible weight. The thin profile ensures that the case doesn’t hamper the phone’s bendability.

Its meticulous edge polishing ensures that you can fold your device without any discomfort or fear of sharp edges. We especially admired the 3D Grip technology.


The textured pattern not only improved our grip on the device but also provided a comfortable and tactile experience during prolonged use.

As for aesthetics, users have the option to choose between two color variations: Overture and Rhapsody. Both colors complement the Fusion Weaving design, making the device look sophisticated.

In terms of functionality, easy access to buttons and a raised lip for camera protection highlight the case’s user-friendly design.

However, there are a couple of compatibility limitations. So far, the case proves that strength and elegance can indeed coexist.

With its combination of top-tier materials and thoughtful design, it offers Z Flip5 users a reliable protection solution without compromising the phone’s sleek form factor.


Magnet System Overview

When it comes to the magnet system, the strength and precision of attachment are paramount for a seamless experience.

With the MagEZ Case 3, the promise lies in providing a dependable magnetic connection that seamlessly integrates with your Galaxy device and MagSafe accessories.

During our tests, we played around with different angles and force to attach the case to the Galaxy Z Flip5. Each time, the case latched onto the device securely, reiterating its magnetic strength.


There was a satisfying snap feeling, reinforcing that the device was safeguarded. Further, we performed a “shake test,” holding the case-protected device upside down and giving it a good shake.

The case did not budge, maintaining its solid grip. This gave us confidence in its promise to provide a reliable protective layer without any fears of it inadvertently slipping off.


Getting your tech and tech accessories to play nice with each other isn’t always easy. Especially with all this wireless charging and magnetic stuff going on. Well, this case? It’s a rockstar in that department. It’s the perfect mix of being handy and working just right.

We put it through the wringer, testing it with all sorts of MagSafe goodies like chargers and wallets. And every time, this case showed off just how tough and spot-on it can be.


The robust magnets within not only ensured an effortless attachment to these accessories but also held their position, even amidst jostling and general use. One of the standout features was its wireless charging capability.

The connection with the MagSafe charger was not just instant but exceptionally firm. Throughout our charging tests, the phone charged efficiently and without interruptions, underlining the case’s promise of high-quality wireless charging.

For those who often find themselves on the move, you might want to consider pairing the case with PITAKA’s MagEZ Car Mount. Doing so ensures both rapid and stable wireless charging. It’s a boon for travelers. Importantly, while the case is meticulously tailored to mesh seamlessly with PITAKA’s MagSafe range, its compatibility doesn’t stop there.


The case also efficiently supports Qi wireless chargers and Apple MagSafe accessories. Many people have more than one device. So if yours fall in those categories, you’ll have even more versatility at your disposal.

Such extensive compatibility, paired with its ultra-slim design, also paves the way for reverse-charging using your Galaxy phone, allowing you to power other compatible devices effortlessly.

In the grand scheme of MagSafe-compatible cases, this one is undeniably in a league of its own. Its unparalleled compatibility and charging capabilities set it apart from the crowd, offering users an experience that’s hard to match elsewhere.

Installation and Removal

The real beauty of magnetic cases is the ease with which you can install and remove them, and the MagEZ Case 3 epitomizes this simplicity.

We handed the device and case to several individuals, ranging from tech-savvy individuals to those less familiar with modern tech accessories. In each instance, they found the installation process intuitive. Just align the case with the back of the Galaxy device, and it quickly snaps into place.


Removal was equally effortless. A gentle pull is all it took to separate the case from the device. Cleaning or servicing your Galaxy Z Flip5 can be done in a snap, making the case an excellent companion for those who prefer regular device maintenance.

The ease of this system not only ensures your device remains pristine but also that you don’t lose precious time fiddling around when you want to change or remove your case.

Enhanced Charging Experience

MagSafe technology has revolutionized the way we perceive wireless charging. To truly gauge the efficiency of the case in this realm, we put it to the test with a compatible MagSafe charger.

We noticed that the case’s magnets flawlessly aligned with the charging coil, ensuring a seamless charging experience. Compared to standard wireless chargers, the MagSafe charger with the MagEZ Case 3 provided a quicker charging speed, reducing our waiting time significantly. It’s pretty clear that optimization is at the heart of this design. Just more evidence that this isn’t an ordinary phone case.

Uninterrupted Performance

Often, there’s a concern that additional accessories or cases might interfere with the regular functions of a smartphone. To dispel or confirm this apprehension, we put the Galaxy Z Flip5 with the MagEZ Case 3 through a series of tests.

Streaming, calling, using GPS, and other regular smartphone activities were executed. The results? The magnets within the case showed no interference whatsoever with our phone’s functionality. On the contrary, everything ran smoothly, assuring us of the meticulous design considerations.

Aesthetics Meet Functionality

In today’s world, where minimalism is trending, the MagEZ Case 3 stands out with its sleek and slim design. When we paired the case with the Galaxy Z Flip5, it was impressive to see how the case seamlessly complemented the device’s naturally slim profile.

The case felt like a natural extension of the phone rather than an additional accessory – something you don’t typically see with other phone cases. While testing, even when placed in a pocket or a tight-fit bag compartment, the phone with the case did not feel bulky or cumbersome, showcasing its elegant and efficient design.

Guarding Your Tech

Protection is the primary function of any phone case. With MagSafe cases, it’s only natural to wonder if the focus on magnetism and aesthetics might diminish this protective quality. To determine this, we conducted a series of stress tests.

The Galaxy Z Flip5, while encased in the MagEZ Case 3, faced the challenges of being placed in a bag with keys, coins, and other potentially scratch-inducing items. After a day of simulated rough handling, the case emerged unscathed, protecting the device from any scratches.


We also dropped the phone from a standard height multiple times, mimicking the accidental drops our devices often suffer. In each instance, the case absorbed the impact, and the device remained safe.

While we don’t recommend doing this yourself, we can say that there’s a good chance your phone will remain safe and protected should it suffer an accidental drop.

After giving it a good run during our tests, it’s clear: this isn’t just some pretty face of a case. Beyond its looks, it really stands up to the daily bumps and scuffs life throws at it. Thus, we think it’s a worthy, albeit pricey, investment for any Galaxy Z Flip5 owner.

Final Verdict

PITAKA’s MagEZ Case 3 for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 successfully marries the principles of protection, design, and functionality.

This case is more than just a fashion statement. Backed by aerospace-grade materials and superior magnetic technology, it confidently safeguards your precious device while maintaining a minimalist, sleek appeal.


For anyone keen on investing in a case that doesn’t compromise on either protection or aesthetics, the MagEZ Case 3 is undeniably a strong contender.

While its price might be on the higher side and compatibility with non-MagSafe accessories can be finicky, its benefits far outweigh these minor drawbacks. If you want state-of-the-art protection that looks good, this may very well be the case for you.

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