Fix Peacock Error Code 006 (5 Quick Methods)

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Recently, many Peacock users have been plagued with error code 006.

This technical issue typically appears when you’re trying to login. However, it may randomly happen when trying to watch a certain channel.

It may happen due to a corrupted or outdated cache file, or if you’re using an old version of the Peacock app.

Regardless, error code 006 is a bug/glitch. We have a few quick fixes that will usually remedy the problem. Let’s get right into it.

Method #1 – Restart the Peacock App

The easiest and most straightforward method you should initially try is to restart the Peacock app.

Close the app and re-open it. If this doesn’t work, try restarting your device by turning it off and turning it back on.

This typically fixes error 006 by removing any bugs or glitches that can happen if you’ve had the Peacock app open for too long.

Method #2 – Change the Channel

Some Peacock users encounter error 006 only on specific channels. You can test this by simply switching the channel to a different one.

If the error only happens on one channel, it’s likely being caused by the channel service provider. If the app lets you watch content on all channels but a certain one, you know that the issue is out of your control.

That said, there’s really nothing you can do about it. You’ll need to exercise some patience and try again later.

peacock error 006

Method #3 – Reinstall the Channel

If you’ve waited multiple hours or even days and error 006 still appears on one specific channel, you should completely reinstall that channel.

Sometimes, there are glitches and faults that you have no access to remedying. Performing a clean install by deleting the channel and reinstalling it from scratch is your best course of action.

If you reinstall the channel and you still see the error, the channel provides is usually to blame and more patience will be needed.

Method #4 – Reinstall the Peacock App

Sometimes, completely reinstalling the Peacock app will remove error 006 with ease. If there is a corrupted app file that you don’t have access to, a fresh reinstallation is needed.

Simply delete the app and reinstall it directly from the app store.

While a full reinstallation of Peacock can be an annoyance, it’s one of the most effective methods at getting rid of error 006 without much guesswork.

Method #5 – Clear the Cache

Peacock uses file caching in order to improve the user experience within the app. It stores temporary files into a cache folder and uses them to quick access important data that you may need again.

However, these cache files can build-up without your knowledge and slow down both your phone/tablet and the Peacock app itself. The neglect of these cache files may inadvertently make them corrupt, leading to random errors popping up.

Clear your device’s cache for a quick way to remedy error 006. You can usually find the option to clear your cache by navigating to “Settings” and selecting “Peacock” from the “Apps” list. Once you open the program’s settings, there’s a line that shows the cache. Tap it and clear it.

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