Flic: The Wireless Smart Button Review

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Automation is a powerful form of technology. It not only saves you time and energy, but simplifies the everyday decisions that we make. But it’s not always so picture perfect.
A lot of times, it takes ages to figure some tools out. Not to mention the fact that although many of them are useful, they’re only mean for specific environments, such as in the car or a single room. That’s what makes Flic the Wireless Button so unique.

flic the wireless smart button

It’s an amazing device. Flic is user friendly, and makes life so much more convenient in areas where it counts. Let’s describe some of these awesome features.

So Many Functions for So Many Uses

Life can get complicated. We often need to get a lot of things done, and don’t have time to switch continuously between devices just to call our kids while we make supper. We need an easy button.

flic the wireless smart button

There’s a lot we can automate. From our stereos and cameras, to kitchen and workout timers, it’s a rare instance when you don’t have a use for a Flic. It’s such an intuitive device that it wouldn’t make sense not to use one if we had one. Let’s look at what life could be life if we did.

You’re at the cabin with the family. The kids are getting tired after a long day swimming at the beach, you’ve got snacks to make, and everyone’s anticipating a great late night movie. That’s a lot to deal with at once, and luckily you have Flic.

You set the lights to enhance the cinematic experience, lock the doors, and start the movie at the perfect moment. It’s quite amazing isn’t it?

flic the wireless smart button

It can all be done with the push of a button. No more scanning through remotes to turn on your favorite song at the appropriate volume. No more hunting down the phone to order Chinese. Flic does all of that and more.

It even regulates your house. Whenever you’re feeling a little warm, you can give Flic a tap, and instantly your air conditioner kicks in so you can enjoy a nice cool day indoors. It accomplishes more than you might imagine it to.

flic the wireless smart button

Flic is like your own personal genie. With 3 available program options for each button, that’s usually all you need. But even if you’ve got a lot of things going on at the same time, you can program them as per your convenience. Here’s another example.

flic the wireless smart button

You use one button for the kitchen. It has 2 different timers; one for 30 seconds and another for 2 minutes. The other function turns the light off when you leave the room.

But you’ve also got another one for the car. This one gives you directions to get home, makes a call to the spouse, or turns on your favorite radio station. The possibilities are endless.

Amazing Down to the Last Detail

Performance isn’t everything. Of course, technology has to work as intended, but when it’s bulky and slow, that really doesn’t help. There are some areas where compromise really isn’t worth it.

The same goes with devices used to simplify your life. The added convenience of Flic counts for quite a bit, especially when it’s small enough to clip on your shirt. Let’s take a look at the elegance of Flic.

First off, it’s a beautiful texture. Available in five different colors, this mini yet extraordinarily handy device is built with the user in mind. Whether you’re using it to play music or make a phone call, it keeps its glamour as a simple ‘easy’ button. Here’s why.

You can place it anywhere you want. Flic sticks to counters and cupboards, coffee tables, and even on dog collars. It’s ready when you need it. The simple programming interface makes it easy to switch purposes, and even easier to use all of your favorite electronics. It’s an impressive stand-alone product.

flic the wireless smart button

Perfect for All Ages

Don’t let simplification become confusing. The genius of Flic really comes down to its variety of uses for a vast number of users. With a single press of a button you can send a distress signal or order lunch while you’re at the gym. There’s a lot of added benefit to this.

Let’s be honest. Some of us have missed the whole wave of technology, and most of us do not have lightning-fast short term memory. We often forget simple things like phone numbers and where our phone even is. No need to worry.

flic the wireless smart button

Flic will find it for you in a snap. You can use multiple Flics for different purposes, such as reminders to feed your pets, and unlocking your front door from your bedroom. Here’s the best part.

It’s easy to program. You simply link it up wirelessly with your smart device, and select a function. It’s as straightforward as that.

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