How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook

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Like many apps, Facebook has a Dark Mode setting that’s quite useful. It’s been proven to reduce eyestrain, save battery life and ultimately improve the user experience.

But how do you enable Dark Mode on Facebook? The procedures are quite simple and available on iOS, Android and even through your computers web browser. Let’s get right into it.

Enabling Facebook Dark Mode via Web Browser

Regardless of the specific web browser you’re using (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.) the steps to activate dark mode on Facebook are the same. Even Mac and Windows PC users will share the same procedures as outlined below:

1. Simply visit the homepage with your favorite Internet browser and make sure you’re signed in to your account.

2. In the top right corner, look for an icon that shows a downward-pointing arrow.


3. Click the downward-pointing arrow and a menu will drop-down. Select the option with the moon icon that says “Display & Accessibility.”


4. There will then be a Dark Mode setting that’s activate by a small radio button. Click the little dot next to “On” and you’re good to go.

5. Alternatively, you can activate Automatic dark mode. This will adjust the display to dark mode, automatically base on the current time in your location.

Keep in mind that switching from Light Mode to Dark Mode will be visible across the entire Facebook environment. Every single page, profile, group, etc. will turn dark. Even if you’re using your web browser to access Messenger, Dark Mode will be turned on.

Enabling Facebook Dark Mode with Android

If you’re an Android user, the steps involved to activate Facebook’s Dark Mode is very straightforward. Regardless if you’re using an Android powered smartphone or tablet, the procedure for enabling it is still the same.

1. Open up the Facebook app on your Android device and make sure you’re logged into the proper account.


2. Once you’re on the Facebook homepage, tap on your profile icon near the top-right corner of the screen. It’s located directly above and aligned to the right of the text area that states, “What’s on your mind?” Depending on the version of your app, it may or may not have three lines going through it; also known as a hamburger icon.


3. Next, scroll down until you see Settings & Privacy. Give it a tap and you’ll see a list of eight different submenus. From here, select Dark Mode.



4. Once you go into the Dark Mode settings, there’s three options to choose from: On, Off or Use System Settings. Select On to instantly activate Dark Mode. If you prefer to have the app automatically adjust based on your device’s settings, select the third option.

Enabling Facebook Dark Mode with iOS

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, activating Dark Mode with iOS is very easy. The procedures are nearly the same as above, but we’ll lay it out step by step.

1. Open up the Facebook app on your iOS device and make sure you’re logged into the proper account.

facebook ios menu icon

2.Once you’re on the Facebook homepage, glance at the bottom right corner of your screen. There, you’ll see the word Menu next to three horizonal lines, aka the “hamburger icon.” Tap it.

3. Next, continue to scroll down until you see Settings & Privacy. Tap it one time and a dropdown submenu will be displayed. You may need to click it a second time, depending on the version of your app. From here, select Dark Mode.

facebook ios settings and privacy

facebook ios dark mode activated

4.In the Dark Mode settings submenu, there will be three options displayed: On, Off or System Settings. Select On and it will instantly activate Dark Mode. Once again, if you prefer the app automatically adjust to Dark Mode based on your device’s settings, the option is there.

Don’t See an Option for Dark Mode?

If you’ve followed the instructions above, but you’re still completely lost or confused, you may need to check the version you have installed. Regardless, if you’re using iOS or Android, check to see which version of Facebook you’re using. Facebook’s Dark Mode initially came available in October 2020.


The version number is viewable in the settings menu. Underneath Legal and Policies look for a link that’s labelled About. From here, you can see which version you have installed. If the version of your app is pre-300, the Facebook app must be updated in order to support Dark Mode. Going into the iOS or Google Play store will allow you to manually update the app with a couple of clicks.

Final Thoughts

Enabling Dark Mode on Facebook is very easy to do. Most users will find at least one major benefit from using Dark Mode. You may think the only reason to use it is to reduce eye-strain at night. While this is the most common reason users are switching to Dark Mode, it’s not the only.

In fact, using Dark Mode will place less of a draw on your devices’ battery, simply by reducing the brightness. Fact is, when you don’t have white all over your screen, your smartphone or tablet won’t have to work quite as hard to provide the glow you’ve become so accustomed to.

While there are several other factors at play, your brightness setting has a direct correlation to the amount of time until you need to re-charge the battery. Dark Mode on Facebook offers a streamlined way to access the social network without the negative side effects of added brightness.

If you’ve fallen in love with Facebook’s Dark Mode and you prefer to have it throughout all of your apps and interface, it may be worth a deep dive into your devices’ display settings. Both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets have easy ways to activate them. Some phones will even let you schedule it to turn on only during certain times of the day. It just may be worth looking into.

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