How to Find Deleted Reddit Accounts: Here are 7 Methods

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Key Takeaways:

  • Deleted Reddit accounts and posts can be located using various methods, including, Removeddit, and Reveddit.
  • Each tool has its unique features and limitations, so picking the right one depends on your specific needs.
  • Understanding why Reddit posts and accounts get deleted can enhance your platform navigation and management skills.

In the ever-changing digital maze that is Reddit, content often vanishes just as quickly as it appears – comments deleted, accounts scrubbed, posts missing in action. So, what are you supposed to do when you wish to see something from a deleted account?

That’s what we’re highlighting here today. This guide unpacks seven practical methods for unearthing deleted Reddit accounts and their elusive content. So if you’re keen on solving the mystery behind these digital vanishings, read on.

Method 1: makes keeping tabs on Reddit users or specific types of content a piece of cake. It’s efficient, straightforward, and versatile enough to handle multiple tracking tasks.


How It Works

  1. Visit the Website: Just type in in your browser.
  2. Username Input: If you’ve got a user or several you’d like to monitor, input their Reddit usernames.
  3. Dashboard Navigation: The site layout makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Unique Features

  • Subreddit Filter: Allows you to zero in on specific Reddit communities.
  • Date Range: Search within different timelines – from as short as the last 24 hours to as long as the past month.
  • Post vs. Comments: You get to pick whether you’re interested in tracking posts, comments, or both.

Who’s It For?

This tool is a must-have for Reddit moderators and anyone interested in monitoring particular types of content within public Reddit communities. Just be aware that it can’t display private Reddit posts or those that have been edited.

Method 2: Removeddit

Removeddit shines when you have a specific Reddit URL you want to investigate. If a post or comment has gone missing, Removeddit can bring it back to the spotlight. All you need is the original Reddit URL.


How It Works

  1. Have the URL: Make sure you’ve got the original Reddit URL.
  2. URL Swap: Replace “Reddit” in the URL with “Removeddit.”
  3. View Content: Deleted posts or comments will now be visible.

Unique Features

  • Color Coding: Makes it a breeze to differentiate between moderator-removed and user-removed content.
  • Bookmarklet: A browser add-on for seamless future access.

Who’s It For?

Removeddit is a powerful tool for those who need to revisit deleted content for research or out of plain curiosity. But because it requires the original URL, some users may find it to be limited in its versatility.

Method 3: Reveddit

Reveddit is your best friend if you’re keen on tracking a specific user’s Reddit footprint, offering an extensive look into deleted activity. The only caveat? It cannot access deleted posts from subreddits that have blocked the service.


How It Works

  1. Platform Access: Head over to the Reveddit website.
  2. Enter Username: Plug in the username you want to keep an eye on.
  3. Browser Extension: Optional but useful for real-time notifications.

Unique Features

  • User Focus: Specializes in tracking deleted activity by a specific Reddit user.
  • Browser Extension: Get real-time notifications of deletions from users you’re interested in.

Who’s It For?

Reveddit is perfect for anyone who needs to keep tabs on specific Reddit users. Whether it’s for academic research or personal reasons, this tool has you covered.

Method 4: The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is the equivalent of a digital historian. It offers a glimpse into the past by capturing website snapshots at different points in time. This tool is useful for recovering not just the deleted Reddit posts but also any changes made to them before their untimely departure.

wayback machine

How It Works

  1. Visit the Website: Navigate your browser to the Wayback Machine’s homepage.
  2. URL Input: Drop the Reddit URL you’re investigating into the search bar.
  3. Calendar Selection: A calendar interface pops up, letting you choose your desired snapshot date.

Unique Features

  • Snapshot Archive: Provides a timeline of the web page’s history.
  • Edits Reveal: Not only shows deleted posts but also captures edits made prior to deletion.

Who’s It For?

This method is excellent for investigative work or when you’re seeking historical context for a Reddit thread. It’s especially useful for journalists, academics, and the eternally curious.

Method 5: Undelete Reddit Comments

This Chrome extension might seem straightforward, but it offers substantial utility. It’s not a recovery tool per se; rather, it serves as a pre-emptive measure to cache discussions before they vanish.

Undelete Reddit Comments

How It Works

  1. Download the Extension: Available in the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Navigate to Reddit: Open the Reddit post that catches your interest.
  3. Activate the Cache: Simply click the extension’s cache button.

Unique Features

  • Manual Cache: Allows you to select specific discussions to save.
  • Retrieval Ease: Recovery is as simple as clicking the extension button again.

Who’s It For?

This extension suits those who want to preserve important or interesting conversations for future reference. Researchers and enthusiasts will find this particularly helpful.

Method 6: Google Cache

Google Cache is ideal for recovering Reddit posts that have recently been deleted. This is a time-sensitive method, as Google frequently updates its cache database.

reddit google cache

How It Works

  1. Google Search: Locate the Reddit post via Google’s search engine.
  2. Access Cache: Click the downward arrow next to the post title and select “Cached.”

Unique Features

  • Immediate Access: Ideal for recent posts, as Google’s cache is frequently updated.
  • Direct Navigation: Redirects you directly to the saved version of the Reddit post.

Who’s It For?

Google Cache is perfect for people who have just missed a recently deleted post and want to catch it before it’s gone for good. It’s a go-to for internet sleuths and those who like to stay updated on fast-moving discussions.

Method 7: Resavr

Resavr is like a sanctuary for lengthier Reddit comments and posts. If you’re after content that has at least 650 characters, you’ve come to the right place. Despite its focus on longer posts, be mindful that it can’t access content from private or blocked subreddits.


How It Works

  1. Visit Resavr: Navigate to Resavr’s homepage via your preferred web browser.
  2. Search Mechanics: You can opt to search either by post title or by hopping on the Recent Comments tab.
  3. Access Information: Deleted posts will be displayed, complete with length and time of deletion.

Unique Features

  • Character Minimum: Specializes in recovering posts that contain 650 characters or more.
  • Detailed Meta Info: Not only does it show you the deleted content, but it also provides the length and time of deletion.

Who’s It For?

Resavr is the go-to for researchers, investigative journalists, or any Reddit users who are particularly interested in more substantive, lengthy content. Whether you’re conducting in-depth analysis or just satisfying a burning curiosity, Resavr offers a unique vantage point.

The Mystery Behind Deleted Reddit Accounts and Posts

We’ve all seen them: deleted Reddit activity, whether a single post or an entire account. It leaves us wondering what led to their disappearance. Let’s lift the curtain on some common reasons for these deleted Reddit accounts and posts.

  • Karma Preservation: A comment that’s met with a flurry of downvotes may be removed by the user to salvage their karma score.
  • Mistakes Were Made: Incorrect or rude statements can lead users to remove their own comments in a belated act of online etiquette.
  • Rule Breakers: Comments can be axed for violating Reddit’s site-wide rules or the specific regulations of a subreddit.
  • Scheduled Deletion: Some users opt for a spring cleaning of their comment history after a set amount of time, ranging from 2 to 24 hours. This can be done manually or via scripts.
  • Covert Operations: By deleting comments regularly, users can prevent their participation in certain subreddits from becoming public knowledge – essential if they’re active in communities they’d prefer to keep private.
  • Leaving a Trace: Deleting an account doesn’t automatically wipe clean all comments and posts. However, scripts exist that can handle this heavy lifting before you bow out.
  • Signs of Account Deletion: When a username shows as [deleted] but the comment remains, it signals that the user has intentionally deleted their account.
  • Moderator Removal: If a comment is removed by a subreddit moderator, the comment body will read [removed].
  • User-Driven Deletion: If both the username and comment body read [deleted], it indicates that the user has pulled the plug on that specific comment.
  • Account Bans: When the username reads [deleted], but the context suggests it’s not voluntary, it’s likely the user was shadowbanned or banned.

This insight is invaluable for a wide array of Reddit denizens, from casual users who want to navigate the platform more wisely to moderators who aim to better manage their communities. Understanding the dynamics behind deletions also aids researchers and journalists who use Reddit as a data source.

Final Thoughts

With the right set of tools, you can trace back even the most elusive Reddit content. From casual users to seasoned moderators and even researchers, understanding why content disappears and how to recover it provides a comprehensive guide to a smoother Reddit experience.

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