Keen Home Smart Vent Review

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A smart home ventilation system can save you a lot of time and stress. There isn’t really a simpler way to achieve proper air regulation than the Keen Home Smart Vent.

There’s more involved than you might think. For one thing you’re probably not home at all hours of the day to adjust your vents. Even then you don’t have accurate temperature readings to base it on.

Keen Home Smart Vent

Why not have your home do it for you? We’re going to review this product in depth and share all of the unique benefits that the Smart Vent offers that you can’t get anywhere else. Let’s get started.

Smart Ventilation is a Way of the Future

It’s a truly intuitive design. You basically give your home a high tech makeover by retrofitting your existing wall, floor and ceiling vents.

The Keen Home Smart Vent system is pretty simple to understand. Each one of the Smart Vents independently connect wirelessly to your home network, creating a Smart Vent System. Here’s how it works.
It’s an intuitive regulator. Using advanced temperature and pressure sensors, each Smart Vent discovers its own optimal settings. It’s all in real time.

This way each particular room gets proper air flow and temperature. It’s based on how often the room is used and your own preferences. The major advantage is that you can set it and forget it.

It really makes your life easy. On top of that, you know that when you get home your Smart Vents will automatically accommodate you without even having to think about it. We love how incredibly intelligent this system is.

Keen Home Smart Vent

Each Smart Vent uses automatic airfoil louvers to give you even better air flow and temperature. They’re a very high quality product just based on that one aspect alone.

Easy Maintenance and Installation

Installation is a huge part of home accessories. If it takes hours of added maintenance or supervision the whole value almost goes out the window.

Smart Vent actually adds stunning value. It’s a world class smart home product from an exceptional company. They’ve added a bunch of great features that provide a lot of convenience. Here are just a few.

First each Smart Vent is interchangeable. This means you can seamlessly switch them from room to room and they’re smart enough to determine what they’re supposed to do.

They’re also paintable. You’re given your choice of design and style because you can create your own look and feel.

You can even remove them any time you like. It’s inevitable that they’re going to collect dust and dirt, so it’s a huge benefit to be able to take them off any time you like. Cleaning is a lot easier this way and a lot quicker too.

Keen Home Smart Vent

Installing a Smart Vent is a two-step process. First remove your existing obsolete air vent and put your new Smart Vent in its place. How much easier could it be?

There’s also maintenance to account for. This is almost nonexistent as all they require is four AA batteries each, which is enough to last for multiple years.

You can also manage each vent yourself by taking advantage of each Smart Vent’s manual control lever.

High Compatibility for Greater Convenience and Results

Compatibility is huge in smart technology. All of the products and devices made available to use means a decrease in effectiveness overall. That is, unless we have a smart system to manage it all.

Imagine having a smart remote for all of your electronics. After the first few, you’d need another smart device to manage all of the remotes. Smart Vent provides a better way.

You can build a smart home ecosystem. What this means is that you can integrate your Smart Vents with any other product take uses the Smart Vent API. Let me explain.

Keen Home Smart Vent

This software is being made available to many partners in the smart technology world in order to make our lives easier, and is something you’re strongly recommended to consider.

A lot of companies are being exclusive with their technology, and it’s actually hindering their services in the long run. Keen Home sees things differently.

When you choose Keen Home products you’re not only getting an incredibly value alone, but an ever-increasing simplification in the use of your smart home products. It’s a decided advantage that we’ve chosen to acknowledge here.

Smart Vents are also 802.15.4 radio compatible. This way, you can connect them with your existing home platforms and thermostats. Why reinvent the wheel?

Keen Home Smart Vent

You will get better value out of every product that you use in connection with your Keen Home Smart Vents, and we recognize the awesome benefits that are offered by this one aspect. Overall, it’s a high quality product that works as advertised.

It also fulfills a great need. It’s something we may not have thought of before, but it’s certainly something that would improve each one of our homes.

7 thoughts on “Keen Home Smart Vent Review”

  1. They talk about “their studies” but no detailed study has been released. So far, all studies have shown increased energy use, stressed out equipment and increased potential for back drafting that could get these guys sued into the Stone Age when they start making people sick. They have no clue about how HVAC really works what they are getting into and don’t seem to care as long as they continue to promote their dream built on sand.

    The top HVAC researchers have all nixed this product as a scam.

  2. Would like to personally try this in my house to see if it works well I have hot and cold spots in my home. I would be willing to do a trial run.

  3. Collin is probably referring to the numerous HVAC studies, design regulations and college textbooks for HVAC over the decades about design considerations, life expectancy, energy efficiency and IAQ (Internal Air Quality) health hazards. Most homeowners are completely unaware there is actually a method to the sheet metal madness in their basements.They just think it blows cold air or it doesn’t. Just an example, how many people do you know that replace their start/run capacitors every couple years when they wear out? How many people know they even exist? I can tell you, very few people know the effects of shutting too many air vents in their houses, and just accept their HVAC died in <10 years because they think "they just don't make them like they used to". Rule of thumb is no more than 30-40%, but there is actually a mathematical calculation based on tonnage, distance, air flow, air pressure, blower speeds, 90 bends, 45 bends, turning vanes, etc. Older equipment was way more forgiving, mainly because they were built in the 50's when over engineering was the norm. I've seen people renovate homes, install the new bigger HVAC system, and block off any new vents going to the unfinished side of the remodel. The units die in 3-4 months, and they just call warranty service thinking it was the machine, not their improper use of it. Common sense says the unit just won't run as long, less to cool down. Mathematical sense says unit will die faster when not allowed to run as designed. HVAC units should actually come with more intelligence, and state of the art energy meters. You can buy them add on like I did, and learn what the changes in energy usage means, but they aren't popular, because it puts the HVAC companies out of business.

  4. Sounds to me like the HVAC units need to get with the times. How hard would it be to design a system where the HVAC system senses the pressure and reacts accordingly? Seriously. Why the heck would you condition your entire home at night when you’re using about 20-30% of its volume? That’s a 70% waste of energy! I’ve always thought it was foolish not to have some type of zone control in your home. For us, we’re either sleeping, in which case we don’t need the entire downstairs conditioned, or we’re up and the entire upstairs is vacant.

  5. The vents were working fine with my Ecobee thermostat for about 2 months. Then, they stopped responding to open/close based on the temperature sensors. A day after that started, the app updated. Then, 2 repeaters went offline and I tried everything–unplugging, hard resets, deleted/add back to app. They would reconnect, then go offline again after about 10 minutes. The vents keep randomly going on/offline. I contacted support (which you only do by email–no phone number), and I all I keep getting are canned responses and links to their troubleshooting articles. The only response that wasn’t canned was from someone named Rikki, who just keeps telling me all the vents are reporting. Nothing about the repeaters.
    Terrible support in this day and age. And one more thing–tried to get the RMA from on the site for returning the vents and it says the form is private. SO it looks like I am stuck with $1600 worth of junk.


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