MeoWant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box: Great Solution to a Common Cat Owner Problem

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Every pet owner wants to provide the safest and best life possible for their furry companions. Whether it’s getting them their favorite treats, or tons of awesome toys, you can give your pets lots of things to make them happy.

While pets are great, for cat owners, there is one annoying issue that comes up; the litter box. They are usually messy, smell bad, and require a lot of cleaning to be usable by your cats. Sound familiar? Well, now, with the MeoWant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, there’s a solution you may want to check out for yourself.

meowant self cleaning litter box

The Perfect Size for Your Cat and Your Home

The MeoWant is different than the standard rectangular box full of litter that you’re used to. This device is designed for your cat to enter into, almost like their own private bathroom. Internally, the cylinder has dimensions of 14.9 x 13.7 x 19.7 inches and a volume of 57.6 Liters.

This allows cats anywhere from 3.3 to 18 pounds to easily walk in and use it. As for fitting within your home, it has total size dimensions of 21 x 20 x 22 inches. Its size, mixed with its white and grey color scheme, make it easy to have in your home and add to the overall aesthetic.


Automatic Cleaning Operation

The MeoWant self-cleaning litter box does just as the name implies; it cleans itself. Once your cat uses the device, the litter box automatically removes all waste from the litter.

The waste is then collected in a disposable garbage bag for you to easily remove periodically. Best of all, various types of litter are supported, such as plant, bentonite, and mixed. The automatic cleaning ensures you’ll never have to scoop out the waste on your own ever again.

Safety For Your Cat Comes First

With machines like this for your cat, you’ll want to be sure that safety is considered in its design and construction. We can assure you it was. This litter box has been designed with ten high-precision sensors that detect when your cat approaches and enters the device.

When it senses your cat, it will immediately stop whatever it’s doing to make sure your cat isn’t pinched or hurt in operation. With weight sensors incorporated, it will also be impossible to turn on and begin filtering while your cat is inside.

Companion App for More Information

The MeoWant self-cleaning litter box doesn’t just operate as a waste collector; it’s also a smart device that can tell you a ton of information about your cat (or cats). This litter box is WiFi enabled for 2.4GHz networks. WiFi allows it to easily connect to the device’s companion app. The app allows you to manually start the cleaning process from anywhere. To help with safety, the app will also alert you if the device senses any abnormalities you should be aware of.

Additionally, it can monitor your cat’s weight and activity and send that data to you. This allows the app to see how often your cat is using the litter box so you know ahead of time if anything is wrong. Best of all, it’s able to have profiles for up to six different cats and can tell the difference between them all. That said, the manufacturer does note that the device can get confused with which cat is which when they have very similar weights.


Easy On Your Senses

Traditional litter boxes can be notoriously smelly. With the MeoWant litter box, that isn’t an issue anymore. The main way it combats this is with a door. Rather than having an opening for odors to escape through, this device has an automatic door that only opens when your cat wants to go inside of it. This helps to keep odors from escaping into the rest of your home.

Additionally, this device is quiet. While some automatic devices with mechanically moving components can be loud, the MeoWant litter box is silent. Using a built-in ultra-quiet motor reduces noise to as low as 40dB while in operation. This makes sure that even if you have to sleep next to this litter box, you won’t hear it in the middle of the night.

Easy to Clean and Set Up

While the MeoWant is a self-cleaning device, that doesn’t mean you can set it up once and forget about it. The self-cleaning feature is talking about the litter itself and removing waste from it. As mentioned above, that waste is filtered out into a separate garbage bag that requires manual removal. Here’s a complete overview of what you’ll have to do periodically:

  1. Open the cover on the side compartment where the garbage bag is located
  2. Remove the garbage bag from the device
  3. Remove the rear cover of the device entirely
  4. Remove the drum from the base of the device
  5. Rinse off the drum to remove any litter
  6. Rinse out the waste bin to remove any litter or waste that wasn’t collected
  7. Re-assemble the litter box and add litter for your cat

It’s recommended that you replace the garbage bag every 3 to 5 days to help reduce bacteria growth and keep your cat healthy. Additional steps for deep cleaning should be done every 1 to 3 months.

When first setting this litter box up, there isn’t too much that you’ll have to do. There are no tools required to assemble the device; all you’ll need to do is put the drum on the base and provide power. After powering on for the first time, it will go through a self-inspection. Once complete, you can add cat litter, and it’s ready to use.


Final Thoughts

With traditional litter boxes being such a common annoyance for cat owners, a better solution is always worth considering. MeoWant has created a device that cleans itself, keeps your cat safe, helps you track its health, and eliminates odors and sounds.

We love the companion app and its ability to be used with up to six different cats. In our opinion, if you’re looking for a better option for your cat litter box needs, the MeoWant self-cleaning cat litter box is definitely worth considering.

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