Monopoly GO! Hacks & Cheats – Do They Really Work?

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If you’ve been looking to get ahead on Monopoly Go using hacks or cheats, you’re not alone. The popular mobile game requires daily logging-on and consistent playtime to get ahead.

Unless you want to pay real money for dice rolls, in-game cash and other bonuses, advancing in the game can take forever.

It leads many to wonder – are there any real hacks or cheats that work?

In short, no. There are no real hacks or cheats that actually work in Monopoly GO!

YouTube & TikTok videos with Monopoly GO! hacks and cheats

You may have seen some questionable YouTube or TikTok videos or websites. They promise real cheats or hacks for unlimited dice rolls, cash, or other in-game bonuses.

But there’s a few things that all of these videos usually have in common:

  • They are uploaded by users with new accounts or that have very few subscribers or followers.
  • They will make claims of cheat codes or hacks without showing them actually working.
  • They are typically 1 to 3 minutes long and contain a screen recording, instructing you to enter a URL in your web browser and complete an offer. After that, the video abruptly ends.
  • Sometimes they will have a real person, video recorded, saying that they found hacks that actually work.
  • The comments are heavily moderated and/or full of fake accounts praising the uploader for their generosity of providing hacks or cheats.
  • The videos have very few likes, especially in proportion to the amount of views that the video has.
monopoly go cheats and hacks videos

So what’s the deal with these videos?

These YouTube & TikTok videos have one goal in common. Simply put, they want you to watch their video and complete an offer on their website.

If and when you do visit their website and complete an offer, they get paid a commission. How much? We’d probably guess between 1 to 3 dollars each. Maybe more, possibly less – it’s hard to say.

They’re incentivized to get as many people to sign up for something, collect emails, and/or take a quiz for the promise of real working Monopoly Go hacks or cheats.

If you were to do as they say, visit a random URL and complete an offer or download a .apk file, you’ll be left with nothing except for a big waste of time.

People are simply trying to capitalize on the rising popularity of Monopoly Go and funnel as many desperate people into their scam as they can. After all, lots of people love to cheat or hack, or just share a wonder if there are any that actually work.

They will go through great lengths to make their hack or cheat procedure believable. Often times using real actors or voice overs that promote their offers or .apk file downloads.

Keep in mind, however, this isn’t limited to only YouTube and TikTok. We’ve seen it on Reddit too. Also, many scam or spammy websites that you’ll find through web searches share the same format.

Why aren’t there any Monopoly GO! cheats or hacks?

As of now, at the beginning of May 2023, there are no real Monopoly Go cheats or hacks that exist. Monopoly Go is strictly an online game. You need to connect to the Internet to play it. The game is played online only – not locally.

Therefore, everytime you start up the game and login, the app goes through a bunch of initial processes. One of those is connecting to Scopely’s server and validating your app and account.

During this, they likely analyze your game and pre-check for suspicious file mis-matches and/or take other security measures. Any hack or cheat would need to go through Scopely’s secure servers to function. And that won’t ever happen. Online mobile games that require connecting to the developer’s servers are extremely difficult to “hack”.

monopoly go gameplay

On top of that, since Monopoly Go has only been out for less than few months, it’s even more unlikely that there are any cheats that actually work.

in the event that Scopely detected that a user was attempting to cheat or hack the game, their account would surely be locked or deleted.

Even worse, you could have your unique device ID or IP address blacklisted from their servers – forever. That wouldn’t be any fun at all and you probably would have a difficult time ever playing again.

Have you found working Monopoly GO! cheats or hacks?

As of now, we haven’t seen or heard of any real, fully functional Monopoly GO! cheats or hacks that really work.

The only thing that exists are plenty of spammy videos or download links on YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, or other social platforms that promise working hacks. But all of these end with a dead-end paywall, download, or offer that you need to complete.

If you’d like to prove us wrong, please do so. Drop a comment below with evidence or proof that you have or know-of real Monopoly Go cheats. We’ll either confirm or reject and adjust our verdict on this manner.

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  1. That’s all well and good and I’ve found that unfortunately you’re correct and I’ve wasted much time, of course not as much as I have actually playing the game. But months after giving up on hacks or cheats, I watch the activity on my monopoly go tournaments and I think ppl are surely cheating. There’s no way ppl can go from zero to 12000 points within the first five minutes of a tournament. I’ve got screenshots of ridiculous leading numbers. And once or twice I’ve had enough dice to be a worthy opponent. And no way can a person not cheating hit those kinds of numbers and do so that fast. So what does that mean, if ppl can’t hack the game? That were playing against sanctioned bots by scopely? Just wondering


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