Narwal Freo Review: Intelligent Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo

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  • Overall Design - 9/10
  • Cleaning Effectiveness - 9/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10
  • Features & Functionality - 8.5/10


Narwal’s Freo Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo confidently carves its niche in the densely populated world of automated cleaning solutions. With its dual-functionality as both a vacuum and mop, it covers most of the bases a homeowner would want. Its performance on hardwood was particularly commendable. A winning combination of hardware features and software functionalities makes it a comprehensive package that’s worthy of your attention.


  • Dual vacuum and mop functionality
  • Superior mopping ability
  • Intuitive touchscreen dock interface
  • Extensive app controls
  • Adaptive cleaning modes


  • No remote camera view
  • Long mop pad drying time

In the vast world of robotic cleaning solutions, the Narwal Freo stands out with a tantalizing promise: turning your regular cleaning routine from merely hands-free to entirely mind-free. Integrating both vacuuming and mopping functionalities, it aims to redefine your perception of auto-cleaning. But does it truly live up to its promise? We spent some time with it and are ready to share our findings. Let’s get started.



Upon opening the Freo Robot, you’re met with an array of components. These include:

  • 1x Freo Robot: The primary cleaning unit
  • 1x Base station: Where the magic of self-washing and drying happens
  • 1x Floor cleaner (31 ounces): A promising addition ensuring a deeper clean
  • 1x Power cord: Standard affair for charging purposes
  • 2x Mop pads: For the actual mopping action
  • 2x Side brushes: Vital for corner cleaning
  • 2x Filter sponges: Keeping the air clean while vacuuming
  • 1x Cleaning hook: A tool that is, hopefully, not needed too often but crucial when it is

The unboxing experience is straightforward. Each component has its purpose, promising an all-rounded cleaning experience. More than that, though, you’re given everything you need to get your new little robot up and running. It’s an effortless affair, and there’s more in store. So stick around and join us to learn how the Freo performed its cleaning duties.


First Impressions

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – this is one sleek-looking unit. Sure, we’ve all seen robot vacuums, but there’s something a bit more futuristic about this one. First, the robot itself. Its dimensions measure 13.8 x 13.8 x 4.1 inches. Then there’s the base station. This is where the bulk of the large packaging comes from. It measures 16.3 x 14.6 x 17.1 inches. Aside from its dimensions, it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into its compact and aesthetic appeal.

It weighs a solid 9.9 pounds, giving it a substantial feel without being cumbersome. Its base station is nearly 10 pounds heavier at 19.3 pounds. You might think the size and weight lend themselves to some portability issues. But with the added ergonomic handles, that doesn’t seem to be an issue at all. Moving on, the floor cleaner’s inclusion was a pleasant surprise. This component often requires an additional purchase with other models, so it’s a nice touch to see it bundled.


Our initial thoughts about the cleaner were positive, especially since it’s deemed safe for a multitude of surfaces, including hardwoods. Notably, the LCD screen on the base station caught our eye. The manufacturer claims that after the required first-time app setup, you can control the robot via this screen. It hints at a potential balance between technological advancement and user-friendliness.

The Freo Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo seemed to pack a punch in terms of features and thoughtful design right out of the box. The true test, however, will be in its performance, reliability, and user experience over time. Thankfully, we can speak to all that. So let’s proceed.

Cleaning Performance Overview

Regardless of its sleek aesthetics or feature set, a vacuum’s primary function is always about cleanliness. The true litmus test for the Narwal Freo revolves around its ability to maintain clean floors without constant human oversight.

Hardwood Mastery

Hardwood floors seemed like the perfect testing ground for the Freo. To our delight, it showed remarkable proficiency in accessing hard-to-reach spaces underneath tables and navigating the intricate landscape of furniture. Thanks to its LiDAR-guided navigation system, those chaotic encounters with furniture legs were virtually non-existent. Temporary obstacles like cables didn’t pose much of a challenge either, with the robot smartly circumnavigating them.


Precision Cleaning Tests

To further challenge the Freo, we tested it on a messy kitchen floor. After intentionally scattering chip crumbs across the hardwood, the unit showcased its efficiency by picking up most of the debris in a single pass. For homeowners desiring a more thorough cleanse, this robot offers the option of a double-pass cleaning. Known as DirtSense technology, it ensures every speck of dust and dirt is taken care of. We’re quite fond of this addition because, admittedly, it doesn’t always get everything on the first go-around.

However, perfection isn’t the name of the game with robot vacuums, and the Freo was no exception. On rare occasions, yes, it missed a crumb or two. But what matters is that it does eventually get everything picked up. We have to remember that these devices are meant to run on their own. And when left to its own capabilities, it performs remarkably well.


Cleaning Modes and Flexibility

There’s also a gamut of cleaning modes to choose from, reflecting its adaptability to diverse cleaning scenarios. While users can opt for either a sequential vacuum-then-mop or a simultaneous vacuum-and-mop mode, our observations found negligible differences between the two in regular cleaning scenarios. However, in more challenging mess situations, having this flexibility could indeed be beneficial. The freedom to toggle between these settings emphasizes the device’s user-centric approach.

While not without its occasional misses, this handy little robot proved its mettle in our extensive cleaning tests. While manual vacuums might still hold the edge in sheer cleaning power, the Freo manages to bridge the gap between convenience and performance admirably, ensuring a cleaner home with minimal human intervention. And at the end of the day, that’s what we want.


When investing in a premium device like the Narwal Freo, expectations are set high for a feature-rich experience. So, does it deliver? To determine that, we need to break down all of its offerings.

Practicality Over Novelty

The Freo, however, does not compromise when it comes to delivering on the essentials. For instance, it boasts an extra-large dust bin, ensuring that it doesn’t need constant emptying and can sustain prolonged cleaning sessions. Paired with its docking station’s capacity to store a commendable amount of dirt, users can relish extended periods before feeling the need to intervene and replace the dust bag.

Innovative Mop Pad Care

The device’s docking station is a testament to Narwal’s attention to detail. By integrating gentle heating, it offers a proactive solution against bacterial growth on the mop pads post-cleaning. While a thoughtful feature, potential users should factor in the time commitment: drying the mop pads can span up to 5 hours, though selecting different settings might expedite this process. On the auditory front, the drying phase emits a mild hum. While perceptible, its decibel level remains non-intrusive, ensuring users aren’t nudged to prematurely halt the drying cycle.

Adaptable Cleaning Mechanics

Taking a step beyond its peers, the Freo offers a level of adaptability by allowing users to fine-tune its downward force and mop humidity based on their floor type. This not only ensures optimal cleaning efficiency but also acts as a safeguard against potential damage to delicate flooring. It’s a smart addition that is sure to appeal to consumers who find their intuition to be better than that of a robot. And who can argue with that logic? You know your floors well, and you know what it takes to get a satisfactory clean.


So, is all perfect in feature land? It’s close, but depending on whether you’ve had other robot cleaners, you might notice some things lacking. Notably, there’s no remote camera viewing through the dedicated app (more on this in a second). This function, while not commonplace, has its occasional uses. While this omission might go unnoticed by the majority, it’s a point of note for those who’ve experienced the utility of such a feature in other robot vacuums.


While the Narwal Freo may miss a beat with the absence of remote camera viewing, it compensates by championing features centered around user convenience and efficient cleaning. Its emphasis on practical functionalities ensures a holistic cleaning experience tailored to diverse domestic landscapes.


App Control: Navigating the Narwal Freo Interface

Robot vacuums and their mobile applications have an intertwined relationship. While the robot works on the ground, its mobile app acts as the remote control center. How does the application fare in this dynamic? Let’s find out.


Docking Station with Touchscreen

A standout feature that differentiates the Freo from its counterparts is the inclusion of a touchscreen on its docking station. Typically, in the domain of robot vacuums, the mobile app acts as the principal control point. But, in this case, while the app is undeniably essential, the touchscreen introduces an added layer of accessibility.


This means that vacuuming or mopping sessions can be triggered without needing to reach for a mobile device. It democratizes control, allowing anyone in the house to get the robot in action, even if they aren’t armed with the app. Beyond basic operations, users can tweak certain settings and access miscellaneous functionalities from this screen. The touchscreen experience is designed to be intuitive, boasting a fluid navigation system and clear visuals.


Mobile App

The Narwal Freo’s mobile app, available on both iPhone/iPad and Android platforms, retains its significance despite the presence of the touchscreen. It offers features like scheduled cleaning, map management, and a real-time view of the robot’s cleaning progress. While not revolutionary in its design, the app shines in its simplicity. It doesn’t overwhelm the user with an overload of options or an overly dense interface.

In the realm of app control, you’re afforded a two-pronged approach: the conventional mobile app and the innovative touchscreen on the docking station. This combination ensures that users have flexible control options. And in the end, that’s an important distinction that’s going to appeal to most consumers.


Final Verdict

Narwal’s Freo Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo confidently carves its niche in the densely populated world of automated cleaning solutions. With its dual-functionality as both a vacuum and mop, it covers most of the bases a homeowner would want. Its performance on hardwood was particularly commendable. A winning combination of hardware features and software functionalities makes it a comprehensive package that’s worthy of your attention.

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