NEEO: The Thinking Remote For Your Smart Home Review

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Technology is meant to make our lives better. The added convenience of watching all of your movies and TV shows on one device isn’t really intuitive when we have three remotes for the entertainment system, and a dozen others all in one living room. We’ve come too far for such clutter.

Remember changing remote batteries? We do, and many more like us are still worker harder on the premise of making our lives easier. We don’t even know which remote is which, in many cases. It really is time for something like the NEEO Thinking Remote.

NEEO Thinking Remote

The Best Way to Operate All of Your Devices

The NEEO is the only remote of its class. It’s actually the most innovative remote control on the planet, making it an obvious choice as a household device. The benefits will blow your mind.

Whether you’re a bachelor or have a family of 6+, you know what it’s like to switch between multiple devices to achieve different things. A ringing phone can turn a simple moment into a multi-tasking headache. You’ve got to get up and turn the stereo off, mute the TV volume and finally find a comfortable place to sit before you can answer it. You can eliminate all of that stress.

There has never really been a smart solution to owning multiple smart devices. Not until now, that is, with this major simplification in our technology that’s as easy to use as it is intelligent. The NEEO Thinking Remote is even impossible to misplace, using and SOS feature compatible with your smart phone. Let’s move on.

The interface is very intuitive. We’ve often seen young children pick up a smart phone for the first time, and whiz past us in expertise. We’re also used to many of the things that are simply slow and inconvenient to monitor, such as loading screens and complex apps. Why learn how to multi-task on top of it all?

NEEO Thinking Remote

The NEEO is proven to be easy to use, requiring not a stitch of technical expertise. It’s a quality consumer product that’s constantly learning to improve our experience for us.

The Cortex of a Smart Environment

So what’s the secret behind this revolutionary organization system? Well, it’s beautifully designed to work flawlessly for us, but it also thinks for itself to make improvements. Not to mention the dedicated team of programmers making the product even more relevant than it is now, as we discover new smart devices. Let’s pick its Brain.

The Brain is your smart leader. No matter which of your smart devices you plan to use, the NEEO knows how to best suit your needs. Let’s look at the numbers.

NEEO Thinking Remote

The compatibility of the NEEO is quite expansive. With an immense database of over 30,000 devices and counting, you’re given complete discretion over which devices you connect to and use on a daily basis. It even memorizes lists of your favorites for quick and easy access.

You may be wondering if it’s really right for your products. While the NEEO Thinking Remote is fluent in commanding each of your smart devices, it also works with all major AV products within the last decade. It’s also up to date on the latest trends in smart technology.

It doesn’t take much to get started. Simple connect your devices once, then take command on a single remote – using a single button.

An Original and Excellent Design

It’s all killer, and no gimmicky frills. So many products on the market promising to make our lives more convenient and up-to-date, only waste our time. Well, not a second was wasted in producing the NEEO, and we know you’ll love the results. Here are some more than noteworthy design achievements the creators of this product have made.

NEEO Thinking Remote

The NEEO’s design is a multi-reputable-award winner. Yes, as winner of both the iF Design Award and the Reddot Award for 2015, the hype is no mistake. Some of the most talented tech designers in the world are on this project. Let us explain.

The hand recognition is beyond world class. For years, Apple has been a leader in new and top-of-the-line design standards. The NEEO Thinking Remote exceeds hand recognition intuitiveness of even the most advanced Apple smart phones, giving you a memorable user experience. It’s actually a pleasant feel.

NEEO Thinking Remote

Also, how about iPhones being destroyed by simple drops and accidents? You’ll never see those types of things with the NEEO, due to its anodized alumin outer shell. It’s strong enough to protect against any wear and tear, as well as major drops and other accidents. It even prevents fingerprint smudge damage.

Not to mention the battery that’s been built to last for over a month without charging. Forget having to go all the way to the store to replace a batter, just to turn on your TV. NEEO accomplishes all that and more without having to get out of your chair.

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