Detailed Review of the NUBWO N2 Gaming Headset

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When you strip away excess features and fluff, what does the essential gaming headset look like? Of the many gaming headsets on the market, selecting from the lower end of the price spectrum can be especially tough. That’s because virtually all of these headsets have been designed to make compromises in the interests of cost, and some end up being outright terrible.

At this range, what you want is a collection of essentials. Reasonably solid comfort, a solid microphone, and solid sound clarity. You just don’t want budget cuts to end up hitting you in the wrong place. Which is why it’s important to take a detailed look at any bargain-oriented headset; to see whether they’ve really got a high value, or if they’re worth passing up.

NUBWO N2 Gaming Headset

Although the NUBWO N2 actually has support for the PS4 and PC, the headset itself is structured to look and feel similar to an Xbox controller. There does seem to be a slight bias towards the Xbox throughout its design. But in general, it does provide just about everything a gamer is looking for in a headset, many of these things being a matter of detail.


One example that should leap to any user’s mind is the N2’s microphone, a fairly excellent choice for someone who’s looking to stream games online. Detail is everywhere. Even the cable connecting the NUBWO N2 is covered in a pleasant and touchable cloth. But among all these details, it’s the suspension headband design that gives the N2 their unique appearance.

Build & Design

The NUBWO N2 are constructed with two 50mm drivers. In terms of size, that’s on the larger side of average. Those slightly larger drivers translate to slightly better sound quality, clarity, and volume. As you’d expect, the all-aluminum frame design ensures the NUBWO N2 is fairly durable. The headset connection cable runs 5.2-feet, and uses tangle resistant braided wiring, helping to ensure the longevity of your equipment.

The metallic frame is surprisingly light because it the suspension design. But the introduction of the hanging suspension does bring challenges of its own. It presents new and unique opportunities to destroy or accidentally damage your headset. For example, if your headset is yanked in a violent manner, it does wear on the elasticity of the N2’s build.

Of course, there are benefits to match. Like many gaming headsets, the N2 is slightly heavy, weighing just shy of one pound. Under normal circumstances, that weight would have a slightly negative impact on the long-term comfort for the NUBWO N2 Gaming Headset. But the suspension headband works exceptionally well at evenly distributing weight evenly across your head, such that its slightly bulky weight is less prone to cause those kinds of issues.


Media Friendly Design Additions

Onboard controls aren’t quite a necessity, but they’re a great convenience for enjoying just about any type of media. The rotary volume wheel is located on the top of the right ear. It’s somewhat small, but it’s also highly responsive. You need to be careful about adjusting the volume higher, if you don’t do it gradually you can shoot it up to uncomfortably levels quickly.

Visually, the NUBWO N2 looks as though it may have been constructed with an open-ear build. But that’s rarely a gamer-friendly choice because it provides no protection from noise. Upon closer inspection, you find that the N2 actually use a gamer-friendly closed-ear design. That allows little sound to escape away from you while you’re playing games, and provides effective noise isolation while you’re in a noisier environment.

The N2 are available in black and silver, each option using their own gamer-looking highlights in addition to their primary color. The black version uses red highlighted stitching, as well as red highlighting within the ear cups. The silver version of the NUBWO N2 uses blue highlights in the same spaces.


Conditional Comfort

As with any pair of headphones, comfort is a multiple variable problem. It’s a matter of the headband working in concert with the ear-pads, helping to evenly distribute weight and heat. Fortunately, over-ear headphones are naturally the most comfortable type of headphones. From that high starting point, the N2 still manages to offer more.

As you might expect, most of the NUBWO N2’s comfort is the result of a suspension headband. It helps conform to a user’s head, intended to provide lasting comfort. Each ear cup is built from memory foam, which is thick enough to help block out unwanted noise.

And the headband is excellent at helping to distribute the weight of the N2, and almost just as effective at dissipating heat. Memory foam isn’t especially good at dissipating heat, but the N2 doesn’t squeeze too firmly against the head, so heat concerns are less of an issue.

Because of the suspension design it’s somewhat loose fitting, and might not be a good choice for someone who’s age 12 or younger. Then again, the fairly sturdy construction of the NUBWO N2 could also serve as a headset that one can grow into. For an adult listener, the padding is made to rest ergonomically around the ear, resulting in comfort that’s a small triumph considering its price point.


Mic Quality

Unfortunately, the NUBWO N2 Gaming Headset uses a microphone which is somewhat unremarkable. It’s certainly passable. And the inclusion of a foam microphone boom helps as well. The microphone boom is fully flexible and can be readily adjusted, made to operate for different users under different circumstances.

Apart from the full adjustability of the microphone arm, along the cord, there’s a mute control button. That’s great for giving you additional control of your mic. Not sure if you’re live? Not sure how the microphone settings work for your new game? The on-off switch can simplify things, and lets you be certain you’ve actually muted your mic when you think you have.

With respect to call clarity, gamers will have few complaints because if nothing else, the N2’s microphone is highly sensitive. People can always hear what you’ve got to say, even if you need to start talking in hushed tones.

However, to get a microphone that’s excellent in all circumstances, you’ve really got to be willing to double or triple your budget relative to the N2. When you’re playing in a room with a dozen other people talking around you, or from inside a busy laundromat, then you’re going to want a microphone that’s a little stronger. If you’re not playing in those types of places, it’s less of a concern.

Sound Quality

The problem with clarity is that it isn’t necessarily what you want from your music. Most people want their bass to thump, their mid-tones to sing, and their treble to have snap. Those types of characteristics are constructed into headphones, and relayed over the music you listen to.

For the purpose of enjoying your music, you don’t necessarily want to hear the B-flat note in perfect clarity, you just want it to sound nice. But some types of headphones are made to put clarity first. Inside studios, sound engineers often seek neutral headphones that don’t add-or-subtract anything to their sound, providing clarity.

Likewise, gamers aren’t only looking for enjoyment, they’re also looking for functional sound. You want to have a good idea of where each sound is within the 3D space that you’re playing, or precisely where those footsteps you hear are coming from. The NUBWO N2 Gaming Headset, making use of its 50mm drivers, was built to create crisp clear audio more than anything else.

For gamers, that’s good news. For audio beyond games, like music and movies, the N2 is certainly adequate. But it’s not specialized to those tasks, and consequently, will not compare favorably to headsets which are.


Other Considerations

Another thing you might note about the NUBWO N2 is its impedance is somewhat high. Without getting into the details of electrical resistance in headphones, what you need to know is the N2 are capable of being quite loud. That’s good for gamers looking for an edge, but it’s important to keep in mind so you can moderate sound levels and protecting your hearing.

You may strike one fair criticism against the aluminum design. While it looks fantastic aesthetically, if you tap the aluminum headset where the speaker is located, the N2 produces a loud ring for the person wearing it. When someone’s trying to get your attention, it can be very annoying if they suddenly tap on the headset. It’s a minor problem, but one worth mention.

With the support of 3.5mm AUX jack, the NUBWO N2 is compatible for Xbox One, PS3, PC, Mac, and even mobile platforms. If you use the original Xbox One controller, then you’ll need a headset adapter. If you’re using an updated controller, you won’t need the adapter. Included in the box is a microphone cover, a PC extension cable, and user manual.


Who Should Choose the NUBWO N2 Gaming Headset?

If you’ve been without directional sound until now, and getting your audio from front-facing television or PC speakers, then trying out the NUBWO N2 can be a significant difference in play. Both for immersion and in your ability to make better decisions with more detailed audio information.

The N2’s comfort and build quality is fairly high, especially relative to their price. The theme occurring throughout the N2 is exactly that – its features are strong relative to their price.

No individual part is truly exceptional, but with one “good enough” feature after the other, the NUBWO N2 is an exceptionally cost effective choice for a gaming headset. You can throw them on for music or movies, but gaming is where they really shine. Whether you’re a casual player or not, the N2 are a fairly practical option around this price point.

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