Pavlok Motivational Bracelet Review

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Inertia may be the most powerful force in existence. You may have heard the question, “What happens when two immovable forces collide?” The psychology of the Pavlok Motivational Bracelet is clear and proven – ideas are not changed by willpower but by other ideas. Here’s what we mean.

It’s been known for years that wearing an elastic band around your wrist and releasing it on your skin is an effective way to ‘jolt’ yourself out of compromising on your decision to stop smoking. But it’s not very intuitive.

Pavlok Motivational Bracelet

You need a solid foundation. Just like any other endeavor, no matter how good or easy it is there’s a good chance it won’t work out if you don’t have one thing. Support. Let’s talk about the only motivational tool you’ll need to succeed in breaking your unwanted habits.

The Science of Behavioral Change

Habits build associations in our mind. This is why when you think about quitting smoking, you may feel like you’re giving up something important and you’ll be missing something great. No more ‘fresh air’ out by the bus stop.

As fellow human beings, we understand how hard it can be to change, and wouldn’t be so confident about the effectiveness of Pavlok if we didn’t.

Pavlok Motivational Bracelet

We associate our unwanted habits with pleasure. It’s usually even easier to stop the unwanted habit than it is to continue with the exact same behavior, but the desire to follow our routine seems to have so much more pull. This is what makes Pavlok so incredibly beneficial.

It helps us to see the unwanted habit for what it is. If you thought about it, no matter how addicted you were to tobacco, you’d never put one in your mouth if you thought it was a stick of dynamite. This is how an electrical stimulus works.

It’s not a one-time decision, however. This is why Pavlok provides a five-day audio course which teaches you how to make the association between the electrical stimulus and your unwanted habit. It makes it easy for us to break the habit.

Pavlok Motivational Bracelet

Pavlok offers even more benefits than that. By connecting with its Android or iOS app, you can set up automatic triggers (electrical stimuli) in connection with the unwanted habit. This is possible to the latest in GPS, digital activity and other sensors and technologies, and will make your journey far easier than you’d ever imagined.

Of course, everyone’s results will vary. But even then, the typical Pavlok student notices dramatic changes within the first 2 days. Many actually break their selected habit within 5 days.

Pavlok Motivational Bracelet

A Social Support Structure that You Must Have

Pavlok goes above and beyond for you. If you’ve ever heard of the Flight app, you know how powerful recognition can be on your psyche. Let me explain.

Imagine on your hardest day of stopping nail biting where everything seems so dismal and hopeless, you check your phone not expecting anything. The next thing you know, 50 other people are honestly and compassionately congratulating you on making it the first day. It would make an exponential difference in your emotions, wouldn’t it? Here’s what Pavlok does for you.

It has a unique support system. One child who was nothing but trouble in school was asked, if he could have one thing to motivate him to keep in line, what it would be. He simply said this, “Time off school”.

Positive reinforcement is powerful. It keeps us mindful of the difference between activity and accomplishment, and pushes us to that next level when we don’t have an inch left to give. This is what makes it unique.

Pavlok Motivational Bracelet

You earn ‘Volts’ for successfully breaking old habits as well as for completing Pavlok’s courses. This assures your success in a big way. It’s even more motivating to know you can exchange them for cash in your pocket!

You can also invest them in app integrations to hit further goals as well as new courses to reach peak levels of success.

An Ever-Changing Future

The future is not set in stone. You may believe that your life has been planned out for you, and while this may be true, you do have the power to change it. You can also make that difference in the lives of others.

Pavlok Motivational Bracelet

If you really want to help other people, here’s how you can do it. Any app you develop for Pavlok is your own property, but can be integrated so that other users can download them, and vice versa. There’s a ton of apps developed by other users to make changing your behavior easy.

There’s one thing that never changes. It’s the simplest yet most overlooked business principle of all. Always deliver more than you promise. You can try the Pavlok Motivational Bracelet for 30 days, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund. There’s really no downside.

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