Polaroid Cube+ Mini Lifestyle Action Camera Review

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As advanced as cameras are today, it may not be comfortable to put yours on a dangerous ledge to take wide-angle video of a skateboard trick. Anything could happen to it and it’d be expensive to replace a camera that’s priced and designed for professional and hobbyist photographers, when you really just want to have fun with your friends. The Polaroid Cube+ is different.

Polaroid Cube Plus Mini Lifestyle Action Camera

Imagine setting up a wide-angle shot of your birthday party. There’s drinks and food everywhere and people are constantly looking for room to enjoy themselves. What’s your camera of choice?

A Exciting, Casual Way to Take Amazing Shots

The Polaroid Cube+ Mini Lifestyle Action Camera is everything you love in a digital camera. It takes amazing pictures and videos, has a lot of versatility, and is a new way to enjoy any moment. Some of the best things about the Cube+ are new, and many of them are the favorites from fans of the Polaroid Cube generation one. Let’s see what it’s capable of.

First and foremost, the picture quality. You can grab quick pics on the go or in the most beautiful select locations, and get 8MP quality results. The quality will blow your mind. You’re given the option for resolution, between 720p and 1440p, and it’s every bit as sharp as you’d imagined it could be. But there’s more.

Polaroid Cube Plus Mini Lifestyle Action Camera

The Polaroid Cube+’s pictures look great on an HD TV. At the same time, nothing is as true as real life, and the advantages of this camera go beyond spectacular optical quality. Here’s what it has to offer in the way of even better experiences, and greater camera capabilities.

Still images mean steady. It should work that way with all of your pictures and videos, every frame and every second – full depth, clarity and precision. This is exactly what the Cube+ does with its full stabilization features, even when taking videos with an incredible 124 degree wide-angle lens. Here’s what you didn’t know.

The Cube+ by itself gives you full preparation for adventure. There are two amazing features built in, which we’re extremely excited about. First, you’ve got the 128GB of space, empowering you to take enough pictures to last a lifetime.

The second, which is ingenious on its own, is the subtle magnet built inside, which allows you to mount the camera securely to metal objects.

Small, Inviting and Useful

As consumers, we tend to love novelty. The reason is rarely vain, and is actually a matter of imagination and personality. Let’s see what makes the Cube+ such an innovative and fresh technology.

Polaroid Cube Plus Mini Lifestyle Action Camera

It’s very inviting and casual to use. For such a dynamic camera, the Polaroid Cube+ weighs very little, and virtually takes no space. You can fit it in tight areas, or right out in the open to spice up your night out with candid, crisp pictures and videos. It’s quite impressive for such an easy-to-use device.

Designed based on what people love about the first generation, it was hard to find areas to improve on without taking away the value of the original. However, there are a lot of things that the Cube+ offers that no other camera does. Let me explain.

It’s as fun as it could be. Turns on and operates in a flash, using a single intelligent button, giving you full versatility with ease. Light up the night or capture the day, without wasting any time setting up complicated cameras and cords. This is a huge advantage.

Since it’s so inviting, it’s likely to attract a lot of attention. This is amazing, because the Cube+ is ready when you need it, to catch a true smile. It’s so memorable you’ll want to use it again. Which is why this next feature is so awesome.

Polaroid Cube Plus Mini Lifestyle Action Camera

You want to be in on the action. Using an integrated battery system, the Cube+ requires recharging after 107 minutes of nonstop recording video and picture capturing. Here’s the kicker. You get to enjoy 107 minutes of quality recording, every time, due to its durable rechargeable battery.

The Smartest Cube in Cameras

You can share your pictures on the web. The difference with the Polaroid Cube+ Mini Lifestyle Action Camera is that you don’t have to plug cables into a pc or use obnoxious, cheap camera software. It connects directly to Wi-Fi, enabling you to connect with your smart phones and tablets. Here’s the best part.

It uses its own free app. It’s a hands-free process to use your camera from a smart device, where you don’t have to pay for inferior software. It’s a Polaroid app, and you expect the best out of it. Well, you will not be let down.

It’s also very durable itself. With additional accessories available, including weatherproof case and unique mounting devices like the helmet and bicycle mount, you’ve got a full suite for your Cube. It also comes with a bumper case and additional mounting device for free.

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  1. Another cube?! Cubes fail as action cameras. They are not aerodynamic and many of the sticks out too much, what may distract a person who has it e.g. on the helmet. It’s pure physics. For me the best action cameras are bullet-shaped ones as e.g. drift stealth or ghost. I use stealth and it’s small and light. It’s attached closely to my helmet so I has never distracted me during riding my bike.


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