Examining the Qidi Tech X-Smart 3 High Speed 3D Printer

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Are you looking for a quality 3D printer that can print with multiple types of materials at ultra-fast speeds? If so, the Qidi Tech X-Smart 3 might be a great FDM printer to get started with.

At its fastest, it can print up to 500mm/s. It also has multiple features that help increase print accuracy and quality. It was designed with you in mind, having numerous user-friendly benefits included right out of the box. This an option that may be worth looking at whether you’re an expert or a beginner when it comes to 3D printing.

High-Speed Operation

The Qidi Tech X-Smart 3 is capable of FDM printing at ultra-fast speeds. Utilizing KLIPPER, CoreXY, QIDI High-speed extruder, and QIDI high-performance materials, a top speed of 500mm/s is achievable for printing. This is an insane speed compared to other models on the market.

Qidi Tech X-Smart 3

To reach that speed, it can accelerate to 20,000mm/s². The CoreXY structure reduces motion inertia to improve motion speed. It also uses a silent drive to reduce the overall noise created. When it comes to the processor used, it has an RK3328 64-bit inside. Additionally, it has a main frequency of 15GHz, 8G-EMMC, and 1G DDR3.

There has been a 20% accuracy improvement over the previous generation of this printer, the MAX2. As for the flow speed, it’s capable of 30mm³/s, so you can be sure your print will happen extremely quickly. The maximum filament diameter compatible is 1.75mm and the maximum print size possible is 180 x 180 x 170mm. This print size puts it as the smallest option from Qidi in their X series printers. However, the size is still respectable and is a great place to start with 3D printing.

Quality Construction

The X-Smart 3 is made out of high-end materials and seeks to be a durable option. It comes assembled out of the box so you can have it set up and printing in 10 minutes. The body is sturdy and has windows on three sides to allow you to watch your print. The extrusion has a 9.5:1 gear ratio, to help with stability, strength, and speed.

X-Smart 3

In addition, the X axis is constructed with a hardened wear-resistant carbon fiber rod to help with durability. The components that make up the extruder are upgraded and lightweight. Overall they have been reduced to 600g (from 1600g) while enhancing overall strength to 6-12 times stronger than steel.

Extruder temperatures hit less than 300 degrees Celsius. This maintains compatibility with the included brass nozzle hot end. In addition, it has an upgradeable controlled temperature chamber. To power the system and achieve those temperatures, it’s rated to 350W. The overall size of the printer is 370 x 362 x 397 mm. As for aesthetics, it’s only available in one colorway. The main color is silver-white and it has black accents used throughout.

High-Quality Printing Using A Variety Of Materials

The X-Smart 3 is an FDM printer, meaning that it prints using additive manufacturing techniques. Materials such as PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, and TPU are compatible. That being said, Qidi suggests that you use PLA filament, so try that first. Even though it can print extremely fast, it doesn’t sacrifice accuracy. A range of +/- .1mm is possible, so your prints are sure to turn out great.

X-Smart 3

Additionally, this 3D printer uses resonance compensation. This technology helps improve the overall print quality and leads to smoother prints. Without resonance compensation, there are rough ridges within the material as it’s printed.

Multiple examples of what the X-Smart 3 can do are available for research. In our opinion, the most impressive shown was an intricate full chess piece set with hollow cores. Made out of PLA and printed in only 29 hours and 10 minutes, this proves to us that it’s a great printer.

User Experience

One great feature included to make your life easier is automatic leveling. The X-Smart 3 takes data from 16 different points on the build plate to calculate printing compensation. This makes your prints level every time you use the printer.

Speaking of the build plate, there is an included flexible HF board. This board is made out of materials that provide excellent adhesion to your prints and won’t have warping issues. Moreover, since it’s flexible, removing your prints is easy.

X-Smart 3

As for the actual software needed to run the X-Smart 3, it couldn’t be easier. Qidi uses their highly acclaimed slicer software to run this device. It’s also available in both normal and expert modes. This allows the printer to be user-friendly for beginners and robust enough for experts. Within the printer itself is a 4.3-inch touch screen to control functionality.

Everything you need to get started is included in the box. Even components that they wouldn’t have to send such as 250g of filament and a 16 GB flash drive are all part of the package you will receive. This allows you to start printing as soon as you open the box.

Best of all, it’s compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This allows you to create designs and make your prints no matter what computer you have. To connect, simply use Wi-Fi or the included USB flash drive. However, this is a bit more limited than the X-Max3 and M-Plus3, as those two can connect via ethernet as well. However, don’t get discouraged because getting your designs onto the printer is still extremely easy.

Comparing with Other Qidi 3D Printers

The fairest comparison for the X-Smart 3 is with the models in the same lineup as it. It’s not quite as large or capable of printing as big as the other two offerings from Qidi. However, for print speed, it’s very competitive. Both the X-Max 3 and X-Plus 3 max out at ≤600mm/s and a flow speed of 35mm³/s. The other two options also require a lot more power (900W and 800W).

The main difference besides what has already been listed comes down to price. This is where the X-Smart 3 separates itself, coming in at only $479. The X-Plus 3 comes in at $799 and the X-Max 3 retails for $1,099. To get the best bang for your buck from the Qidi printers, we love the X-Smart 3 the most.

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In our opinion, if you want an ultra-fast 3D printer that won’t break the bank this is a great option. You don’t have to be an expert with years of printing experience, it’s extremely beginner friendly.

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