How To Reset Your GoPro WiFi Password in a Few Minutes

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If it’s been a while since you’ve used your GoPro, or if you’re completely new to using it, you might run into some trouble configuring the camera’s WiFi connection. Whether you need to check your saved recordings or simply stream the “live feed” of you GoPro, you’ll need to know your password.

But in the all-too-common instance where you forget your GoPro WiFi password, you’re going to need to know the best way to quickly reset it. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to do. But keep in mind; the method of resetting the WiFi password differs for each GoPro model. Today we’ll go over the simple steps you’ll need to take for resetting the WiFi password for each GoPro version.


Reset WiFi Password on GoPro Hero 8 Black & Hero 9 Black

If you own one of the latest version of the GoPro, resetting the WiFi password is very easy to do. In fact, it should only take a minute or two to complete.

  1. Power on your GoPro Hero 9 or 8 Black.
  2. Swipe down, then left until you see “Connections/Preferences”.
  3. Choose “Connections” followed by “Reset Connections”.
  4. Select “Reset” to confirm that you would like all connections to be reset to the default settings.

That’s it! Four simple steps and you’re good to go.


Reset WiFi Password on GoPro Hero 7 Black, White and Silver

The GoPro 7 was released back in 2018, but it’s still a popular version that plenty of people still use. If you’re an owner of a GoPro Hero 7, whether you have the black, white or silver version, try the following steps to reset the WiFi password.

  1. Swipe down on the main screen.
  2. Choose “Preferences” and then select “Connections”.
  3. Choose “Reset Connections”.
  4. A new name and password will be automatically generated and displayed on the screen.

Not too difficult, was it?


Reset WiFi Password on GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 6 Black

The GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 6 Black provides the quickest reset out of all versions. There are just 2 simple steps to follow.

  1. On the main screen, swipe down and then select “Connect”.
  2. Choose “Reset Connections”, and your GoPro will set and display a new password.


Reset WiFi Password on GoPro Hero5 Session

The Hero5 Sessions is one of the most compact, portable versions available, with the smallest screen. Resetting the WiFi password is a little more complex, but easily doable. But keep in mind that when you go through the following process, it will revert all of your GoPro settings to the factory default.

  1. Confirm that your the Hero5 Session is turned off.
  2. Press the menu button, which will let you access the status screen.
  3. Push the menu button multiple times until you reach the “Connection Settings”.
  4. Press the shutter button to enter the connection settings menu.
  5. Using the menu button, press it multiple times until you see “Reset Connections”.
  6. Push the shutter button once you have selected “Reset Connections”.
  7. Use the menu button to select “Yes” and press the shutter button to confirm.
  8. The display will show a confirmation that the WiFi password was successfully reset. We recommend using the default that it gives you.

This process was a bit more complex, but still relatively straightforward!


Reset WiFi Password on GoPro Hero 4

The GoPro Hero 4 was one of the more popular GoPro releases of its time with notable improvements over the previous iterations. Because of that, you’ll find a lot of them still in use to this day. Luckily, the Hero 4 offers the easiest WiFi reset out of all GoPro versions.

Simply open up the camera’s main menu. Once you do that, you’ll need to go into the settings menu. From the settings menu, select “Reset Cam” followed by “Reset WiFi”. After you reboot the Hero 4, the WiFi password will be automatically set to the default password which is “goprohero”. Pretty simple if you ask us!


Reset WiFi Password on GoPro 3

As with most outdated technology, the GoPro 3 WiFi password reset is a bit more involved than newer versions. Whether you have a standard 3 or a 3+ model, the following instructions apply equally to all 3rd generation GoPros. Lucikly, it still shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete the following steps. But before you start, you’ll want to make sure the microSD card is inserted and the USB cable is plugged in from the GoPro to your computer.

  1. Make sure that your GoPro 3 is physically connected to your computer using the cable. As an alternative, you can simply inset the camera’s microSD card using an SD card reader or USB adapter.
  2. Download the .zip file for your respective GoPro version
  3. Extract the zipper folder to display the contents.
  4. Copy the folder’s contents and paste it into the root folder of your GoPro’s microSD card. If you own a Hero 3+, you’ll want to make sure you paste the entire “UPDATE” folder into the camera’s root folder. It’s important to know that if you don’t copy the files into a folder with the name “UPDATE” it will not work correctly. However, if you own a standard Hero 3, you’ll need to make sure you paste only the files and not the entire folder into the root directory of the camera.
  5. Unplug the GoPro’s USB cable from your computer. At this time, the camera will automatically power-off.
  6. Manually turn on your GoPro. When it boots up, it’ll display a message that states it is updating. Once the update is completed, power-off the camera.
  7. Lastly, turn your GoPro back on and manually connect to the WiFi network using the default login credentials. The network name (SSID) should be GoProHero and the password will be goprohero.
  8. Keep in mind that if you’d like to set a different network name (SSID), you’ll need to edit the lines within the file that’s now located in the root directory.

Final Thoughts

Resetting your wireless network password on your GoPro isn’t as convoluted as some people like to think. GoPro has made it pretty simple to do no matter what old or new version you may have. Although some versions offer a much easier process, we wouldn’t call any of them complex or time consuming. Please let us know if we’ve helped you out or if you need extra clarification for any reason. Now you can get out there and start enjoying the use of your GoPro!

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