Review of the Bellabeat LEAF Health Tracker Smart Jewelry

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We’ve become disconnected from ourselves. A lot of us have wrecked our natural ability to sleep beautifully all night long, and reach a true restful state. Worst of all, we don’t know how bad it’s gotten.


We all recognize it. We get pains, have constant stress, and don’t feel energized all day long because our hectic habits, and aren’t vivified when we’re relaxed.

It’s time to change all of that.

The Bellabeat LEAF is a revolutionary yet simple device that tracks our most vital statistics in breathing, sleep, peak activity, as well as our monthly cycles. Take a look into your inner being.

Discover Your True Inner Power

Oxygen is vital to our energy. It’s like breathing life itself into our bodies, and we need lots of it from head to toe. We need to breathe better. We all know how to get it into our lungs, but we’re depriving our brains, minds and bodies, because we take shallow, short breaths. We need a deep-rooted cause for change.


Breathing even helps in stressful situations. Think of the most beautiful scene you’ve even witnessed in your life; the most vibrant colors, sights, smells and sounds you can imagine. What happened? Chances are, you didn’t notice. We only pay attention to a few pieces of information at any given moment, and are hardly cognizant of our breathing. Enter LEAF.

It’s your 24/7 stress friend. The leaf app empowers you to take charge of your oxygen and therefore stress levels, using specific breathing exercises. Calm and de-stress yourself easily.

LEAF is designed to target your long- and short-term goals. After using the LEAF app and seeing the difference in your body and mind, you will find it much easier to take matters into your own hands. You’re ready to take control.

Stay Focused and Calm Throughout the Day

What is peak performance? Some peoples’ idea of high levels of activity is trying to multitask 10 different things, meanwhile neglecting oneself for the sake of greater activity. This is not really true.

High performance is sustained and balanced. We often confuse activity with accomplishment, compromising our own well-being, instead of concentrating on each thing we do, achieving the greatest possible results. We rarely see individuals who are successful in every area of their life. This doesn’t have to be you.


Let LEAF help simplify your life. With its smart alert system, it can pinpoint areas of lack of stress (the type which motivates us and allows us to grow) and distress (which is harmful), giving you a true check on your daily life. LEAF keeps track of it all 24/7.

We usually know how fulfilled we are, but sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction.

At the same time, we don’t always know which way we should go. LEAF allows you to design your own lifestyle and stay consistent to it, by telling you where you are at with your own goals. It’s a dream consultant.

Keeps track 24/7, alerting you to lack of stress as well as distress, which can be harmful. LEAF uses a smart alarm system which allows you to design your own lifestyle goals, and stay consistent with them all the time.


It’ll even help in understanding your monthly cycles. With LEAF, your ovulation, premenstrual and period days are accessible in an instant, giving insight into other areas of your health. It’s easy to maintain a daily schedule this way.

Bring Your Body into Nature’s Rhythm

It’s time to connect back to nature. We need to find a way to utilize our own ability to rest and heal, and Bellebeat offers a harmonious solution that allows us to do both. Here’s what makes it such a natural approach.


It helps is attain better sleep. Longing to stay under the covers after 8 hours of being asleep is actually not normal, and is a big sign that we need to correct something. There are a lot of causes for lack of restful sleep, and LEAF will help us target the quality and quantity of our sleep. Afterwards, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to improve your sleep for long- and short-term benefits. You need this type of analysis.

Bellabeat LEAF works with nature, rather than against it. It’s a major breakthrough in our patterns and awareness that we need, and now is the best opportunity to take advantage of it using a harmonious approach. Even the design is congruent with this.


Every LEAF is unique. Just as nature shapes and models every individual leaf on every tree differently, so does Bellabeat. They takes into consideration and study nature’s patterns and create LEAF technology based on their findings. It’s even made of 100% American wood.

These beautiful devices actually take us back to nature, with their soft and elegant wood clip, bracelet and necklace wood companions.

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