Review of the Lucera Labs Wake Modern Alarm Clock

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Waking up is hard. Even when we stop taking caffeine at 3pm, eat our last meal no later than 6pm and sleep beautifully all night long, there are challenges to getting up in the morning. There are a lot of reasons for this.

First, we’re not sleeping in nature. This may seem like a ridiculous notion, but the fact of the matter is that when we awaken to a blank, dark room to the high-pitched whine of an alarm clock, we’re disrupting our natural patterns. Let me explain.

The sun is vital to making us feel good. Arising is a notion that used to take place with the sun in the sky as its vibrant rays gradually filled the horizon. Instead, we’re subjecting ourselves to something less beneficial.

Let’s talk about the Lucera Labs Wake Modern Alarm Clock, the better way of waking up.

Lucera Labs Wake Modern Alarm Clock

The Smartest Way to Wake Up in the Morning

Great sleep changes your whole day. When you wake up feeling fresh after a full night’s rest, you’re alert and can more easily direct your aggression in a positive way. We often take this for granted.

But think about it. You roll out of bed after slapping the alarm clock a few dozen times, to realize you’ve got to rush yourself out the door. No relaxing shower, no revitalizing breakfast – just go. We begin to wish there was some smart device that could help us feel better in the morning. Well now there is.

Lucera Labs Wake Modern Alarm Clock

It works with your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Wake is an amazing state of the art technology in both artful waking and personal preference customization. Here’s how it works.

Wake uses body heat sensors to detect the exact location of your body while in bed, and directs its wake up call synergistically with you. Here’s what I mean.

You tell it how you want to wake up. Wake allows you to set which side of the bed you are sleeping on keeping your partner comfortably snoozing, and sending you a refreshing wake up call. It even turns off automatically when you get up and has an smart snooze function.

Create the Ideal Sleeping Space

Our homes are expressions of ourselves. When we wake up in the morning, we want to begin the day in our zone expressing our true selves. This can become difficult in today’s day and age.
Our technological improvements should make our lives better. Instead they rush us, keeping us out of the moment and out of tune with what’s really going on. When we orient our days to an approach like this, it’s no wonder why we hate going to work on Mondays.

Lucera Labs Wake Modern Alarm Clock

We don’t feel the part. With Wake, you define the rules and the power of waking up full of energy rests in the palms of your hands.

This may seem like a tall order, but it’s nothing that your Wake can’t handle, and you’ll notice a dramatic benefit the first morning you use it. You will love how it continues to make your day brighter and easier.

It’s time to pamper yourself. Like nothing before, Wake will give you the exact motivation you need to get out of bed without disturbing others. It’s even beneficial to your body to use it.

You start by mounting the Lucera Labs Wake Modern Alarm Clock above your bead. It fits neatly to your wall in less than a couple minutes, and requires nothing but a single screwdriver. But here’s what’s so amazing about it.

Lucera Labs Wake Modern Alarm Clock

The speakers create the perfect sound for you. By setting specific parameters, Wake produces a concentrated beam of sound directed to your body, working in harmony with the science of nature.

The sounds will lift your spirits and create a healthy mood for the rest of your day. Here’s what’s more.

It simulates the sunrise. By utilizing the latest in LED light technology, Wake directs a ray of light toward you as if you were laying in nature as the sun gradually rises. This is extremely beneficial.

Lucera Labs Wake Modern Alarm Clock

Fundamentally Intuitive Design

We talked about how easy Wake is to install and use. But it’s also got incredible maintenance features which make it a very solid product to own. Here’s how your Wake will transform your live in a convenient, easy way.

First, let’s talk about the batteries. It has a recharge pattern that allows it to work continuously for a three or more months at a time. Best of all, it’s recommended by many reputable communities.

Lucera Labs Wake Modern Alarm Clock

For example, did you know that Wake is in the lower top twenties of Kickstarter’s ‘staff picks’. These people see all kinds of innovative and affordable products every day, and definitely have a sense of what’s effective and what isn’t.

When you purchase your Lucera Labs Wake Modern Alarm Clock, you know that it’s not only beneficial to your emotional, psychological and physical life, but also a worthy piece of equipment. You owe it to yourself to grab one today.

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