Review of the SANYIPACE F929DJTX Sewer Inspection Camera

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SANYIPACE Inspection Camera


Overall Design


Image Quality


Battery Life


Extra Features



  • Excellent image quality.
  • Up to 165 feet of reach.
  • Advanced monitoring and distance tracking.
  • Durable, rugged design.


  • Bulky to carry around.
  • Expensive.

A backed up main drain is no joke. Forget about a plugged toilet or a clogged sink. When the main line backs up, the entire building is clogged. Sewage starts to back up into the basement, and things only get worse from there.

You need to haul out a drain snake and clear it out. Sometimes, a snake gets the job done and you’re on the way. But other times, you can hit a seemingly unmovable obstacle. In those situations, a drain camera can be an indispensable tool.

You can run a camera down the line until you find the blockage. Then, you use a locator to determine its real-life location. This has two benefits. For one thing, a visual inspection tells you about the nature of the blockage.

Did someone flush tampons down the drain, or have tree roots collapsed the pipe? For another thing, if the pipe is collapsed, you won’t be able to snake it out. You’ll have to excavate the area and replace the pipe – lucky you! But at least when you know the location of the damage, you know where to start digging.

A good sewer inspection camera needs to be durable. Let’s face it, you’re not buying one of these for single-time use. You want a camera that can withstand years of use. Otherwise, it’s not going to be worth your investment.

You also want a camera that can fit through multiple sizes of pipe. If you can scope normal household pipes as well as main drains, so much the better. You’ve got a much more versatile tool that can serve a variety of tasks.

SANYIPACE F929DJTX Sewer Inspection Camera

We’re about to review the SANYIPACE F929DJTX Sewer Inspection Camera. This is a heavy duty camera that’s designed for professionals. It’s available in lengths up to 165 feet, and comes with a tough-as-nails carrying case. It also comes with a long-lasting battery and a high-quality monitor.

But is it actually worth your investment? To find that out, we’re going to have to look much closer at this camera. We’ll talk about the image quality, and how you store your recordings. We’ll also talk about monitoring and how you use the locator. After we’ve covered those and other factors, we’ll be ready to deliver our verdict. Let’s begin!

SANYIPACE Sewer Inspection Camera

Sturdy Carrying Case

The SANYIPACE camera ships in a sturdy carrying case. It’s durable and charmingly old-school, like a traditional storage trunk. The edges are reinforced with metal banding, with reinforcements riveted into place around the corners. It closes with a pair of latches at the front, and sports an ergonomic folding handle for easy transport.

When you open the case up, it’s anything but old-school. There’s a 9-inch display built into the inside, which is where you monitor your video feed. The display has a set of buttons underneath that allow you to control your playback. The bottom of the case holds your camera reel, along with all your accessories.

Strong Cable Coil

The SANYIPACE F929DJTX Sewer Inspection Camera is available in three different lengths. The base model is 65 feet long, but you can also order 100- and 165-foot versions. All have the same sturdy yellow cable that’s tough enough to scrape against the sides of a pipe.

The cable is flexible but stiff enough to push the camera with. The camera head itself is metallic, and feeds easily around corners and bends.

SANYIPACE Sewer Inspection Camera

The cable mounts inside a metal reel, where it remains coiled when it’s not in use. There’s a nifty little feeder ring in the side where it runs in and out. This allows you to feed the cable neatly back into the reel when you’re putting it away. On the back hub, there’s a 4-pin data port for connecting to the monitor. You’ll also find a rubber carrying handle, as well as a ring on the top for hanging.

HD Monitor

Ultimately, any camera is only as good as the videos it produces. If you aren’t getting clear images, you won’t be able to get the job done. Thankfully, the images here are gorgeous. You’ll be able to see all the details you need to diagnose your problem. Everything is in full color HD, which makes it easy to tell what you’re dealing with.

SANYIPACE Sewer Inspection Camera

IP68 Waterproof

This is one of the more versatile drain cameras on the market. The bare camera is sized perfectly for a 1-inch pipe. Screw the black nut adapter onto the tip, and it will fit through pipes up to 1.5-inch. For pipes up to 5 inches in diameter, there’s a larger adapter. It consists of an expanding frame with four sets of roller wheels that keeps the lens centered.

Both the camera and the cable are rated IP68 for weather-resistance. The “6” means that it’s entirely impervious to dust, although that’s a minor concern with a sewer camera. The “8” is far more significant; it indicates the maximum level of water-resistance. You don’t have to worry about leaving it underwater for long periods.

SANYIPACE Sewer Inspection Camera

512Hz Locator

The most important of these accessories is the orange handheld 512Hz locator. It’s shaped like a little toy sword, measuring 20 inches long. When the camera is active, the locator will beep when you come within range. The closer you get, the faster and more intense the beeping.

SANYIPACE Sewer Inspection Camera

The locator’s range depends on your settings. Using the switch on the side, you can set it to near (3.3 feet) or far (16.4 feet). On the front, there’s a black sensitivity dial, along with a row of six LED indicators. The lower the sensitivity, the closer you’ll need to be for the beeper to sound. Turn the dial all the way to the left to turn the locator off altogether.

SANYIPACE Sewer Inspection Camera

Distance Counter Function

In addition to the raw video, the display will also show you the cable length in real time. This is incredibly useful, since it gives you a rough idea of how far out you are. On the back hub of the reel, you’ll find a yellow reset button. Pressing this button will reset the cable length to zero. You can use this to trace the distance from one bend to another. If you’re scoping out a complex system, this is invaluable. You’ll be able to identify exactly where a blockage is, even in a mess of pipes.

SANYIPACE Sewer Inspection Camera

Battery & Lighting

The kit includes a rectangular 4500mAh battery pack, which connects to your monitor and camera. There’s a set of data and power cables for connecting everything together. That’s enough to run them for 7-8 hours, depending on the light brightness.

Around the lens at the tip is a ring of 12 LED lights. These cast a beam at a 145-degree angle, illuminating the camera’s entire field of view. The light level is adjustable, so you can dim it or brighten it as needed. It provides all the visibility you need to examine your pipe.

SANYIPACE Sewer Inspection Camera

Storage & Playback

Depending on your application, you may never care about storing your videos. For example, you might just need to identify the nature of a blockage. In that case, you’d have no need for replay. But in other situations, you might want to play things back. Maybe you want to go back and find how far the camera had run at a certain point. Or maybe you want to show a customer the big tree root that grew through their main drain. In those scenarios, playback is critical.

Thankfully, the SANYIPACE camera makes it easy. In the front of the monitor, to the left of the controls, you’ll notice an SD card slot. The kit includes a 16GB card, which should be plenty for most people. If for some reason you need more storage, you can replace it with a 32GB card. Using the controls, you can rewind, fast forward, and even zoom in to view tiny details.

SANYIPACE Sewer Inspection Camera

Final Verdict

The SANYIPACE F929DJTX Sewer Inspection Camera is for everybody. This is a simple and easy-to-operate tool that can help you complete inspections quickly and efficiently, whether you are repairing it yourself or a professional repairman.

SANYIPACE Sewer Inspection Camera

This camera is exceptionally durable, and can withstand the rigors of everyday use. It has a rugged carrying case, a high-resolution monitor, and plenty of lighting. It’s also versatile enough to fit almost any residential pipe. All things considered, this is one of the better sewer cameras on the market.

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