How to Search and Sort Spotify Playlist on iOS and Android

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Spotify is the leading music streaming platform that’s widely used by many. Not only does it give you access to seemingly endless artists, songs and genres, the Spotify app for iOS and Android provides a neat and tidy way to organize your favorite audio.

Users are able to add songs to custom playlists in whichever way they see fit. However, searching through and sorting a Spotify playlists can be downright confusing. It leaves many to wonder, how exactly do you sort and search through your favorite playlists?

Whether you have one playlist or over one hundred, searching through, organizing and sorting your Spotify playlists is a must have skill for both novice and experienced users alike. Let’s get right into it.

Steps to Search or Sort Your Spotify Playlists on Your Mobile Device

When you view a Spotify playlist, there seems to be a button for everything, except how to sort songs in specific orders or perform a search through these saved songs. Luckily, the sort button and search box is very easy to locate. Follow these steps:

1. Open the Spotify app and open a playlist that you’d like to search or sort.

2. From the playlist home screen, simply scroll up and the “sort” button will appear in the top right corner along with a search bar that says “find in playlist”.

sort spotify playlist

3. Tap the sort button and select the order you’d like the playlist to be listed in. You can sort by title, artist, album, recently added or custom order.

sort spotify playlist

4. You can also perform a search for specific songs or artists using the now visible search box.

Please note: These steps are the same for both iOS and Android users.

That’s really all there is to it. Most Spotify users are often confused about where the search box or sort button is located – and for good reason. By default, these functions are hidden when you initially load a playlist page.

However, all you need to do is scroll upward to reveal them. Once you know that, you’ll probably wonder why they would hide them like this.

Nobody, except for the Spotify developers, truly know and/or understand why they chose to hide the sort button and search box in such a discreet location. It’s honestly a bit confusing and somewhat annoying. Regardless, now that you know their hidden location, sorting and searching through any Spotify playlist is very easy.

Whether you want to listen to the last or first song you’ve added to your playlist, or simply search for a specific title, now you know how!

Let us know if you’re still having trouble and we’ll do our best to assist. Enjoy!

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