Sony XBR75X940D 75-Inch 4K HD TV (2016 Model) Review

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Smart television technology, when applied to each of the enormous technological advancements in realistic images with improved hardware, provides greater opportunities to enjoy your favorite programs than ever before.

The technology has become incredibly powerful, which is a tremendous benefit, but the question with the Sony XBR75X940D is not only does it have superior quality, but will it solve each of your problems better than another TV?

We’ll be discussing the overall performance of this ultra HD TV, however we’re also going to be getting into whether it offers great life span, is incredibly easy to use and compatible with your other devices and also – whether it’s worth the price, or not.

This TV’s exterior appearance will also be taken into consideration, where you’ll find out just how attractive its look and style will be for your home, office or public area.

By the end of this review, you’ll have a definitive answer to what Sony’s flagship, the XBR75X940D 75-Inch 4K HD TV’s best and worst qualities are, as well as what makes it unique, so that you can understand the value of each one of its features.

Sony XBR75X940D

Cutting Edge LED Backlighting with TRILUMINOS Display

We’re starting to see how powerful LEDs can be, not just with their long lifespan and intensity capabilities, but also because their brightness can be manipulated in such a way that you have fast, precise dimming and contrast options.

There’s also the aspect of transforming and projecting light to create beautiful displays from a huge range of color, since they provide a tremendous amount of shades.

The Sony XBR75X940D’s X-tended Dynamic Range PRO has the ability to dim every single LED inside it to get a proper representation of light, whether it be very dark or brilliantly light.

Sony XBR75X940D

As you probably know, creating visually stunning images is not entirely dependent on the intensity of light, but also on the shades of red, blue and green color that are produced by this HD TV’s TRILUMINOS Display technology.

Another benefit to that, is because it has so much access to the color that your HD resolution media utilizes, it can evenly spread it across the entire screen and create finely tuned color maps which allow it to produce color and light exactly where it’s supposed to be.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

Producing high quality 4K video requires a tremendous amount of data, when you consider all of the organizing of color and light that goes on behind the scenes, which is further complicated by the various forms of entertainment that you enjoy, from action movies to TV sitcoms.

Sony XBR75X940D

When you consider the enormous demands of a video game, you’re looking at a tremendous variety, clarity, detail and fast changes that without powerful hardware, would be impossible to handle.

This TV has been given a 4K processor called the X1 to create a level of clarity to complement any form of media you choose, while allowing the color mapping processes to place colors in the exact right place.

x1 processor

It adjusts the contrast of light as well, so whether you’re watching a dark thriller or a brightly lit football game, you’ll receive precise lighting at every moment.

This also means that each individual pixel can be processed and cross analyzed with a database of specifically designed images that provide information about how every texture, light intensity and color should look, and even provides clean edges for objects.

What further complements this TV’s high processing speed is a technology called Motionflow XR 960, that keeps the refresh rate of the display almost constant, which allows for greater enjoyment of action packed scenes, such as with sports, action movies and video games.

Sony XBR75X940D

Intuitive Smart Technology

Like most smart TVs being produced today, the Sony XBR75X940D is WiFi enabled, which means that you have access to a host of advanced features.

A major benefit for your comfort, ease of use and compatibility with the media that you chose to watch is the addition of Android TV, which features more than a thousand different apps that Sony gives you immediate access to.

Sony XBR75X940D

Google has made a dramatic impact on both the performance and ease of use of this HD TV, by providing both Google Cast and Google Play as well, with all of the most popular and useful apps available, including Netflix and Pandora.

You’ll also have remote access to your TV, by being able to play music and movies from your smart phone, and also the ability to port Android games.

None of this is important without the comfort and ease of use of an intuitive menu, to take you quickly and easily to where you want to go, giving you the ultimate choice of media in the palms of your hands.

Some would argue that Sony has done one better than that, beginning with a customizable content bar which you can use while viewing your favorite movie or TV show, to view and program what you’d like to see next.

Sony XBR75X940D

There’s also a voice command technology built into the comprehensive Android TV that’s compatible with 42 different language, to make operating your TV both easier and faster, with almost hands free use.

Sleek Modern Design

TV sets used to take up a lot of space and it’s no secret that they’ve slimmed down over the years, making them easier to hang up on your wall and also more visually appealing.

By taking advantage of advanced LEDs and processing hardware, Sony has made this 75 inch screen 4K ultra HD TV not only incredibly thin, but also stunning in appearance, due to the virtual inexistence of an edge.

Sony XBR75X940D

This is made possible by a finely crafted finish, an unobtrusive bezel and a golden inlay accent stripe that make this TV more of a work of art than a piece of technology.

Final Thoughts

Sony has long been a leading manufacturer of top of the line high definition TVs, and partnered with Google, have created a very smart and intuitive, top of the line TV.

Since the Sony XBR75X940D 75-Inch 4K HD TV (2016 Model) their industry-leading state of the art TV, there’s going to be a very high expectation for what it’s capable of, and it achieves a satisfying result by taking advantage of both advanced hardware and software, by using them together.

From the voice command technology that’s compatible with Android TV, to the 4K Processor X1, it’s packed with performance and comfort features that truly make it among the best.

Sony XBR75X940D

Some people still enjoy a 20 inch screen without the bells and whistles, but it’s clear that the Sony XBR75X940D 75 inch HDR TV is well worth the very steep price tag, due to its beautiful imaging capabilities which are fast and near true to life.

Granted, many ultra HD TVs come close to the ease of use that this one provides, with the option of connecting to WiFi as well as multiple HDMI ports, however this one offers more than just the features which are quickly being classified as basic rather than advanced.

The fact that you have access to thousands of apps as well as full compatibility with all of your Android smart phones is a huge advantage for families as well as bachelors, because you have tremendous entertainment options, matched with superior viewing capabilities.

6 thoughts on “Sony XBR75X940D 75-Inch 4K HD TV (2016 Model) Review”

  1. Does the 940D solve the blooming issues that the 950b presented? The side-viewing angle was always very tough. Also, in comparison between the 940D and the LG G6 (4k OLED), which would you consider to be the superior TV?

  2. Currently I have the Sony 70 inch 850 model with a Matt screen and i don’t see any reflections from the open windows behind me. I don’t want to pull the shades as it blocks the air.

    Will this TV reflect the windows because it does not have the Matt screen?

  3. The XBR75X940D suffers from a very serious Manufacturers defect which Sony acknowledges, however they will not correct it. The TV (only the 940D) has an issue with a very slow pixel response time on images with Black objects moving on a white background, this defect can be seen everywhere, even then menu of the tv itself. Rotating between the inputs will show the issue. Here is a quick youtube video that will show this issue (, look for trailing shadows. “Warning” once you see this issue you cannot unsee it.
    I purchased the 75″ 940D about a month ago. Seeing the issue immediately I quickly contacted the store I got it from and they exchanged it for me right away. After setting up the new one I noticed the exact same issue, I called Sony which in the beginning was very willing to help. We went through a series of settings and configurations, nothing could remedy the shadowing issue. The man on the phone promised me he would take care of this issue for me an offered to refund a portion of my money or exchange for another model, but first he would have to do another exchange. Eventhough I already exchanged it they said a factory fresh model from Sony (a different batch) may be different. As I waited for the new tv to be sent to my home I took the liberty of going to a couple of different stores to check out their demos of the 940D, all of which had the same issue I’ve been reffering to. Finally a week later my second exchange from Sony came. Again I set it up and just like the previous 2 the problem was still there. At this point 6 tvs I have now confirmed the issue with. So I called Sony back again, this time the person I spoke to told me he would escalate this issue to higher level of Sony Customer Support after we went through a series of tests again. This is where it all goes downhill. No one called me back so 2 days later I called Sony back, The person I spoke to this time told me that Sony is aware of the issue and it is accepted as normal operation. You can image how upset this made me after all the Great Customer Support I received up to this point. I’ve emailed Sony, I’ve called them on the phone, I’ve sent out request for Sony to call me back, but so far I am being ignored. They will not help me, they won’t even call me back. My advice to you is Stay Away from the Sony XBR75X940D, for a TV that costs this much the defect is a huge problem. If you don’t mind the lower end models the 850D and 750D or the Smaller 930D those models do not suffer from the same issue. Sony totally Screwed me and this was my 4th XBR tv I’ve owned. I will be exchanging it for a Samsung UN78KS9800FX. A much better TV with Better customer Support.

    I am an AV Technician I install and setup tvs like this all the time. Calibration will not help. Sony doesn’t care about there customers and I had to learn that the hard way. If you own the Sony XBR75X940D do yourself a favor and see the issue yourself and contact Sony. Maybe you will have a better experience than I did.


    • Mark,
      I read your entire post and watched the uTube video you posted and I have to admit, you’re pretty anal when it comes to the blurring. You have to really look hard to see what you’re seeing, however, I wouldn’t stress it as much as you’re stressing it.

      • That’s the test he watched. The results are what he’s reporting on. There’s that same video shot on a 940D and youll see the smearing

  4. Mark,

    I have a Samsung UN75JU7100 that suffers from the same trailing ghost images as you describe. I watch a lot of animated programs and it’s especially prevalent with animated source material because of the thick black outlines used in most animation. Although that video shows to a small extent the effect it is far more noticeable when watching the TV in person. I was researching other options for 75″ 4K 3D TVs when I came across your comment and I’m glad I did. If the ghosting is 1/2 as bad on the Sony as it is on my Samsung then you are not “anal when it comes to the blurring” at all.


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