SwitchBot K10+ Review: Mini Robot Vacuum with Self-Emptying Base

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  • Overall Design - 9/10
  • Cleaning Effectiveness - 9/10
  • Battery Life - 9.5/10
  • Noise Level - 9/10


When the dust settles – quite literally in this case – the SwitchBot K10+ emerges as a force to be reckoned with in the smart cleaning market. It’s a powerhouse that melds intelligent features with efficient performance. This device not only cleans but thinks for you, automating much of what is typically a manual chore. It respects your time, your space, and even your auditory senses, performing its tasks quietly and diligently. It’s one of those rare pieces of technology that feels like it’s truly designed to make life easier.


  • Exceptional 150-minute battery life
  • Smart, adaptable suction power
  • Robust 4L self-emptying base
  • User-friendly app interface


  • Slightly above average pricing
  • Limited color options

Meet the SwitchBot K10+, a device that’s breaking away from the bulky vacuum cleaner stereotype. This mini robot vacuum isn’t just about cleaning your floors; it’s on a mission to tackle those forgotten corners you’ve been ignoring.

All of this comes in a sleek, compact design that’s loaded with intelligent features, making it more of a smart home hero than just a cleaning gadget.

Unboxing and First Impressions

When you open the package, you’ll find the vacuum, a 4L self-emptying base, and included batteries. The packaging is straightforward and doesn’t overwhelm with unnecessary accessories. The entire thing measures 9.76 inches in both length and width and has a height of just 3.62 inches. It weighs slightly over 5 pounds.

Given these dimensions and weight, it appears designed for easy navigation and maneuverability. The K10+ comes in an all-white color, giving it a clean, modern look that should fit well with contemporary home décor.

switchbot k10+ unboxing

How It Works

First, let’s talk capacity. The K10+ brings the concept of “set it and forget it” to a whole new level with its 4L base station. This is not your standard once-a-week emptying routine; this device can hold debris for up to 70 days.

In practical terms, that’s 70 days without thinking about cleaning up after your cleaner. We tested it for a full cycle, and indeed, we didn’t have to babysit the dust bag. This is especially helpful for those who are sensitive to allergens or just don’t want to deal with the mess frequently.


Less Noise, More Efficiency

A key consideration in any cleaning machine is the noise level. The K10+ comes engineered with a specific sound optimization technology they call SilenTech. This results in an impressively low noise emission of just 48dB. That’s 50% quieter than others! We can confirm that it operates at a soft hum, allowing for daytime cleaning without disrupting your home environment. A huge win for those living in tight quarters or thin walls.

switchbot-k10+ robot vacuum

Strong Yet Smart Suction

Strong suction is a selling point for any vacuum, but let’s face it, not all vacuums deliver on that promise. The K10+, however, stands out with its 2500Pa suction rating.

During our hands-on tests, we threw various types of debris in its path – think cereal, pet hair, and the ever-elusive dust. It managed to clean it all up without any hiccups. And it wasn’t just brute force. The vacuum’s motor is smartly programmed to adapt its suction power according to the type of debris it encounters.


This intelligent suction adjustment means not just more efficient cleaning but also less energy consumption. The device knows exactly how much muscle to flex, so it doesn’t waste any juice overperforming. It’s like having a cleaning specialist who knows exactly what tool to use for the job, except in this case, the specialist is your trusty K10+. Thus, the strong yet smart suction isn’t just a marketing phrase – it’s a proven feature that adds real value to your cleaning routine.

Built for Convenience

The K10+ has smart features beyond just its voice-activation capabilities. For instance, it comes with an auto-recharge function that makes sure the unit is always ready for action. It will return to its charging dock any time the battery gets low.


It’ll then resume cleaning where it left off once fully charged. We tested this out and found the transition to be smooth, effectively bridging the gap between manual and automated home maintenance.

When you put all these features together, what you get is a high-performance, user-friendly unit that pretty much takes care of itself. It’s a well-thought-out piece of tech, perfect for those looking to optimize their cleaning without compromising their lifestyle.


Performance Overview

This little guy uses LiDAR navigation to figure out where it’s going. That’s a fancy way of saying it maps out the room before it starts its cleaning spree.

This isn’t just for show; it makes the vacuum way more efficient than your run-of-the-mill models. We put it to the test in various rooms like the kitchen, living room, and even bedrooms.

The K10+ didn’t just skim the surface; it got into those annoying corners and under furniture spots with ease. It’s so good, in fact, that it lives up to its bold claim of being 90% more efficient than older vacuum tech. Thanks to the 2500Pa suction power that we touched on above, this vacuum’s capabilities go well beyond basic dust-busting.


In our tests, it successfully managed to pick up a variety of particles, from fine granules of salt to larger debris like cat kibble. The results affirmed that it’s adept at cleaning across different scales of mess.

One noteworthy feature is its self-emptying dock that also dries the included disposable mop. This eliminates the hassle of manually emptying a water tank or changing dirty water. During our tests, the unit went back to its dock to empty its dust bag and clean its mop without any intervention needed from our end. Even better, the mop does a spectacular job of protecting flooring during operation.


Overall Usability

Although it is smaller than average, its cleaning ability is not compromised. During testing, it was able to maneuver under tables and even between chair legs, covering areas that manual cleaning often misses. It offers a blend of vacuuming and mopping functionalities and can adapt its cleaning methods based on the type of surface it encounters.

In testing, it was able to transition smoothly from hardwood floors to carpeted areas. Our series of tests validated many of the unit’s claims, from its cleaning efficiency and suction power to its low noise levels and self-maintenance capabilities. It proves to be a well-rounded cleaning solution for various household needs.


The App Experience

Now, let’s talk about the control center of your K10+ – the app. We found it to be user-friendly, featuring an interface that’s clean and straightforward. It wasn’t just a decorative appendage; it actually added value to the overall experience. It allows for easy navigation, making scheduling cleanings or creating no-go zones as simple as a few taps on the screen.

Smart Scheduling

Time is of the essence, and the K10+ app respects that. The smart garbage disposal scheduling feature lets you program cleaning cycles according to your daily routines. Want to make sure the living room is crumb-free before you chill out in front of the TV? Set the time, and consider it done. During our tests, we set up various schedules and found the robot dutifully followed them right on cue.

Custom Zones and Barriers

The app also lets you set no-go zones – areas you’d like the robot to avoid. Maybe you’ve got a pet bed that you’d prefer left alone or a fragile décor setup that shouldn’t be disturbed. We found that designating these zones was a straightforward process, and the K10+ respected those boundaries during its cleaning missions.

Voice Command Integration

If you’re already a fan of voice-activated tech, you’ll be pleased to know that the app syncs seamlessly with both Alexa and Google Assistant. This isn’t just a gimmick; it works. During our test, initiating a cleaning session via a voice assistant worked as smoothly as using the app itself.

“Do Not Disturb” Mode

Remember the issue with vacuums suddenly roaring to life and disturbing the peace? The app’s “Do Not Disturb” function is a solution to that. You can schedule quiet hours when the vacuum will not engage in its dust-collection process, ensuring that your domestic tranquility remains undisturbed.

Device Compatibility

A shoutout to those who have a smart home ecosystem: the K10+ app can integrate with other devices you might have around your home. In our setup, we had it working in harmony with other smart gadgets, including cameras and environmental controls, all through the same app.

The app isn’t just an afterthought; it’s a core component of the K10+ experience. This vacuum isn’t just about getting your floors clean; it’s about making your life easier and, dare we say, a bit more fun. The features packed into this device go beyond the basics and actually turn daily vacuum operation from a chore into something you’ll look forward to.

Battery Life and Power

When it comes to stamina, this machine doesn’t disappoint. Fueled by a durable Lithium-Ion battery, it promises a solid two-year lifespan. But let’s get to the point that directly impacts your daily cleaning – a remarkable 150-minute runtime per charge.


In our rigorous testing, we found that it indeed lives up to this claim. Imagine a continuous 150-minute sweep across various rooms, making it possible to clean larger spaces on a single charge.

This extended runtime is particularly valuable for those who don’t want to micromanage their cleaning schedules. You can set it and forget it, knowing that the vacuum has ample time to cover all necessary ground before needing a recharge. Overall, the battery’s longevity and capacity contribute to an efficient and nearly hands-off cleaning experience.

Hygiene and Maintenance

When you’re investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner, the last thing you want is a device that replaces one manual task with another. The SwitchBot K10+ takes that concern off the table.

The self-emptying feature ensures that you almost never have to come into contact with the dust, debris, or allergens that the vacuum picks up. The dock takes charge of this, emptying the onboard dustbin into a larger bag housed within the dock itself.


The dock performed this task seamlessly every time the vacuum returned to its base. That’s a huge benefit for anyone with allergies or sensitivities to dust and pet dander. This feature has a broader impact than just convenience. It fundamentally changes how you interact with your vacuum cleaner. In traditional setups, you have to engage with it fairly regularly to empty out the collected dirt. Not so with the K10+.

Here, the self-emptying dock allows for up to 70 days of hands-off operation. That’s over two months where you don’t even have to think about maintenance. That’s not just freeing up your time; it’s peace of mind.

Additionally, we found that the bag within the dock is incredibly easy to remove and replace, further minimizing the mess and hassle typically associated with vacuum maintenance. And don’t worry; a notification on the app will alert you when it’s time to replace the bag, so there are no unfortunate surprises.


Final Verdict

When the dust settles – quite literally in this case – the SwitchBot K10+ emerges as a force to be reckoned with in the smart cleaning market. It’s a powerhouse that melds intelligent features with efficient performance.

This device not only cleans but thinks for you, automating much of what is typically a manual chore. It respects your time, your space, and even your auditory senses, performing its tasks quietly and diligently. It’s one of those rare pieces of technology that feels like it’s truly designed to make life easier.

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