Symlis Sparrow Multi-functional USB Device Review

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This is more than a flash drive. You may not know this, but external hard drives with lots of capacity often also take up a lot of room, and are only useful in certain situations. In a lot of ways, it’s really an ineffective solution.

Symlis Sparrow Multi-functional USB Device

You get less portability than a flash drive in exchange for having all of your files in a single location. There seems to be no middle ground.

Not until now, anyway. We’ll show you why the Symlis Sparrow Multi-function USB Device delivers almost everything you could ever need in both a light, portable external hard drive and as a general USB. Let’s get started.

Simplifies All of your Daily Computer Tasks

Cord and USB management can be a chore. When you consider the amount of hardware we require access to in combination with a limited amount of USB ports, the whole idea has already become disorganized. But it gets worse.

Symlis Sparrow Multi-functional USB Device

First, we’ve got to find desk space. If you’re at home this may not be a big deal if you’ve got a desk dedicated to what you’re doing, but anything else is a completely different story. Let’s say you’re accessing wireless internet at a café somewhere.

You’ve generally got very little space to begin with. Just imagine trying to hook up a flash drive and mouse by digging through your bag for all of the accessories and USB cords. It would be a mess.

The Symlis Sparrow is something that you can fit on your keychain. No more dashing through the house trying to scavenge a usable flash drive or finding space for a clunky hard drive. It’s better than you may think.

For one, it’s easier to charge your devices. By switching between mini and normal USB size, you can charge and sync a whole host of devices without sacrificing an extra slot for an external hard drive. That’s not all.

Because it’s such a high quality cord, it’s capable of carrying high currents. This means that your devices will actually charge faster as well as more conveniently by using the Symlis Sparrow.

You never have to compromise either disc space, speed or comfort.

A Powerful Solution to Memory Space

Small flash drives are way out of style. They’re too easy to misplace, making finding important files a lot more difficult. But it’s not only that.

You often don’t have enough space for what you want to do with it, forcing you to either limit your selection or not even use it at all. At that point, there’s no use even having it, even if you have multiple flash drives you can use.

Symlis Sparrow Multi-functional USB Device

The Symlis Sparrow offers an entirely better way. Even the best flash drives on the market allow you to use up to 60GB, but as you already know, can be very inconvenient. Here’s what the Symlis Sparrow has to offer.

First, your own selection of size. Since it’s so much more than just a flash drive or multi-option USB charge and sync cable, any added size would be a huge bonus. Well, the Sparrow does deliver.

The smallest size is 16GB. Even that is enough to store your favorite selection of movies, thousands of songs, or really anything else you’d like to put on it. It’s even big enough for high-end video games that are multiple GB in size. But that’s not all.

It does come in 32GB or 64GB as well. But the real advantage to using your Sparrow is not only convenience, but also the speed. Let’s compare the Sparrow in action to conventional flash drives.

Symlis Sparrow Multi-functional USB Device

First, the conventional. If you’ve ever moved a large amount of songs from one device to another, you already know how agonizingly slow it can be. You almost want to grab the flimsy little thing and toss it out the window. That’s generally how those situations go.

Now, it’s the Sparrow’s turn. You plug in without having to sacrifice your mouse or anything else you have in your USP ports, and begin transferring your files. By the time you grab a cup of coffee and come back, it’s already done.

High Compatibility

We live in a world of many options. Deciding on which devices you want for your computer can be incredibly expensive, if not confusing. With the Symlis Sparrow Multi-function USB Device, you’ve also got the option to skip out all of that confusion and buy the products you want. Let me explain.

Symlis Sparrow Multi-functional USB Device

Sparrow is OTG enabled. What this means, is that if you do happen to own an Android, you can back up any of your files for safe keeping. But the compatibility goes further than that.

As you know, Sparrow works incredibly well with all of your other devices. It’s an all-in-one time-saving and convenience boosting device that no other product can compete with.

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