Tagg Pet GPS Plus Review

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A lost dog or cat is something that nobody would ever want to have to deal with. Losing your family pet can be a heartbreaking tragedy that can have you looking high and low for weeks on end with no success. Luckily, technology has come to a point where you can now know exactly where your pet is located, and the conditions in the environment they’re currently in. Introducing the Tagg Pet GPS Plus, a small tracking collar that’s worn around the neck of your dog or cat and tracks and monitors your pet down to the fine details.

Tagg Pet GPS Plus

Cellular and GPS Technology

The truth of the matter is, there are more than 10 million pets that go missing each and every year. Tagg created the Pet GPS Plus by utilizing cellular and GPS technology to pinpoint your pet’s location wherever they may be. You can customize your notifications and receive a notice via email or text when you’re searching for your pet. It’ll provide a real-time map with incredible accuracy, down to the exact coordinates so you’re never looking in the wrong spot.

Current Air Temperature Sensor

Extreme heat or cold can be a huge danger when it comes to your cat or dog. The Tagg Pet GPS Plus senses the air temperature so they’re never exposed to it’s inherit danger that can cause heat stroke, exhaustion, or any potential hazards. It’s nice to see this feature built in as these ailments can be detrimental to a pet’s health. If the temperature is ever too cold or too hot, you can setup to be notified in whichever method you prefer – text or email.

Tagg Pet GPS Plus


The integrated accelerometer tracks the daily activities to make certain that they’re staying actively fit throughout the day. It’ll ingeniously sense and calculate the exact activity levels so you can compare them to previous days. In fact, their activity is broken down into four different categories – rest, light activity, moderate activity, or high activity. This’ll help you determine a convenient understanding of their activity levels because we all know – an active pet is a healthy and happy pet that’ll behave better and live longer. Their activity level is then translated into something called “Tagg Points” which give a clear representation of fitness goals and activity trends.

Mobile App

If you’re an Android or iPhone owner, you’ll be able to download and install Tagg’s free app that enables you to always stay in touch with your pet, no matter where they’re at or what they’re up to. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to keep tabs on your furry friend and quickly track them down to keep them out of harms way. Currently, the app is packed with a wide array of features, but soon it’ll be fully integrated with “Whistle” which will add more user-friendly features – it’ll be available in Summer of 2015.

Tagg Pet GPS Plus

Create Custom Alerts

Users have the option to create custom alerts for on-demand notifications when they need them most. You’ll be able to customize the specific alerts by notifying more than one mobile device, see your pet profile, view the current battery life, and much more. These custom alerts give you the full advantage that tie directly into the overall health and well being of your family’s pet.

Battery Life

Internally, there’s a lithium ion battery that stores over 10 days of battery power for continuous use for well over 100 hours. It’s a state of the art battery that uses shortwave radio frequencies to ‘talk’ to the docking station when it’s nearby. It’ll then keep it in a power saving mode that saves energy and conserves the current charge so it’s ready to use when you need it most.

Tagg Pet GPS Plus


Let’s be honest – your dog or cat can get into some pretty messy stuff. Luckily, Tagg knows this and made the Pet GPS Plus as durable as they possibly could. In fact, it’s completely waterproof, shockproof, and downright ruggedly designed to withstand mother nature and the elements that’s thrown at it. Owners need not worry about the durability since it’s virtually indestructible as long as it’s used as instructed.

What’s Included?

Included in the box when you buy it new is the tracker itself, a charging base station, a collar clip attachment, power kit, and quick start guide. The quick start guide will help simplify the initial process of setting it up and make sure that everything is configured as necessary for proper operation.

Tagg Pet GPS Plus

Monthly Service

With your purchase, you’ll receive 30 days of free tracking and monitoring service, but after that time period is up, you’ll be required to subscribe to a service plan to keep it actively working and tracking as it’s supposed to. Plans start as low as $6.95 per month which is very reasonable. When you’re initially activating your tracker, you’ll need to pick a service plan that suits you and your family best.

Overall Thoughts

In conclusion, we feel that the Tagg Pet GPS Plus is a fantastic investment for those who love their family pets and never want to lose them. It’ll pinpoint the exact location with several health related specifications which will keep you informed on your pets health and coordinates. The app is very user-friendly, reliable, and easy to use – as is the tracker itself. Set to fully release on June 15th of 2015, we are very excited to see such a unique piece of useful technology come into availability for the public. Highly useful, highly recommended, and a great asset to have if you treat your pet like one of your children. You truly can’t go wrong with it.

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