Tronsmart T6, 25 Watt Dual-Driver Speaker Review

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Having the ability to bring your music with you, wherever you go, is quite the luxury. Just ask anyone with a Bluetooth Speaker. Truth is, the popularity of these portable audio devices has skyrocketed in recent years. If you’re late to the game, or looking for a decent upgrade, you may have heard about the new Tronsmart T6 Dual-Driver Speaker.

This 25 watt speaker has gained a lot of traction lately and was recently listed as a “Best Seller” on Amazon. Thankfully, we had a unique opportunity to test it out for ourselves to take a closer look at what it has to offer. We’re here today to go in-depth and try all of the features with a neutral perspective.

Tronsmart 25 Watt Dual-Driver Speaker

First Look

Although Tronsmart may not be a well known brand, Amazon is famous for offering budget-friendly options at a much more reasonable price-point. Coming in with a retail price under fifty dollars, many may assume that it doesn’t have a lot of exciting features. We would strongly disagree.

Holding it in your hands for the first time, you’ll likely first notice the rugged and portable design. The entire exterior is built with on-the-go use in mind, covered in a durable woven mesh that feels soft yet sturdy. With a weight of 1 lb, 3 ounces and measuring 2.95 x 2.95 x 7.68 inches, it’s definitely small enough to carry along with whatever adventure you have ahead of you. We found the size to be quite nice – not too big, not too tiny.

Looking further, we noticed something unique about it. The speaker has a 360 degree range, giving it the ability to emit music in all directions. What makes this exciting is that you’ll never need to position it at a certain angle. Just set it upright, in the middle of the room, and enjoy sound all around.

Tronsmart 25 Watt Dual-Driver Speaker


Located towards the top of the speaker, you’ll notice a silver ring, surrounded by your basic controls. The silver part is actually able to rotate, to adjust the volume to whatever level you prefer. It’s a pretty cool integration, but it may not seem totally obvious at first.

As we mentioned, the “basic controls” are situated in the center of the volume control. There’s the power button, play/pause, next/previous tracks, and the hands-free button. Everything is fairly basic and laid out in an easy way, and controlling it is easy.

To turn it on, simply long press the power button for 3-4 seconds. If you want to switch between aux and Bluetooth modes, short press the power button for about 1 second.

Located down the side is a small flap that you can open up. Underneath it is the auxiliary port and the micro USB charging port. They’re discreetly positioned, keeping a nice and tidy look, right next to the “Tronsmart” branding.

Tronsmart 25 Watt Dual-Driver Speaker


If you’re like most consumers, you’ll likely take advantage of the Bluetooth ability. Giving you wireless freedom, this requires you to “pair” it with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. (Basically any device that supports Bluetooth.)

To pair, first make sure that you have Bluetooth enabled on your device. Once you’ve done that, simply power on the speaker and the top LED with blink intermittently. Once paired, you should see “connected” on your device to “Tronsmart”. It’s fairly simple and easy to complete. Best of all, it’s something you only have to do once – not each time you turn it on.

Tronsmart 25 Watt Dual-Driver Speaker

Sound Quality

Utilizing 25 watt DSP drivers, we were pretty shocked to find out how nicely the Tronsmart speaker sounded. Since it’s more of a budget-friendly option and not “name brand” like Sony, Beats, etc. it’s always hard to expect so much for so little.

We tested it out on a variety of genres from classic rock to modern hip hop. Our favorite feature was the deep bass that it was capable of emitting. Equipped with an external passive radiator, we felt like it had no problem exceeding our expectations. The bass is beautifully rich with a deep and realistic effect to it. Definitely a bit difficult to explain in words, but we can honestly say that the bass would likely compete with other models that cost twice as much!

Although the treble or bass isn’t manually adjustable, we felt like Tronsmart configured them to the right balance. The bass never seemed to overshadow the lyrics and precise tones of certain songs, as long as the audio track was a good recording (old school hip hop and rock may be a touch distorted).

Tronsmart 25 Watt Dual-Driver Speaker

Wireless Range

Bluetooth maxes out at around 10 meters for wireless connectivity, so there’s certain limitations this may pose. For best sound quality and latency, we found it best to be within 15-20 feet – or 30 feet if you have a perfect line of sight to the speaker. This range is exactly what we expected, as with most Bluetooth Speakers on the market.


Since the Tronsmart T6 Bluetooth speaker offers wireless freedom, it’s equipped with a 5200 mAh internal battery. Built with the latest lithium-ion technology, this allows you to go up to 15 hours on a single, full charge. Well at least that’s what they advertise. We had to test this for ourselves to really find out if that was a realistic duration. Throughout 2 weeks of daily use, we only had to charge it every 3-4 days. We were getting around 12 to 15 hours each time – just like Tronsmart advertised! The duration of the battery seemed to lessen if we blasted the volume or kept a far distance between the paired device and the speaker itself.

To charge it up, all you need to do is plug-in the included micro USB charger to the side port, and plug it into an outlet or USB port. A full charge should take around 5 hours or less. Not bad!

Tronsmart 25 Watt Dual-Driver Speaker


Although the Tronsmart T6 speaker is built with ruggedness in mind, we can’t say it’s the most durable on the market. There’s no IPX rating and in-fact, no water resistance at all. With most speakers that we like to classify as “rugged”, we love it when they’re waterproof. Or at the very least, some sort of water resistance is nice.

It may not be a deal-breaker for some, but we can’t recommend it to those who want to put it to use near a pool, the beach, in the rain, etc.

Tronsmart 25 Watt Dual-Driver Speaker

Final Thoughts

Overall, we have been quite happy with the Tronsmart T6 Bluetooth Speaker. It seems to provide plenty of beautiful sound, and isn’t limited by unnecessary features. The bass is exciting, the volume is loud, and we had no difficulty with the initial setup and Bluetooth configuration process.

The size of the speaker is just about perfect. It’s light enough to take with you anywhere, and small enough in size to throw in a bag or a big pocket for the day.

While it may not be waterproof, it does seem to be plenty durable for outdoor use. Just don’t expose it to moisture and you should be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

2 thoughts on “Tronsmart T6, 25 Watt Dual-Driver Speaker Review”

  1. Just bought one on Black Friday. While I consider myself an excessively bass-head, even I think the bass of this speaker is way over the top to the point that I wish there was a way to tune it down a bit. Believe me my computer desk was shaking all the time I’m using it. I could see the drink in my mug making waves due to the vibration. I had to use equalizer to adjust the lower frequencies to make the bass more bearable.

    And I think the speaker is not as loud as I wanted it to be (I compared it with my similarly sized/priced Oontz Angle 3 Plus which was significantly louder). When I cranked the volume up only the bass gets louder while the mids and highs became almost non existent (again, equalizer to the rescue). At this rate I will have to use different eq settings for different volume level.

    Normally I’d prefer bass this ‘strong’ but maybe due to the unit’s small size and lightweight that it could not contain the massive bass power. I really like the design though and the control is very straight forward you don’t even have to read the operating manual to figure it out. I’m not sure if it was there but it looks like this speaker doesn’t have battery-saving (auto-off) feature that will turn the power off if it did not receive any sound signal for certain amount of time, a feature I really like about Oontz Angle 3.

  2. I have mine for 2 months now and recently i just gave it a light wash but it still sounds awesome. Although you should never submerge the speaker in water. I also owned the sbode m400 and I have to say that the tronsmart T6 is the winner when it comes to bass,battery life and how loud it can go.


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