How to Turn Off Auto Delete in Pet Simulator X

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As avid gamers, we know how significant each element of a game can be. In the immersive world of Pet Simulator X, where players hatch adorable creatures from eggs, even minor features can make a big difference to our gaming experience.

One such feature is the auto-delete option – a useful tool, but it can be a heartbreak if it leads to losing a treasured pet. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to navigate this feature, turn it off, and ensure your pets stay safe.

Understanding Auto-Delete in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X is more than just a game. It’s a delightful realm where you can buy eggs and hatch them into charming pets like puppies, kittens, dragons, and more. With such a treasure trove of pets at your disposal, you would naturally want to keep them all. But that’s where the auto-delete function might become a hindrance.

The auto-delete option is a feature in the game that automatically deletes your pets when certain conditions are met. It can be quite useful in managing your pet inventory but might result in losing pets, especially ones that recently hatched. But don’t worry; turning off this feature is simple, and we’ll guide you through it.


Where to Find Auto-Settings in Pet Simulator X

We will talk about how to disable auto-delete, but let’s first understand how to navigate to the settings menu. It’s pretty straightforward.

Once you launch Pet Simulator X on your device, look for the main menu on the screen. You want to choose “Options,” and after that, scroll down and click on “Gameplay.” Doing so will reveal various settings you can customize, including the auto-delete function.


Turning Off Auto-Delete in Pet Simulator X: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to gain more control over your pet collection in Pet Simulator X? Let us help you navigate the process of turning off the auto-delete feature in the game:

1. Start Pet Simulator X

First things first. You need to launch the game. This could mean starting up your console or PC or simply waking up your mobile device and clicking on the icon for Pet Simulator X.

2. Navigate to the Dashboard

Once you’ve successfully launched the game, your next destination is the dashboard. You’re looking for three horizontal dots located near the top right of the screen. This is the main menu where you can control various settings of the game. Clicking this icon will lead you to the settings and options related to gameplay, including the one we’re looking for – auto-delete.

3. Access Auto Setting Option

Now that you’re in the settings, turn your attention to the left side of your screen. Here, you will find three vertical icons. The one you’re interested in is the third icon, resembling a green recycle bin. This is the auto-setting that lets you control automatic processes in the game, including pet deletion.

4. Uncheck the Pets

Upon clicking the auto-setting icon, a new pop-up window will appear, displaying all the pet types you own. These pets are categorized as per their rarity, such as basic, epic, rare, and so on. To turn off the auto-delete system, simply uncheck the boxes next to the types of pets you wish to keep safe from automatic deletion.

Remember, you have the freedom to decide which pets you want to protect from auto-delete. If you’re only interested in preserving the rarer pets, feel free to uncheck those categories only. Alternatively, you can uncheck all categories if you wish to stop all automatic pet deletions.

5. Test the Changes

After you’ve made the changes, it’s essential to make sure they’ve taken effect. A quick way to do this is by hatching an egg. Use some of your collected coins or diamonds to purchase an egg and wait for it to hatch. If the hatched pet remains in your inventory and doesn’t get automatically deleted, you can celebrate! Auto-delete is now turned off in the game.

By following these steps, you can gain control over which pets you keep and which ones you let go. The beauty of Pet Simulator X is the freedom it gives its players to customize their experiences according to their preferences. Turning off the auto-delete feature is just one way of exercising this freedom.


How to Tell Whether Auto-Delete Is on or Off

You might be wondering how you can tell if the auto-delete function is activated. The game has a handy feature that indicates the status. Upon tapping on auto-delete in the dashboard, you’ll see several different pet categories. If the background of the pet types is dark blue, you know auto-delete is disabled. But if it’s sky blue, you know auto-delete is enabled.

Benefits of Disabling Auto-Delete in Pet Simulator X

Choosing to disable the auto-delete feature in Pet Simulator X brings with it a host of benefits that can significantly alter and enhance your gameplay experience. Here’s a deeper look into these major advantages:

Growing Your Pet Collection with Ease

One of the most immediately noticeable benefits of turning off auto-delete is that your pets will no longer be automatically erased from your collection. With this newfound control, you can easily hatch more eggs and collect a plethora of unique pets to grow your collection.

No longer will the fear of automatic deletion curb your enthusiasm for collecting new, exotic, and rare pets. This way, you can strategically grow your collection, whether your aim is to have a vast assortment of different species, focus on gathering rare creatures, or build a team of powerful pets to dominate the game.


Boosting Gameplay Focus and Performance

Another great advantage of disabling auto-delete is the positive effect it can have on your gameplay strategy. Previously, the looming threat of losing your pets to auto-deletion could have caused constant worry and distraction, negatively impacting your overall game performance.

However, by disabling this feature, you can shift your attention from the fear of loss to strategizing your gameplay. With this change, not only can you aim for high scores or challenging achievements, but you can also immerse yourself deeper into the rich and engaging world of Pet Simulator X. This can make your gaming experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Exploring New Features and Discovering Exciting Possibilities

One of the hidden gems of turning off the auto-delete function is the possibility of unlocking new features, levels, and maps in Pet Simulator X. This adds an additional layer of thrill to your gaming experience as you get to explore uncharted territories in the game.

These new areas can introduce you to a variety of unique pets, challenges, and rewards that were previously inaccessible, thus keeping your interest piqued and your engagement high.


Potential Drawbacks of Turning Off Auto-Delete in Pet Simulator X

While turning off the auto-delete option in Pet Simulator X might seem like an absolute win, it’s not without its potential downsides. As the old saying goes, “Every rose has its thorn,” and this situation is no exception.

Increased Manual Management

One of the most notable changes you’ll experience is that the game will no longer manage your pet inventory automatically. Previously, when auto-delete was active, the game would automatically discard less rare pets when your inventory was full, allowing room for more valuable pets. But once you turn off this feature, the responsibility of managing your pet inventory will fall entirely on your shoulders.

Time-Consuming Pet Deletion

This means you’ll now have to manually delete any unwanted pets to make room for new ones. While this does give you more control over which pets stay and which ones go, it can also be time-consuming. Especially when you have a considerable pet collection, managing them manually can turn into a lengthy process.

Storage Space Concerns

Furthermore, turning off auto-delete doesn’t free up space for upcoming pets – your inventory might fill up quickly, and you’ll have to regularly check and clear space for new pets. This additional task might seem minor but can become a nuisance during intense gaming sessions.

Increased Manual Workload

While there’s less of a risk that you’ll lose your favorite pets with auto-delete turned off, you do have to work harder. So you’ll have to manually select which pets to keep or discard. This adds an extra layer of strategy (and effort) to your gaming experience.

Despite these potential drawbacks, turning off auto-delete can still be beneficial for many players. You get more control over your pet inventory, and the risk of accidentally losing a cherished pet is minimized. But like any other feature, it’s all about personal preference. If you find the manual management too cumbersome, you can always switch back and reactivate the auto-delete feature.

Final Thoughts

Pet Simulator X is no doubt a blast to play. And it becomes even more enjoyable when you can keep all the pets you hatch. The auto-delete function, while useful in some cases, can sometimes be a hindrance. At the end of the day, it’s about finding the balance that works best for you. Every gamer is unique, and what works for one might not necessarily work for another. So experiment with the auto-delete feature and make the choice that suits your gaming style the best.

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