UGREEN Nexode Pro Review & Testing: Fast Chargers Built Right

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REVIEW – As one of the leading manufacturers in the portable charging and power industry, UGREEN is at it again with their latest release. Introducing – the Nexode Pro.

This is a series of four different fast chargers, all designed to power your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other device with ease. They’ve included a 160W, 100W, and two 65W versions; one in a slim form factors and another in a standard size.

ugreen nexode pro series fast chargers

As a step-up from their predecessor, these are much more refined and pack some very enticing features including updated aesthetics and improved power output. Thanks to UGREEN’s exclusive Airpyra™ Technology, they’ve managed to pack quite a bit of power capability into a small form factor.

I was lucky enough to receive the new Nexode Pro fast chargers directly from UGREEN for a hands-on evaluation. I’ve spent the last week thoroughly testing them out and I’ve put them through the paces. Today, I’m here to report on my findings. Let’s get right into it.

Design and Aesthetics

The UGREEN Nexode Pro chargers come in a beautiful color scheme. Although the exterior is entirely comprised of plastic, they actually look like a Space Gray metal, similar to some of the most recent Macbooks. This gives them a sleek and very aesthetically-pleasing appearance.


Each charger has a group of USB ports that are each clustered with a matte black “square” grouping. The respective ports are all labeled in a gray text that indicates which ports are ideal for specific devices. For example, if you see a laptop icon, this is the port you’ll want to use to achieve the highest power output.

On the underside of each, there’s some very small writing that clearly distinguishes the power capabilities of each charging port. You might have to squint, but it’s all there as a quick guide to each of the charger’s power ratings.

ugreen-nexode-pro-foldable plugs

I really appreciated the foldable plugs. That is, you can fold the plugs inward when not needed, making the entire charger much more compact and portable. While this isn’t anything new or very innovative, it’s definitely a nice inclusion.

I personally measured and weighed each of the Nexode Pro series chargers. Here are the specs:

Nexode Pro VersionWeightSize
160w312 grams2.75 x 2.75 x 1.29 inches
100w192 grams2.79 x 1.69 x 1.29 inches
65w118 grams2.13 x 1.63 x 1.29 inches
65w slim104 grams3.38 x 1.93 x 0.63 inches

When compared to your average fast charger, I feel that these are extremely portable. Each one feels solid, well-made and built to last.

For how small each one is, it’s surprising how many ports they were able to include. In comparison to a standard Macbook charger, the 160W version is both lighter and smaller. Very commendable, in my opinion.

ugreen-nexode-pro-next to macbook charger

Power Output and Testing

All of the Nexode Pro chargers are capable of operating at 100-240V. This means you can freely use them with any kind of power grid, anywhere in the world.

Each charger supports different power capabilities in terms of what they can charge with specific outputs. The wattage for each is listed in the name.

But since these have multiple ports, power outputs are at their maximum with only one cable connected to the main port. Each slows down as you add more devices to power. In other words, the power they distribute is based upon how many ports are currently being utilized.

ugreen-nexode-pro-output usb ports

I’ll give you a run-down of each one and the power distribution of each:

The 160w has one USB-A (up to 22.5W) and three USB-C ports (140W, 100W, and 30W max). Here are the power distribution specifics:


The 100w has one USB-A (up to 22.5W) and two USB-C ports (100W and 30W max). Here are the power distribution specifics:


The 65w standard has one USB-A (up to 22.5W) and two USB-C ports (65W and 65W). Here are the power distribution specifics:

ugreen-nexode-pro-65w standard-power-distribution

The 65W slim has one USB-A (up to 22.5W) and two USB-C ports (30W and 65W). Here are the power distribution specifics:


As you can see, the more devices you have plugged-in, the slower each port will run. Regardless, I like how each port is labeled. It gives you a clear indication as to which is the desired port to use in your specific scenario.

I personally tested each power output using my USB power tester. I found that each of the rated outputs for the specific ports are completely accurate.


I tested both the 160W and 100W version with my Macbook Pro in multiple instances. Within a full hour, it was above 80% capacity, which is inline with the 86% estimate that UGREEN states on their website.


For charging my iPhone and Galaxy S9+, the 65W standard and slim chargers were great. As long as I used a suitable fast charging cable, both devices charged equally quick. I also charged my Galaxy Tab S8 in record time; just under an hour from 0-100% capacity, which I found to be very impressive.

ugreen-nexode-pro-65w slim

Needless to say, actual testing confirmed that the Nexode Pro chargers are up to par with my expectations.

Safety Features

Internally, UGREEN made sure to include several safety features that protect against any of the following:

  • Overvoltage
  • Overcurrent
  • High temperatures
  • Over power
  • Short circuits
  • Electrostatic
  • Lightning
  • Interference
  • Surge
  • Soft starts

I like to see all of these safeguards in place. Not only for the devices that you have plugged-in, but also for the charger themselves. On top of this, the exterior shell is listed as a fireproof L94-V0 material. In other words, it won’t catch in flames in case something goes haywire.

ugreen-nexode-pro 160w charging macbook pro

While I didn’t personally test each individual safety feature, I noticed one thing. That is, the Nexode Pro series runs very cool.

Even when I had all of the ports maxed out for multiple days in a row, the chargers never felt hot. Yes, they were slightly warm, but never actually hot.

In my opinion, this is a very good signal. Whether this is due to the Airpyra™ Technology or the included GaN chips, it’s quite apparent that UGREEN took extra steps to ensure proper heat dissipation.

What I Like

  • Slim, sleek form factor – I really enjoy the overall look and style of each of these chargers. The space gray colorway is a nice step away from standard black or white.
  • Plenty of power and ports – With each one, there’s a plethora of USB outputs. And with wattage capabilities of up to 160W total, and 140W USB-C (singular), you can charge or power virtually any laptop, phone, or tablet – fast and with ease.
  • Accurate charging – All of the estimates that UGREEN claims in regards to charging power and speed seem to be true. I tested them with multiple smartphones, Macbooks and iPads and was very pleased with the kind of power they deliver.
  • Foldable plugs – The metal prongs can be folded inward so that they nest into the charger without being obtrusive. Ideal for portability, it helps for not catching on anything when I slip them into a bag or pocket.
  • No LEDs – I see a lot of manufacturers including tiny LEDs that indicate when a port is being used. UGREEN’s decision to not include an LED is a win, in my opinion. Often times, these tiny bright lights can illuminate a dark space and make you want to cover it with a piece of tape. It can be an annoying inconvenience when using it in your bedroom at night.
  • Runs cool – I never felt like the chargers would put out excessive heat. In fact, they seem to emit less heat than any of the USB-C chargers I’ve used in the past.
  • Safety features galore – There’s a safety feature for virtually every and anything you could think of. This not only safeguards the charger and the devices you plug-in, but also anything that’s plugged-in.
ugreen-nexode-pro-fast-chargers lined up

What I Don’t Like

  • A bit pricey – When compared to chargers of the same wattage, the Nexode Pro series comes at a slight premium. The 160w version is a steep $119.99, which is double the cost when compared to a budget-version from an off-brand.
  • No cables included – You’ll need to provide your own USB-C and/or USB-A charging cables. On top of this, these cables must be rated for the power output you’d like to achieve. If not, you’ll find slower charging speeds that don’t deliver the advertised wattages.
  • Only one color scheme – I must say, I love the space gray colorway. But it would be nice if UGREEN sold these in a white, black, or other unique color to add a bit of flare.
  • Fingerprints show – While these are mostly matte in appearance, the exterior does tend to attract fingerprints. Even with clean hands, I could see my fingerprints from certain angles. Not a big deal, since you’ll probably have it plugged-in out of sight, but still worth a mention.

Final Thoughts

After spending over a week using the UGREEN Nexode Pro chargers as my main go-to, I have to say – I love them. I feel honored to have been one of the first users to fully test this new series out.

I really enjoy the look, feel, shape and build quality. While they do come at a premium price, I think it’s ultimately worth it, considering the features included.

Each version, the 160W, 100W, 65W, and 65W slim perform as well as I’d expect. While testing, I found that the wattage outputs were right on par with the advertisements.

If you need a fine-tuned, high-end fast charger, look no further than the Nexode Pro series.

Have you tried them out yourself? What’s your take? Do you mostly agree with what I experienced? Let me know by dropping a comment below.

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