Yeedi Cube Review & Hands-On Testing: Well-Rounded Cleaning Performance

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  • Overall Design - 8.5/10
  • Vacuuming Performance - 8/10
  • Navigation Capabilities - 8/10
  • Battery Life - 9/10


The Yeedi Cube delivers on its promise of an all-in-one cleaning solution. While no product is perfect, the unit’s minor shortcomings are eclipsed by its robust features and performance. From its long battery life to its multi-surface cleaning capabilities, it offers a compelling case for those looking to optimize their home cleaning efforts. So if you’re in the market for a robot vacuum and mop that simplifies life without skimping on performance, you might just want to give this a closer look.


  • Stellar mopping performance
  • Comprehensive app control
  • Efficient navigation system
  • Long battery life


  • Struggles with pet hair
  • Occasional navigation issues

Household cleaning often devours what little free time we have. So, wouldn’t it be nice if such tasks could be taken care of for us? That’s where the Yeedi Cube wants to step in and take some chores off your plate.

This snazzy robot vacuum and mop is not just another gadget; it’s vying to be your go-to for all things clean. It’s packed with features aimed at making your clean-up sessions a walk in the park. But does it deliver on all those grand promises? We put it through its paces to find out.

Features Overview

Before we dig into the fine details, let’s chat briefly about what you’re getting with this unit. First off, it’s dressed in a sleek white that blends easily into modern home aesthetics.

Size-wise, the base station comes in at 15.74 inches in length, 17.72 inches in width, and 14.76 inches in height. So it’s substantial but not overwhelming. Weighing in at 38 pounds (both the robot and base), this is no lightweight gadget. But what it packs in heft, it more than makes up for in stamina.

yeedi cube

Thanks to its lithium-ion batteries, you get a robust 150 minutes of cleaning action before it needs a recharge. You’ll manage its chores through an intuitive app control interface, ideally suited for hard floors.

And here’s the kicker: it’s not just cordless but also self-emptying, self-washing, and self-drying. Yes, it’s really that versatile. This is the kind of technology and convenience that we only dreamed about back in the day.

yeedi-cube base station

Fast-forward to 2023, and it’s finally here. Of course, anything can sound good on paper. The true test is whether all of this versatile tech works. That’s precisely why we’re here.

The following sections will focus on our time spent with the Cube. We highlight each of its cleaning methods, as well as its additional features. So let’s proceed, starting with its self-emptying and self-washing capabilities.

Self-Emptying and Self-Washing

Remember the times when robot vacuums required regular maintenance? Well, you can leave those days behind. The Yeedi Cube incorporates self-emptying, self-washing, and even self-drying capabilities, effectively ushering in a revolution for in-home cleaning.

With a short L-shaped tunnel design, it claims to achieve a 99% dust collection efficiency in just 10 seconds. During our testing, we found that it can hold up to 60 days of debris before requiring any manual intervention.


The Drying Process

After the washing phase, the self-drying tech comes into play. This ensures that the mop pad isn’t just clean but also completely dry before the next use. You won’t have to worry about that musty smell you get when damp items are left untreated, which is a big win in our book.

This drying function is achieved via 104°F of hot air, so it’s rather thorough in its self-drying capabilities. Throughout our testing, we found both the self-washing and self-drying to be highly reliable.

It provides consistent cleaning performance, and its ability to self-maintain substantially extends the life of the mop pads and the device itself.

These handy additions provide an extra layer of convenience while extending longevity. It’s an even more appealing choice for those in search of a hands-free, holistic cleaning solution.

Sonic Mopping Technology

Before diving into the impressive mopping capabilities, let’s talk about the setup process. To get your Cube ready for a mopping operation, press the lock button on the water tank and push back.

yeedi-cube-water tank

Doing this elevates the handle, allowing you to remove the tank with ease. Then, you fill it up with fresh water, seal the valve, and place the tank back onto the robot. Don’t forget to attach the microfiber cloth to the mopping attachment on the device’s underbelly.

yeedi-cube robot vacuum

Vacuum and Mop

When it comes to cleaning modes, Yeedi keeps it straightforward. You’ve got two options: vacuum-only or a dynamic duo of vacuuming and mopping. Depending on your cleaning needs, you can select the level of suction and water distribution from three settings each.

Your choices? A comprehensive auto-clean for the entire mapped area or pinpoint accuracy with spot cleaning for those particularly troublesome zones.

yeedi-cube underside

The Sonic Edge

Here’s where things get interesting. It’s not content to just drag a wet cloth across your floors like other garden-variety hybrid robots. On the contrary, it comes packing sonic mopping technology, which executes an impressive 2,500 vibrations every minute.

Coupled with a 1,000ml water tank – putting those paltry 200ml tanks to shame – it’s engineered for longevity and deep-cleaning prowess.

yeedi-cube-side profile

Smart and Adaptive Mopping

Not only does this device bring the power, it also brings the finesse. The mop holder boasts a floating design that calibrates itself to the floor surface.

During our hands-on trials, this adaptability enabled the robot to tackle stains, sticky messes, and embedded grime that gave other hybrids a run for their money. Plus, the mop automatically lifts by 8mm when switching from hard floors to carpets, ensuring you don’t end up with a soggy rug situation.

And what happens after your floors have been granted their sheen? The cleaner navigates itself back to its home base, where its electric scrubber cleans the microfiber pad using a back-and-forth motion with 10 Newtons (N) of force. Simultaneously, the robot empties its dustbin, making sure it’s ready for the next cleaning task.

yeedi-cube mopping

App Functionality and Rapid Response Mode

Controlling the unit is simple and efficient. It integrates seamlessly with an intuitive app that offers a host of customization options, including zoning and sequence adjustments.

Notably, a rapid response mode that works to attack temporary stains is available at the touch of a button. Simply lift the unit by its touch-friendly handle and place it where needed. It resumes cleaning immediately, proving particularly useful for spot-cleaning unexpected messes.

Vacuuming Performance

The Cube takes a more traditional route when it comes to vacuuming. Armed with spinning side brushes and a combo of rubber and bristles on the roller brush, it efficiently sweeps and vacuums debris into its dustbin.

While some newer robot vacuums are transitioning to all-rubber rollers for their anti-tangle advantages, this one opts for a mixed approach.

yeedi-cube-underside open

A Mixed Bag for Pet Hair

One area where this design choice shows its limits is in handling pet hair. If your house is a haven for fur babies, prepare for some hands-on involvement.

Our tests found that dog and cat hair tends to wrap around the roller and get caught in its bristles. In contrast, it excelled in removing standard household dirt, dust, and even pesky food crumbs from both hard floors and area rugs.

Essentially, your floors will be spick-and-span, from open spaces to those often-neglected edges. So while pet hair is likely to require some attention on your end, all other debris is picked up rather well.


Power Specs

Let’s talk numbers for a moment. The Cube touts a suction power of 4,300 pascals (Pa) while offering a choice of three different suction levels: Quiet, Normal, and Max. It gets even smarter when it hits the carpet, automatically boosting its suction power to ensure optimal cleaning.

There’s a 360ml onboard dustbin, which may not sound like a lot, but it’s actually quite accommodating. Whenever the robot finds its way back to the base station, it automatically empties the onboard bin into a more spacious 2.1L dustbin.


Translation: Less frequent emptying on your part and more time for, well, anything else you’d rather be doing. With these vacuuming capabilities, the Cube shows it’s not just a one-trick pony; it’s a comprehensive cleaning solution ready for a variety of challenges. Let’s proceed to see how these features come together in real-world applications.

Next-Gen Navigation

In the realm of robotic cleaners, navigation technology is the make-or-break factor for many users. The Cube is a standout in this category with its advanced visual and laser fusion navigation system.

It’s as if it has a sixth sense for cleaning, seamlessly mapping out spaces while avoiding collisions – well, most of the time. There’s a front-mounted infrared sensor that essentially acts as the robot’s “eye,” helping it detect various obstacles in its path, like furniture or rogue shoes.

In our initial runs, it was keen to identify obstructions and tailor its cleaning path accordingly. It constructed an accurate map of a downstairs living area right off the bat.


While it did recognize obstacles like table and chair legs, its approach was not always foolproof. It got a little too cozy with a shoe, entangling its laces in one of the edge brushes. So, some supervision may still be necessary.

What really impressed us, however, was its penchant for efficiency. It covered all accessible areas of our test space in less than 20 minutes. The navigation system allowed the robot to move in organized, straight lines, reducing the chances of leaving uncleaned patches. You can also tell the cleaner which areas not to clean, which further adds to its versatility.

App and Voice Features

The Yeedi companion app is designed for easy navigation and efficient management of your cleaning tasks. Your home’s floor map is prominently displayed, complete with real-time cleaning statistics and quick access to controls for both the robot and the base station.

Within the app, you have the flexibility to modify room divisions, merge areas, and even add names to individual rooms. You can also designate specific zones where the robot should not clean.

Scheduled cleaning and sequence adjustments are also available, giving you complete control over when and how each room is cleaned. The app goes beyond standard functions by offering features like carpet detection and automatic suction boost.

These allow for optimal cleaning performance on different floor types. And if you prefer to keep things streamlined, voice control is available through Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. You can initiate cleaning in specific areas with a simple voice command, such as “Alexa, clean the dining room,” for a focused cleaning session.


Final Verdict

The Yeedi Cube delivers on its promise of an all-in-one cleaning solution. While no product is perfect, the unit’s minor shortcomings are eclipsed by its robust features and performance.

From its long battery life to its multi-surface cleaning capabilities, it offers a compelling case for those looking to optimize their home cleaning efforts. So if you’re in the market for a robot vacuum and mop that simplifies life without skimping on performance, you might just want to give this a closer look.

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