Best Xbox Series X Vertical Cooling Stands: Guide for 2022

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The launch of the Xbox Series X, like the competing PlayStation 5, was a bit rough. Coming alongside supply chain issues and a global pandemic, supplies remained limited for over a year. Many people are just now getting their hands on their new Xbox console. But now that you own one, the journey is only beginning. You’ll also want to trick out your new gaming rig with all kinds of accessories. If you’re like most gamers, you’ll use a headset, controller charger, and other gear. These types of equipment make the gaming experience easier and more natural. They also make your gaming setup truly unique.

One of the most common types of accessories is a vertical cooling stand. These stands are designed to facilitate improved airflow, keeping your console as cool as possible. Of course, that’s just the bare minimum we should be looking for. If we’re looking for the best Series X vertical cooling stands, we need to look for extra features. We’ve decided to focus on cooling stands that also provide controller charging. This is a great added convenience, and it helps you to stay more organized. It also helps if your cooling stand can hold game discs, your headset, and other equipment. We’re about to take a close look at all three of today’s options, and see what they have to offer. After that, we’ll be able to render a fair verdict. Let’s get started!

YUANHOT Vertical Cooling Stand

YUANHOT Vertical Cooling Stand

YUANHOT manufactures a number of useful console accessories. Among other products, we’ve reviewed their smartphone mount for the PS5 DualSense controller. Because of their reputation for quality, we were excited to take a look at their Xbox Series X stand.

The YUANHOT Vertical Cooling Stand is available in black or white plastic. We preferred the black from an aesthetic perspective, but the white version creates a slick contrast. The main part of the housing consists of a central tray, where your Xbox Series X sits vertically. The fan is actually located on the back, and blows in through the back of your housing. There’s a little USB plug on the front of the fan, which lines up with one of the ports on your console. This provides power for the fan, as well as the stand’s charging ports. There’s also a power button on top of the fan, to deactivate it when it’s not in use.

YUANHOT Vertical Cooling Stand

Just beneath the fan, there’s a pass-through USB port on the back of the stand. This allows for power delivery, but you won’t be able to use it for a headset or other data applications. To the right of your console, there are two molded wells for charging your controllers. These wells have USB Type-C charging plugs, so they’re only suitable for the Xbox Series X/S controllers. The kit includes two high-capacity 1,400mAh batteries, and a pair of indicator lights let you know the charging status.

YUANHOT Vertical Cooling Stand

In addition to all that, there are 10 vertical slots at the left, for storing your physical game discs. And a vertical bracket on top of the fan supports your headset behind your console.

OIVO Vertical Stand

OIVO Vertical Stand

OIVO is another well-known manufacturer. In fact, we’ve already reviewed their PS4 cooling fan, so looking at their Series X stand is a no-brainer.

The OIVO Vertical Stand doesn’t actually have any built-in fan for cooling. Instead, it’s more of a storage caddy and charging station, designed to keep your gear organized. The central portion is a simple plastic tray, which is textured and perforated to allow for plenty of air flow. To the left, there’s a pair of recessed charging slots for your controllers.

OIVO Vertical Stand

One thing we liked about these charging slots is that they also work with Xbox One controllers. So if you still power on your last-gen console now and then, you can keep your controllers fully charged. As with the YUANHOT stand, there’s a pair of red and green charging indicators, one for each slot. Power is provided by a USB pigtail, which plugs into the back of your console.

OIVO Vertical Stand

The OIVO stand is able to work with both types of controllers because it includes replacement batteries. These 1,300mAh rechargeable batteries are powerful enough to last for hours. And with covers for both the Series X/S and Xbox One controllers, it’s easy to charge both types.
To the right of your console, the stand has a vertical rack with storage for 14 game discs. It has a flange at the top, with pegs that fit into the top of your console. This keeps both the console and the shelf more stable, and makes the whole thing hard to tip over.

Joso Vertical Cooling Stand

Joso Vertical Cooling Stand

The Joso Vertical Cooling Stand has a wide base, constructed from a glossy black plastic. Your console sits in the center, in a square recessed well. The bottom of this well boasts four cooling fans, which push air along the same axis as the built-in fans. Just to the front left of the well, there’s a small black button, which can turn your fans on and off. Power is supplied directly from your Xbox, via a short pigtail cable on the back of the base. On the front of the base, there’s a pair of USB Type-A power ports, as well as a Type-C port. These supply power only, not data, but you still get plenty of charging capacity.

Joso Vertical Cooling Stand

Speaking of charging capacity, there’s a pair of controller charging wells to the left and right. Each one has an LED indicator, which shines red when the controller is charging, and red when it’s full. These charging wells have USB Type-C prongs in the bottom, so be careful. They’re only suitable for use with the Xbox Series X/S controller, not the Xbox One controller. To go along with these charging wells, the kit includes a pair of 1,400mAh batteries. These are enough for more than a full day of gaming, which is all you’re ever going to need.

Joso Vertical Cooling Stand

There’s no game storage on this stand. There is, however, a tall headphone bracket at the back right. The support rod also has two additional hooks built into it, so you can store your extra wires.

Do I Need an Xbox Series X Cooling Stand?

There’s a lot of confusion about whether or not a cooling fan is even desirable. So, should you be using a cooling stand with your Xbox Series X?

Let’s start by pointing out the fact that Microsoft isn’t exactly a group of amateurs. They’ve produced a ton of hardware, and they’ve learned a lot in the process. Ever since the first-gen Xbox 360 consoles’ infamous Red Ring of Death, they’ve heavily emphasized cooling. Early press reports that the top vent on the Series X is hot are actually evidence of this. Of course the top vent is hot; that’s where all the hot air is blowing out! By blowing the heat out, the fans in the Series X actually keep the console quite cool. In other words, under most ordinary circumstances, you won’t need any additional cooling.

On the other hand, no computer or game console is impervious to overheating. Put the Xbox Series X under enough stress, and it will eventually get too hot. At that point, the console will automatically shut down, and the fan will continue running until the system has cooled. You won’t have to worry about permanent damage to your console, but it’s still a bummer. If nothing else, your gaming session will have been rudely interrupted.

How hot is too hot? Microsoft isn’t telling. But when running next-gen games, the top vent can exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmest parts of the front panel can even exceed 115 degrees. Incidentally, if you want to measure your own console, you should use an infrared thermometer. This will get you the most accurate reading, without you needing to make contact with the console.

Under certain extreme circumstances, your system’s internal fan might need a helping hand. That’s where a cooling base comes in. You could be gaming in a hot area with no air conditioning. Or maybe you’re trying to game outdoors on a hot summer day. In those types of situations, it’s a good idea to use a cooling stand.

Keep in mind that cooling stands are not an all-powerful solution. To begin with, you still need to keep the area around your console clear and uncluttered. If there’s a bunch of other equipment in the way of your vents, an extra fan will only do so much. Ultimately, you’ll only get as much cooling as your airflow allows. Similarly, if you’re having temperature issues, check your air vents. If they’re full of dust, it’s a good idea to clean them out. Use a can of air duster or a packet of keyboard cleaning gel to make sure your vents are nice and clean.

Another limitation is the air temperature itself. The warmer the ambient air, the less effective any cooling fan is going to be. For example, suppose you have no air conditioning and it’s 96 degrees in your apartment. In that case, there’s no way to cool your Series X below 96 degrees. It’s physically impossible! Thankfully, there’s no risk that your room’s air will actually damage your console. By the time it got hot enough to cook your Xbox, it would already be way too hot for human life. Just keep in mind these limitations, and you’ll have realistic expectations.

Try a Stress Test

We’ve talked about why you might need a cooling stand. But suppose you just bought your Xbox Series X, and you’re not sure if overheating is a concern. How do you know whether or not you need a stand? The easiest way is to perform a stress test. By pushing your system to the maximum, you can generate a lot of heat, and see if it has to shut down.

Stress testing on a console can be a little bit tricky. On a PC, there are a number of benchmark and stress testing programs to intentionally heat up your system. You can even download third-party software to monitor your CPU and GPU temperatures and other metrics. On an Xbox, on the other hand, you don’t have quite as much insight or control over the system.

Instead, you’ll want to set up your console in the hottest space you expect to use it in. In winter time, you can even use a space heater to heat up the room. Next, load up a demanding game like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, or the next-gen version of Cyberpunk 2077. Now, do what you do best, and game away. Play for at least two hours to make sure the console has reached full temperature. You can check your console with an infrared thermometer, or just see if it shuts itself down. If it keeps humming away, you’re A-OK. If not, you’re going to want a cooling stand.

Final Verdict

So, which one of these Xbox Series X cooling stands is right for you? Let’s go over what we’ve learned. The YUANHOT Vertical Cooling Stand is a comprehensive stand with tons of storage. It holds your headset, 10 games, your console, and two controllers. It also allows for pass-through charging, and the included batteries are high-capacity.

The OIVO Vertical Stand doesn’t have any cooling features. That said, it’s exceptionally stable, and it provides storage for up to 14 games. In addition, it can charge both current- and last-gen Xbox controllers, which is great if you have both consoles.

The Joso Vertical Cooling Stand doesn’t provide any game storage. However, the headphone bracket has additional hooks for extra cables. Moreover, you get top-tier cooling performance, with four built-in fans for plenty of air flow. The controller chargers are also well-designed, and the rechargeable batteries have plenty of capacity.

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