How Does Snapchat Score Work in 2024? How to Increase It?

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When you scan your Snapchat profile, you might notice something called a Snapchat score, or Snap score. What in the world is this? Long story short, it’s a measure of how active you are on the app.

But how does Snapchat calculate your score, and are there any shortcuts to make it go up? Are there any benefits to having a higher Snap score? We’re about to discuss everything you need to know about Snapchat scores. We’ll talk about what they mean, how to find them, and how to grow your own score. By the time we’re done, you’ll be a Snap store expert. Let’s get started!

How Does Snapchat Score Work?

Your snapchat score is a number that measures how active you are on the platform. The more you interact with other users, share content, and watch videos, the higher your score will be. It’s different from the “like” feature you’ll see on many social media platforms, because it’s not a measure of your content’s popularity. The closest analogy is a post count score on a forum, which measures a user’s level of activity.


So, are there any perks for having a Snapchat score? Will you unlock any extra features, or gain access to monetization options? Will you be penalized for having a low Snap score?

The answers are no, no, and no. Snapchat score is a “just for fun” feature that serves no practical purpose whatsoever. You get no special perks, no bonus features, and nobody is paying you money no matter how high your score. At most, you can brag to your friends about your high score.

We can only think of one use for a high Snap score. If you’re a business, having a high score could give you a measure of credibility. If people see that you’re a highly-engaged brand, they may be more confident in buying from you. Having a high score can also ward off copycat accounts, which will be starting out with a score of zero. But for individual users, there’s no tangible benefit.

How to Find Your Snapchat Score

You can find your Snap score on your Snapchat profile. Open your Snapchat app, and tap on your profile icon or Bitmoji, located in the top left. This will open your profile page. On the page, beneath your profile name and Snapcode, is a third number. That’s your Snapchat score. You can tap on it if you want to see how many Snaps you’ve sent and received.


How to Increase Your Snapchat Score

Just because Snapchat score is “just for fun” doesn’t mean it’s not worth increasing. If watching your score go up gives you satisfaction, that’s a good enough reason to work on it. Here are a few easy ways to gain Snapchat score.

  • Send and receive snaps: Sending snaps to your friends will gain you points. You’ll also get points for snaps you receive. The neat thing about this is that you and your friends can boost each others’ score. When you have a marathon snap conversation, you’re both racking up points.
  • Share a lot of stories: Any time you share something to your story, you gain Snapchat score. You also get points for viewing your friends’ stories, and even for private stories you post.
  • Watch videos in the “Discover” section: If you go to the Discover section, you can watch random videos from people all around the world. Watching these videos will increase your Snap score substantially.

As you can see, there’s a common theme here. Interact with other Snapchat users, and your score goes up. Post new content, and your score goes up. However, there’s one exception; you won’t gain Snap score from sending or receiving direct messages.

Snapchat does not make their exact scoring metrics available to the public. As a result, it’s impossible to say which actions weigh most heavily in your Snapchat score. It’s not even clear whether different actions are weighted, or whether they all count equally. All we can say for sure is that it’s calculated using Snapchat’s “super-secret, special equation.”


Can I Buy Snapchat Score?

Some shady websites will offer to sell you a higher Snapchat score. Don’t believe them. There’s no way a third party can boost your score without interacting with you on the app. If they did, Snapchat would quickly detect suspicious activity, and ban any accounts involved – including yours. That’s assuming you can find an “honest” third-party service. Most of these sites will just steal your money, and won’t even try to boost your score.

How to Find Your Friends’ Snapchat Scores

Just like you can view your own Snapchat score, you can find your friends’ scores on their Snapchat profiles. To do this, open the app, and tap the icon or Bitmoji in the top left to open your profile. In the Friends section, click the button that says “My Friends.” This will bring up a list of all your Snapchat friends.

Choose the friend whose score you want to check by tapping their display picture. Now, you’ll be viewing their profile. Just beneath their username and display picture, you’ll see their Snap score. Like your own score, you can tap this score for more information. Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to see a person’s score if you’re mutual friends. If they’re not following you back, their Snap score will be hidden when you view their profile.

Unfortunately, there’s no ranking system, and no way to view multiple friends’ scores simultaneously. The only way to find someone’s Snapchat score is to go to their profile and look.


Can My Snapchat Score Go Down?

No, you cannot lose Snapchat score. It’s possible to have a score of zero if you just installed the app and have never used it. But once you start interacting, your score only ever goes up. That said, there are some times where you could see a dip in your score.

For one thing, the score you see is rarely 100% accurate. Like Reddit, Snapchat intentionally obscures their scores to keep people from abusing the system. That’s why it’s so hard to figure out how the system actually works. The score you see will naturally fluctuate very slightly.

There’s also a known issue where your score appears to drop when you’re using an outdated version of the app. If your score takes a nosedive, try updating the app to the latest version. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll have to use the app’s “Report a Problem” feature to contact customer service.


What if My Score Won’t Go Up?

Naturally, your score isn’t going to go up if you’re not using the app. If you haven’t interacted with anyone in weeks, your score will be the same as when you last logged in. But sometimes, your score won’t go up even when you start using the app again.

This happens when you haven’t used Snapchat in a while. For whatever reason, you can send and receive snaps without any problem. But that activity seems to be invisible to Snapchat’s scoring system, and your score remains the same.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. You have to log out of Snapchat, then reconnect your account. Here’s how it’s done:

  • First, back up your Memories. If you don’t do this, you can lose any pictures or videos you have saved.
  • Tap on your profile icon or Bitmoji to access your profile page.
  • Tap the top right gear icon, then select “Log Out” at the bottom of the dropdown menu.
  • If you haven’t backed up all your Memories, you’ll get a warning at this point. You can choose to back them up, or ignore the warning and select “Log Out Anyway.”
  • Close the app.

Now, reopen Snapchat and sign into your account. You should be able to interact normally and watch your score go up.


How Do I Earn Snapchat Trophies?

Back in the early days of Snapchat, you could unlock trophies by earning a high enough Snapchat score. Like Snap score itself, these trophies served no practical purpose, but you could show them off.

Snapchat has since replaced trophies with charms. These charms appear on your friendship profile, and reflect similarities between you and your friend. For example, if you both have the same zodiac sign, you’ll see a little charm. Charms are constantly changing, and are yet another “just for fun” feature with no practical purpose.

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