Blackview OSCAL Launches the PowerMax 3600 – A Trailblazing Rugged Power Source

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NEWS Blackview & OSCAL, known for their ten-year leadership in the rugged smart-device sector, is taking a bold new step. They’re integrating the robust qualities of their durable smartphones into the PowerMax 3600 power station, forging a new path in resilient technology.

Known as the “World’s 1st Rugged Power Station,” it’s turning heads and making waves in the crowdfunding scene. Today, we’ll introduce its core features and what sets it apart from your ordinary power station.

Durable Construction

As one of the main selling features of the PowerMax 3600, it’s designed to withstand daily use and abuse. Crafted from ABS+PC material, they’ve given it an impressive 0.8m (32″) vertical drop rating.

In addition to this, it’s completely dust and splash proof so you can feel free to take it virtually anywhere. And we mean almost anywhere.

With broad anti-UV properties, it can be exposed to harsh sunlight and extreme temperatures between -20 and 55 degrees Celsius (-4 and 131 degrees Fahrenheit). And for added safety, the entire exterior is fire retardant.

Equipped with a large light box on the front panel, there’s five integrated LED modes that light-up your campsite with ease. And if you ever need help, activating the Morse Code function is a tap away.

oscal-powermax-3600 rugged

Fully Expandable Power Capacity

Most power stations have a set capacity. The PowerMax 3600 stands out with its scalable energy capacity, ranging from 3.6kWh to a substantial 57.6 kWh.

This flexibility is achieved by adding up to 15 extra battery modules, each providing an additional 3.6kWh. As a result, you can customize capacity based on your specific needs.

Best of all, it remains remarkably user-friendly. Its design is clearly inspired by your average piece of luggage. It features a handle and set of wheels, making it easy to move around.

Perfect for off-grid use or as a emergency home backup, it delivers a powerful 3,600W output, capable of running 99% of essential appliances. In the event of grid power failures, it’s ready to meet all family needs with its 14 different charging outlets for powering virtually anything.

oscal-powermax-3600-expandable power capacity

Long Duration Battery with UPS Switchover

Internally, the PowerMax 3600 is integrated with LiFePO4 battery cells. This kind of technology is far-superior to lead acid and lithium-ion technology.

With improvements to safety and longevity, it also includes a comprehensive BMS (battery management system), to divert from any unexpected hiccups.

If your local power grid fails, it acts as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) with a minimal 5ms switchover rate. In simple terms, the system auto-detects when it’s needed and automatically provides power, nearly instantaneously.


Plenty of Methods to Quickly Re-Charge

Equipped with a plethora of inputs, the PowerMax 3600 can re-charge from virtually any method. It supports AC charging, solar, car charging, and even dual charging.

Realistically, you can power it up via any EV charging station, gas generator, or off-grid array. Simply put, it’s an eco-friendly solution that accepts input from all sorts of green energy.

The most favorable method (and quickest) is to combine solar and AC. If plugged into a standard 3-prong wall outlet and solar panel(s), it can achieve a very-impressive 0-80% SOC in just under 60 minutes.

That said, it supports a re-charge input of up to 3600W, which is more than you’d expect out of any leading power station.


Simple Controls and Eco-Friendly

On the front panel, the OSCAL PowerMax 3600 includes a large LCD with brightly-lit, high-contrast text. This, in conjunction with easy-to-press buttons, makes quick adjustment and configuration a snap.

What’s more – the inclusion of a smart app means you have total remote control from your fingertips. Install it on your smartphone or tablet and you have total control through WiFi or Bluetooth. This app makes firmware upgrades a breeze while integrating a fun, intuitive interface that many can appreciate.

And unlike your typical gas-powered generator, smelly fumes and constant noise are a thing of the past. With a 62 decibel rating, it’s super-quiet, even under full-load. Thus, it’s a perfect fit for vans, RVs or confined spaces where silence and cleanliness is of utmost importance.


Final Thoughts

Available starting on January 10th on IndieGoGo, the Blackview OSCAL PowerMax 3600 is set to launch at a favorable price of $1799. With the wealth of features and expandability that it offers, this is a great introductory price, only available to those who order first.

In addition to the main power station, accessories such as battery packs, solar panels, a trolley, car charging cables, and additional AC charging cables are readily available as extras. Plus, all crowdfunding backers are entitled to a chance at securing exclusive gifts once you reserve your unit.

Seen as an investment rather than something unnecessary, Blackview and OSCAL stand by with an included 4-year warranty, online support, and several offline service centers. Best of all, shipment will only take 7-10 days once the campaign ends.

oscal powermax 3600

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