Litexim TW-08 True Wireless Earbuds Review

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When wireless headphones first hit the market, consumers were blown away. No longer did you have an awkward cable running down to your phone, getting caught on things at the most inconvenient times. But there was one complaint. They weren’t truly wireless.

Thanks to technology developed by the latest hardware, completely wireless headphones are now viable. Although there are a few options on the market, the industry is still new. This means that there are a few products out there that just don’t perform to their potential.

The Litexim TW-08’s stood out to use because they were affordable. Sure, there are similarly priced options on the market. But the feature set of these earbuds seems like something that would be reserved for much more expensive options. With a number of positive reviews, we knew we had to try them out for ourselves. Let’s go hands-on and see what they can do.

Litexim TW-08

First Look

Upon first opening the box, we were impressed with the little case the Litexim TW-08 True Wireless Earbuds came in. It’s built to the same standards of the headphones themselves, and even includes a little frosted door that keeps them protected. It turns out, this is actually a charger you can use to juice up your headphones when the battery runs low. The main advantage of these earbuds is that they can be used together, or separate. When used as a pair, you get standard stereo audio. When apart, they get mono. This is important because if you just take a standard set of earbuds and divide them, you’ll only hear half the sound. By summing to mono, nothing is going to be missed.

Additionally, you can even use them as two separate earbuds, each connected to a different source. Of course, the real test will be how they perform during standard tasks, so let’s take a peek.

Litexim TW-08

Design & Durability

These earbuds are small and sleek, but still striking. The shiny end caps give off the appearance of metal, and have a very premium feel to them. Unlike many early model earbuds, these are very compact. In fact, we’ve seen wired earbuds that are the same size as these, so there is no unnecessary bulk.

When you’re working with something this small, there really is very little that you can do to make the design stand out. We are quite font of this simple, clear, unassuming design. It looks good today, and it will still look good a few years down the road when trends change. The same design elements are applied to the charging case, which really demonstrates that Litexim was committed to the full user experience.

Another pleasant surprise was the durability. These earbuds are incredibly well made, and feel solid in the hand. When something comes out that is significantly cheaper than the competition, build quality is often the first thing out the window. In our eyes, the fact that these headphones are so well made is the biggest value-added feature you can get. When reduce the chance damage, you increase the amount of time consumers can enjoy your product.

Litexim TW-08

Sound Quality

After trying a few different styles of music with these headphones, it was clear that they are a good fit for any critical music listeners. When you’re a music lover, you’re not after just one specific element. You want to hear the song as a whole, soaking up the harmonic ways that all of the different elements work together.

That really is the best description of how these headphones sound. They are balanced, with equal attention paid to the highs, mids, and lows. There is very little distortion, and a powerful tonality that enhances your music.

If you’re a serious bass head, these might not be the best fit for your needs. But we spent a lot of time enjoying anything with an acoustic element, whether it was classic rock or indie. Even rap and electronic were enjoyable, despite the fact that these genres liberally apply bass hits. It’s certainly not that the bass is missing. It’s present, and accurately represented. The only type of music that would suffer are sounds like Dubstep and Trap, where hard bass hits are the primary element to the whole track.

Litexim TW-08


One of our biggest pet peeves is earbuds that have the pad stick straight out into your ear. Your ear canal doesn’t go straight back into your head, it comes out at an angle. This means that, with straight earbuds, they’ll sit in your ear at an awkward angle. While others may not be bothered by this as much as some, we still guarantee that you’ll appreciate the angled inserts.

Litexim measured 2000 different ears and found the position that would offer the most ergonomic fit possible. In our case, they were one of the most comfortable earbuds we’ve worn in a while.
One of the main advantages to this is the lightweight nature of the earbuds. They apply very little pressure on your inner ear, and what pressure is applied is very even. After a moment, you almost don’t notice that they are there.

Litexim TW-08

Battery Life

Litexim takes a unique, but welcome approach to a common problem. With compact earbuds, you can’t fit a very big battery inside. Speaking strictly in terms of the earbuds alone, we get about 2 hours of loud music, or three hours of low volume music on a single charge. However, every single time you place them back in the battery case they will recharge. The case itself holds about 4 charges. This means that if you charge them overnight, you’ll get 10 cumulative hours out of the headphones.

The one disadvantage of this, when compared to over the ear headphones, is that you’ll have to take breaks. After 2 hours of listening, you need to put them in the case for an hour. If you’re using them casually while commuting, this could work well. But it’s not suitable for everyone.

The battery case can be charged using any standard Micro-USB cable. One is included, but it’s easy enough to use your phone charger in a pinch.

Litexim TW-08

Hands-Free Calling

With a tiny microphone embedded in each earbud, they double as an earpiece for your phone. This is one of the advantages of mono mode. If you’re expecting calls, you can wear one and use it just like a standard earpiece.

We found the microphone to be pretty impressive. These earbuds are small, and located pretty far away from your mouth. But during our calls, they did a great job of picking up clear, easy to listen to speech.

Litexim TW-08


The one thing that took us a little while to get used to was the odd setup procedure. First thing you have to do is put them in the charging case. An indicator light will turn to show you they’re charging. You then remove the right earbud only, and pair it to your phone as usual. Once it’s paired, you then remove the other earbud and hold it next to the first, waiting for the light to change color. If you’re regularly using mono mode or sharing the earbuds, you’ll have to perform this procedure every time.

Final Verdict

If you’re after a set of ultra-portable earbuds, these are a great option. There’s nothing else on the market that provides as much freedom and convenience as truly wireless earbuds, and the Litexim TW-08’s prove that market prices are improving.

Litexim TW-08

Compared to other models, you’re not going to be spending much more to get these than you would a wired pair. Plus, you’re not compromising on features either. They have excellent build quality, and the hands-free microphone works very well. Generally, battery life is our main complaint with this type of earbud, but the battery case is an excellent solution to a common problem.

We’d recommend these earbuds primarily to anyone who values well-balanced sound. These earbuds don’t try to filter or modify your music, so you hear your songs the way the artist intended. We understand that this won’t be for everyone, although we would encourage you to try it if you haven’t before. There are only a few specific styles of music that only sound better on bass-heavy headphones. That being said, Bass seems to be the main selling point of many models. If you’re anything like us, once you try a pair like these you will never go back.

However, if you’re not entirely convinced, there are still other options. We’ve recently done a roundup of the best truly wireless headphones on the market. Although these ones weren’t out at the time, there are still a few great options.

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