Hands-on Review of the PRISMXR Vega T1 VR Wireless Gaming Earbuds

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I’m always eager to try a new set of earbuds. Today’s offering is a gaming-specific, low-latency model called the Vega T1, produced by PRISMXR.

As the name implies, these are geared towards VR gaming, but they appear to be good for any type of gaming.

I spent the last week testing these earbuds out with various games and even music. I’m here to report on what I loved and didn’t love about them.

Now, admittedly, I don’t do much VR gaming, so the gist of this review will be centered around mobile gaming; my favorite kind.

What I Liked

  • Comfortable, even for long gaming sessions.
  • Excellent sound quality. Deep bass, rich, vivid sound that’s noticeably clear.
  • Charging case is the perfect size. Fits perfectly in your hand or pocket.
  • Great looking appearance. Sleek and minimalist.
  • VR headset dongle supports passthrough charging.
  • Priced fairly. I think they’re worth the cost.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Charging cable doesn’t fit in the case.
  • Battery life is only moderate.
  • Touch controls were a little finicky.
  • Charging case shows fingerprints.
  • Wish they had other color schemes.
prismxr-vega-t1-wireless-earbuds-with case

Testing out the PRISMXR Vega T1

Upon receiving the Vega T1‘s in the mail, I was eager to get them out of the box. Inside, you’ll find the following:

  • Charging case.
  • Vega T1 earbuds.
  • Two extra pairs of silicone tips.
  • VR headset charging dongle.
  • USB-C to USC-C charging cable.
  • USB-A to USB-C adapter.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Thank you card.
prismxr vega t1 unboxing

As you can see, you get all you’ll really need. The earbuds nestle inside the charging case along with the charging dongle, but notably, the USB charging cable is left out. Not a big deal, but worthy to mention.

My first impression was that they feel well built. They’re seemingly solid, matte-black with silver accents, and are equipped with super-strong magnets to keep them in the charging case.

And speaking of the charging case, it’s a nice size. About 2.5″ in diameter and about 1″ thick. While the matte black appearance is aesthetically pleasing, it does tend to attract fingerprints and oil like no other.

Admittedly, it does feel a little bit “slick” albeit the perfect size for the palm of your hand or any pocket.

prismxr-vega-t1-charging case

Comfort and Fit

Placing the Vega T1 buds into my ears was straightforward. Like any in-ear style buds, simply press and secure them into your ear canals.

If they seem too tight or too loose, simply swap out for a different size of tips. Luckily, I didn’t have to do this. The pre-installed tips were an ideal fit for me, but removing them and swapping them out is a simple process.

prismxr-vega-t1-in ear

Personally, I loved the way they feel in my ears. After several gaming sessions, I never once experienced them coming loose or causing any pressure points.

Even after using them for 3 continuous hours, they felt cozy. Just the way I like!

Sound Quality

Arguably, the most important aspect of any earbuds is their sound quality. With the PRISMXR Vega T1’s, I loved taking advantage of the 25ms low latency capability.

Now, with most earbuds, a tiny bit of lag is acceptable. But with gaming, you really don’t want any sort of delay or lag in the wireless transmission.


The low latency mode was very noticeable with the mobile games I tried, especially PUBG (one of my favorite mobile FPS games.)

There was absolutely no delay from what was happening on the screen to what I was hearing with the earbuds.

The same was true when I booted up Wild Rift and took part in some MOBA action.

prismxr-vega-t1-wireless earbuds

In terms of actual sound quality, I was impressed! There’s a hefty amount of bass with the right balance of treble. Overall clarity was outstanding for every game I used them with.

Using the PRISMXR app was a nice bonus. It’s a quick and simple download with an optional registration.


The app allows you to view the remaining battery life, set sound presets, create custom equalizers, and more. It adds a great way to fine tune sound, they way you like it.

Controls & Pairing

The Vega T1’s automatically go into pairing mode and connect in under 2 seconds, when you take the buds out of the charging case. I haven’t had a time where the earbuds needing re-pairing for some annoying reason.

Touch controls are available but seem a little bit finicky to me. I had to be careful about accidently touching them, so I ended up disabling them via the app.


But the nice thing is – viewing the touch settings in the app gives you a way to study and memorize the controls and change them at will.

Battery & Charging

On a full charge, the Vega T1 seem to last around 4-5 hours. Re-charging the buds with the case and the case itself takes around 2-3 hours, respectively.

In my opinion, this is about moderate. Not exceptional but acceptable.

For those using it with a VR headset, using the included dongle, it allows for passthrough charging. This is great to have!


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the PRISMXR Vega T1’s are a great pick. They’re good-looking and more importantly, good functioning gaming-centric earbuds that excel with all kinds of gaming.

They’re cozy – easy to forget that you’re even wearing them. And they’re priced right to fit the budgets of most folks. I’d say, go for them. All in all, they’re a good pair of buds.

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