Hands-on Review of the PRISMXR Vega T1 VR Wireless Gaming Earbuds

I’m always eager to try a new set of earbuds. Today’s offering is a gaming-specific, low-latency model called the Vega T1, produced by PRISMXR. As the name implies, these are geared towards VR gaming, but they appear to be good for any type of gaming. I spent the last week testing these earbuds out with …

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DPVR E4 VR Headset: Unboxing and Review

A high-quality, top-performing VR headset is going to cost you a pretty penny. So when an affordable VR headset comes out of equal caliber, people take notice. Such is the case with DPVR’s E4 VR Headset. Granted, there are less expensive options out there. But given what’s under the hood, this is one that you …

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