Someone Has Access to Your Screen fix

How to Fix “Someone Has Access to Your Screen”

Are you getting a pop-up warning message on your Android smartphone that says: “Someone Has Access to Your Screen – If you didn’t share your screen using, stop and uninstall this app, then restart your phone. Google has hidden your sensitive content for security.” If so, you’re not alone. This is an error message …

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YouTube App Keyboard Freezing When Typing Comment? This Fix Works!

Working Solution: You must download an older version of the YouTube Android app, disable auto-updates, and re-install the APK file. To fix, read our step by step guide. The issue is caused by a glitch with the timestamp feature that YouTube implemented in early 2023. If you use the YouTube app on your Android smartphone, …

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How to Display a PNG on an iPhone & Android

PNG is short for Portable Network Graphic. This is a popular image format, used primarily by the Apple iPhone, but also by other platforms. PNG files utilize a form of lossless data compression, which provides a good balance between size and quality. That said, they can be confusing to some people. Since PNG is relatively …

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