4 Best Analog Telephone Adapters [2024 Guide]

Over the past several years, phone technology has changed quite a bit. Traditional analog phone lines still work the same way they have for decades. Audio is transmitted as a series of analog pulses, similar to the signal going into a speaker. This can sometimes be advantageous, since the phone doesn’t require a separate power …

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HP Laserjet “Supply Problem” Error – Fix That Actually Works!

TL;DR – Remove the memory chip from a genuine HP toner cartridge and apply it to a third-party cartridge. This involves some tools and hands-on, but it successfully bypasses the “Supply Problem” error. If your HP Laserjet printer has encountered a “Supply Problem” error that’s displayed on the printer’s screen, you’re not alone. In the …

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5 Best Scissor Switch Keyboards for 2024

Investigating the world of scissor switch keyboards is akin to finding your way through a dense forest – there are countless options, each promising a smooth journey for your fingertips. You’re on the lookout for a keyboard that offers a satisfying tactile experience, one that won’t leave your fingers fatigued after a long day of …

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EKSA S30 Review: Superbly-Built Open-Ear Air Conduction Headset

REVIEW – If you’ve been following NerdTechy for a while, you know that we’ve had good success with EKSA’s products. Specializing in headphones, headsets and specialized audio equipment, they always tend to master the fine line of affordability with quality design. Recently launched, the EKSA S30 is one of their newest additions to their growing …

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