5 Best Clicky Switches for Your Keyboard [2023 Guide]

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Gamers and keyboard enthusiasts alike all have different opinions on which type of switch is best for keyboards.

However, everyone who uses a mechanical keyboard knows that there’s nothing like a great clicky switch. Having these makes using your keyboard a satisfying experience, no matter your use case.

If you’re looking to upgrade all the switches in your favorite keyboard, you’ll want to check out these clicky switches.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best OverallGateron Blue: Available in packs of 120 switches with an actuation force of 60g. They have a great clicky sound and are the best option on the market.
  • Best Runner-UpKailh Box White: They come in packs of 120 and have an actuation force of 45g. They’re also extremely durable, rated for 70 million keystrokes.
  • Best AlternativeKailh Box Jade: You can find these in packs of 36, 72, or 108, so you won’t have to have a ton of extras left over. They require an actuation force of 50g and will last for at least 80 million keystrokes.
  • Best Transparent CasingGlorious Raptor: These switches are specially designed to be as clicky as possible while being built with corrosion-resistant materials. Their housing is completely transparent, so the RGB from your keyboard can shine through.
  • Best Budget: LTC Jerrzi Similar Blue: They are the cheapest option on the list, but they’re built to last. They only require 45g of actuation force to operate and are available in packs of 70.
  • Need some help? Check our FAQs section for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding clicky switches and what they’re all about.

Best Overall: Gateron Blue

Gateron Blue clicky switches

Key Takeaways:

  • Each pack comes with 120 switches
  • 60g actuation force in order to operate each switch
  • 3-pin connection type

The Gateron Blues are the best out there for clicky switches. They are available in a pack of 120. This is a great amount for gamers regardless of keyboard size. However, smaller packs aren’t available, so any extras will have to be spares for your keyboard.

These switches are all built with a 3-pin connection type. This means that they will work with both 3-pin and 5-pin keyboards. The top portion of each switch is made from a translucent plastic material, while the bottoms are a solid color. However, this won’t have a massively negative effect on RGB lighting, as they are designed to be fully compatible with SMB LEDs.


The Gateron Blues are made from durable plastic to ensure a long lifetime of use. The actuation force required to get them to register is only 60g, so fatigue shouldn’t be an issue while typing.

Overall, these are great switches that will function well on almost any keyboard. There are plenty available in the pack, so you shouldn’t need to place multiple orders to get the amount you need. They also have an awesome click sound and tactile feel.


  • 120 included in the pack
  • Work with 3-pin and 5-pin keyboards
  • RGB compatible


  • Some reviewers note the pins can bend easily on some

Best Runner-Up: Kailh Box White

Kailh Box White clicky switches

Key Takeaways:

  • There are 120 switches in each pack
  • They are extremely fast with their 45g actuation force
  • 3-pin connection type

The Kailh Box White switches are built for clickyness and speed. They come in a pack of 120, which has the same benefits as the Gateron Blues. They aren’t available in smaller pack sizes, so you’ll likely have a few extras depending on your keyboard size.

These switches utilize a 3-pin connection type in their construction, which makes them compatible with most mechanical keyboards on the market. The top of each switch has a clear plastic, while the bottom is solid white. However, there are areas underneath for light to shine through, so your RGB should still work if your keyboard has it.


Each switch is built from a durable plastic material and is rated for 70 million keystrokes. The actuation force required for each switch is 45g, which is extremely light and ideal for gamers and office workers alike.

The Kailh Box White switches are a solid runner-up option. Their light actuation force makes them ideal for those who prioritize speed in their keyboard switches. That, paired with the large pack size and awesome typing sound and feel, make them great for anyone.


  • Available in a pack of 120
  • 70 million keystroke lifetime
  • Only 45g actuation force is required to operate


  • Some reviewers note that some of the switches may end up registering multiple hits

Best Alternative: Kailh Box Jade

Kailh Box Jade clicky switches

Key Takeaways:

  • Available in packs of 36, 72, or 108 switches
  • Rated for 80 million keystrokes
  • Only need 50g of actuation force in order to operate

A solid alternative option is the Kailh Box Jade. These switches are available in packs of 36, 72, or 108. This is great for those who want as close to exactly as many switches as they need for their keyboard. However, they don’t offer anything above 108, so larger, full-sized keyboard users will have to order multiple packs to get the correct amount.

These switches connect to keyboards via a 3-pin connector, so most keyboards out there will be compatible. Similar to the Gateron Blues and Kailh Box Whites, these have a transparent top and solid white bottom. However, they also have areas for light to shine through, so RGB should still work fine.


Each switch is made from high-quality plastic. They’re rated for 80 million keystrokes, so you’ll be able to use them for a long time before even thinking about having to replace them. Additionally, they’re pretty fast with their 50g actuation force required to operate.

The Kailh Box Jades have a great type feel and a great clicky sound. They’ll last a long time with their 80 million keystroke rating, and the multiple pack sizes available mean you won’t have to order many more than you need for your keyboard. Some people even love to use them with their pudding keycaps – a nice combination!


  • Three different options for pack sizes
  • 50g actuation force lets them still be fast for gaming and typing
  • 3-pin connection to be compatible with most keyboards


  • No options above 108 pack sizes, so full-size keyboard users may need multiple orders.

Best Transparent Casing: Glorious Raptor


Key Takeaways:

  • Available in packs of 36
  • Special click bar mechanism to make awesome clicky noises
  • Corrosion-resistant materials are used on the springs and stems to extend their lifetime

If you want a switch that fully utilizes the RGB in your keyboard, go with the Glorious Raptor switches. These switches are only available in packs of 36, which will likely mean you’ll need to order more than one set to completely fill your favorite mechanical keyboard.

They connect to your keyboard via a 5-pin connector. This does somewhat limit them, as they won’t be compatible with keyboards with a 3-pin PCB design. One of the main features that shines on these switches is their transparent casings. Both the top and bottom of each switch is completely transparent, which allows all the RGB from your keyboard to shine through uninterrupted.


Whether you have a standard or 40% keyboard, these switches are also extremely durable. They’re made from premium-grade plastic. Additionally, the internal springs and the connection pins are both corrosion-resistant. This is great to help them breaking down over time, especially if you accidentally spill anything on your keyboard. Operating each switch requires an actuation force of 62g.

Each Glorious Raptor switch is also built with a specially designed click bar mechanism to create even more of the clicky sounds and feeling that you know and love from switches like this. They have a premium look and feel that will be a great addition to your keyboard.


  • Fully transparent to let RGB lighting shine through
  • Corrosion-resistant springs and stems
  • Custom click bar mechanism internally


  • Only available in packs of 36

Best Budget: LTC Jerrzi Similar Blue

LTC Jerrzi Similar Blue

Key Takeaways:

  • They’re available in packs of 70
  • Connect to your keyboard via a 5-pin connector
  • Require an actuation force of 45g to operate

A great budget option for clicky switches are the LTC Jerrzi Similar Blues. These switches come in packs of 70, which is plenty for many of the smaller keyboards on the market. However, full-size keyboard users will need to order an additional pack to fully kit out their keyboard.

Each switch connects to the keyboard via a 5-pin connector. This is the same as the Glorious Raptors, so make sure you’re keyboard is compatible before purchasing. They’re also made from transparent top and bottom casing materials, so RGB lighting can shine through with ease.


While these are a budget switch option, they’re still quality. The materials used in making each switch are great, especially the durable PC housings. Each switch is rated for 50 million keystrokes, so their lifetime is somewhat shorter than other options but still plenty for most users. They also have a 45g actuation force required for operation, so they’re on the faster side of clicky switches on the market.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the LTC Blues as a budget, clicky switch. They’re built to last and allow for a lot of RGB lighting to shine through them. Plus, with their large pack sizes, most users will only need to order one to fully outfit their favorite mechanical keyboard.


  • The lowest cost on the list
  • Fully transparent housing
  • Rated for 50 million keystrokes


  • You may need to add your own lubrication to get them to operate to their full potential

Clicky Switches FAQs

What are clicky switches on a keyboard?

Clicky switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that provides tactile feedback and a distinct “click” sound when the switch is activated, indicating the keystroke has been registered.

Why choose clicky switches over other types?

They are popular among typists and gamers who appreciate auditory feedback and a firm feel. They can improve typing rhythm and accuracy but may not be suitable for quiet environments.

Are clicky switches louder than other mechanical switches?

Yes, clicky switches are generally louder than linear and tactile switches due to the audible click they produce on actuation.

Can you use clicky switches in an office setting?

It depends on the office environment. They can be disruptive in open offices or shared spaces. However, they might be suitable for private offices or if all colleagues are comfortable with the noise.

Do clicky switches require more force to actuate?

Clicky switches often have a moderate actuation force, not necessarily higher than other types, but the tactile bump can make them feel heavier than linear switches.

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