5 Best O-Ring Keyboard Switch Dampeners [2023 Guide]

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Mechanical keyboards are some of the most popular options when it comes to both gaming and office work. There are tons of options for switches that all make different clicky sounds.

However, there are sometimes other sounds created when you type that affect the pure sound created by these switches. To help eliminate this problem, O-ring keyboard switch dampeners are a great solution.

These O-rings are used underneath each keycap to get rid of unwanted sounds from the keycaps and keyboard. If you’re looking for the best O-ring switch dampener for you and your setup, then you may want to keep reading along below.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best Overall – Glorious Mechanical Keyboard O-Ring: These are the best you’ll find. They’re durable, reliable, and have different thickness and hardness options so you can pick whatever feels best for you.
  • Best Runner Up – Captain O-Ring Keyboard Switch Dampeners: These are a great runner-up choice. There are 135 in the pack, and each one is 4mm thick to give great performance while in use.
  • Best Full Kit – ENHANCE O-Ring Switch Sound Dampeners Kit: This is a great kit if you want everything you need to service your keyboard. The O-rings are awesome, and the added cleaning tools are a great touch.
  • Best Full Kit Alternative – KEZE O-Rings Assortment Kit: If you want the most variety of sizes, this is the way to go. With 32 different sizes and 1228 total O-rings, you’ll definitely find the ones you’re looking for.
  • Best Budget – ThreeBulls O-Ring Switch Dampeners: If you’re on a budget, then these are your best bet. With great durability, plenty of O-rings in the pack, and three colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong.
  • Need some help? Check our FAQs section to learn more about keyboard O-rings with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Best Overall: Glorious Mechanical Keyboard O-Ring

Glorious Mechanical Keyboard O-Ring

Key Takeaways:

  • 120 O-rings are included in the pack
  • Four different options for thickness and material hardness
  • Designed to allow for RGB to pass through easily

The best overall choice for an O-ring keyboard switch dampener is the O-ring pack from Glorious. They are available in four different configurations, including:

  • 40A Thick – 2.5mm thick
  • 40A Thin – 1.5mm thick
  • 70A Thick – 2.5mm thick
  • 70A Thin – 1.5mm thick

The thinner dampeners will have a longer keypress length, while the thicker dampeners will have a shorter keypress length. Additionally, each O-ring is made to allow RGB lighting to shine through easily.

This set comes with plenty of O-rings. In the package, you’ll find 120 individual pieces. This gives you as many as you’ll need for virtually any keyboard you are using in your setup.


Each O-ring is made to be high quality and durable. The 40A variants are made from a softer ABS material, which makes typing feel a bit softer.

The 70A variants are made from a harder ABS material, giving each keypress a harder feel. Both work great, and it will come down to preference to determine which is right for you.


  • 120 included in the pack
  • Four different styles to choose from
  • Transparent material to allow RGB lighting to shine through


  • The thicker variants can take away from the normal feel of a mechanical keyboard

Best Runner-Up: Captain O-Ring Keyboard Switch Dampeners

Captain O-Ring Keyboard Switch Dampeners

Key Takeaways:

  • There are 135 O-rings in the pack
  • Each is 4mm thick
  • Made from durable EPDM rubber to reduce cracking and improve durability

An awesome runner-up choice is the Captain O-Ring Keyboard Switch Dampeners. These O-rings are available in .4mm thickness. While there are no other sizes available, this is still a good option for any mechanical keyboard user.


There are 135 individual O-rings included in the package. This gives you enough to fully kit out your keyboard, whether it’s a compact build or full size. They also throw in a cleaning cloth which is a nice touch.


As for durability, these are great. They are made from an EPDM rubber material that won’t break easily while installing or while in use. While some options on the market may crack, these won’t. Each O-ring has a hardness of 40A, which is comparable to two of the options from the Glorious kit.


  • 135 pieces in the package
  • .4mm thick and a hardness rating of 40A
  • Made from durable EPDM rubber


  • Each O-ring is blue, which may have a slight impact on RGB passthrough

Best Full Kit: ENHANCE O-Ring Switch Sound Dampeners Kit

ENHANCE O-Ring Switch Sound Dampeners Kit

Key Takeaways:

  • There are 140 O-rings included in the pack
  • They’re available in either 40A or 50A for hardness options
  • There’s also a keycap puller, keyboard brush, and cleaning cloth in the package

If you want the best full kit to get you started, the ENHANCE O-Ring Switch Sound Dampeners Kit is the way to go. The O-rings included in this pack are similar in size to many of the options covered so far, so you’ll get the sound-dampening you’re looking for without impacting performance.


When you open this pack, you’ll find 140 individual O-rings included. This is great for all keyboard sizes, and it’s nice to have extras in case you lose any or accidentally break them while installing.

What sets this kit apart is the extras included. In addition to the O-rings, you’ll find a keycap puller, cleaning brush, and cleaning cloth. This lets you fully service the keyboard when you tackle this project.


Each O-ring is made from a durable silicone material. There are also two options when it comes to hardness. You can choose either 40A or 50A, depending on how you want the overall typing experience to feel while in use. Additionally, the O-rings are transparent to allow RGB passthrough.


  • 140 pieces in the package
  • A Keycap puller, cleaning brush, and cleaning cloth are also included
  • Available in 40A or 50A hardness


  • Some reviewers noted their keys felt stale after installation

Best Full Kit Alternative: KEZE O-Rings Assortment Kit

KEZE O-Rings Assortment Kit

Key Takeaways:

  • There are 32 different sizes to choose from
  • 1228 total O-rings are included in the pack
  • They throw in four pick tools to make installation easier

Another great option for a full kit is the KEZE O-Rings Assortment Kit. This is the most versatile kit when it comes to sizes since there are 32 different options to choose from. They range from 4mm to 32mm, so you’ll be able to find the one that feels best for you.

Since there are so many different options for sizes, there are also a ton of O-rings included. You’ll find 1228 different ones to use. There are also four different pick tools included to help make it even easier to install them on your keyboard.


The material used to make each O-ring is food-grade silicone. It’s also heat resistant, so durability shouldn’t be an issue while installing and while in use. As for the color, they’re all translucent white, so RGB should be able to pass through somewhat easily.


  • 32 different sizes to choose from
  • 1228 total pieces
  • Four pick tools are included to make it easier to install


  • It isn’t clear what the hardness of each O-ring is

Best Budget: ThreeBulls O-Ring Switch Dampeners

ThreeBulls O-Ring Switch Dampeners

Key Takeaways:

  • There are 120 O-rings in this pack
  • Each O-ring is 1.5mm thick
  • There are three different colors to choose from

If you want to try O-ring dampeners on a budget, go with ThreeBulls O-Ring Switch Dampeners. These are a great choice at an awesome price point. They each have a thickness of 1.5mm, so you’ll be able to get sound-dampening without reducing the effectiveness of each individual key.


There are 120 O-rings in this pack, which is similar to the option from Glorious. While it is lower than some of the other options, you’ll still likely have plenty for your keyboard as long as it isn’t an extra large full-sized keyboard.

Each O-ring is made from a silicone material that won’t break very easily. There are also three different colors to choose from. Those options are clear, black, and blue.


The clear will be best to ensure RGB passthrough, but the other options are fine as well if you prefer something that will blend in better with your overall keyboard aesthetic.


  • Three different colors
  • 120 O-rings included in the pack
  • The lowest price point on the list


  • No extras thrown in

Keyboard O-Rings FAQs

What are O-Ring keyboard switch dampeners?

O-Ring dampeners are small rings made from rubber or silicone that are placed on the stems of mechanical keyboard switches to reduce noise and change the feel of the keystroke.

How do they affect keyboard feel?

O-Rings can soften the landing of keys, reducing the bottom-out impact and potentially shortening key travel distance, leading to a quieter and softer typing experience.

Are O-Rings compatible with all types of keyboards?

They are primarily compatible with mechanical keyboards and may not be suitable for membrane or scissor-switch keyboards.

How do I install O-Rings on my keyboard?

You need to remove the keycaps, place an O-Ring on the stem of each switch, and then reattach the keycaps.

Do they reduce the sound of all keyboards?

They primarily reduce the sound of the key bottoming out, but won’t significantly alter the sound of the switch mechanism itself.

How long do O-Rings last?

Their lifespan varies depending on usage and material, but they typically last for several years.

Can I use O-Rings on backlit keyboards?

Yes, O-Rings can be used on backlit keyboards, but they do not interfere with the lighting.

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