5 Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads [2023 Updated]

Whether you’re someone who works all day at a computer or games all night on their gaming PC, there are many peripherals that you need to have a great setup. A good group of monitors, a quality mouse, an awesome keyboard, and great-sounding headphones all make the list. In addition, the mouse pad is something …

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Best Upright Vertical Mouse

Best Upright Vertical Mouse [5 Picks for 2023]

When working at your computer all day, it’s important to have the right peripherals. A good keyboard, mousepad, headphones, and more are crucial. Along with those, arguably the most important to have is a high-quality mouse. Many people go with a traditional style mouse. However, an often overlooked option that can make working even better …

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Best Leather Mouse Pads [2023 Updated]

Modern optical mice don’t technically require a pad. But a good mouse pad can make it significantly easier to use your mouse. And in some cases, they’re still a necessity. For example, you might have a glass desk. In that case, the laser from a mouse would simply shine through the glass. Without a pad, …

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Best (Heated) Hand Warmer Mouse Pads [2023 Guide]

This winter, energy prices are higher than they’ve ever been before. Most homeowners – and business owners – are looking for ways to cut costs. Many have come to the same obvious solution: turning down the thermostat. This is certainly a good way to save money, but it can also make for a cold environment. …

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Helpful Guide to the Best Trackball Mouse for 2021

Traditional computer mice have been around since the early 80s. Since then, the technology has advanced. Mechanical balls have been replaced by lasers, and wires have been replaced by a wireless signal. But most mice still have the same basic build. They’re shaped for the palm of your hand, and you push them around your …

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