xFyro G True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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If you’re looking for a set of portable Bluetooth headphones, you’ve got countless choices on the market. You can choose the Axgio Backfit, which provide you with excellent performance for even the toughest workouts. Or, you can take a look at the Panasonic Wings, giving you a high level of comfort when you’re on the go. If you’ve already read our reviews, you know that every set of headphones comes with it’s own sets of pros and cons. But you’ll notice that there is always one consistent concern with every set of headphones that we look at – battery life.

Battery life is always a huge struggle with Bluetooth headphones. They’re so compact, that manufacturers need to cut corners wherever possible. Since lithium ion batteries take up so much space, that’s often the first thing to go. Unfortunately, this can directly cut into your enjoyment of the headphones. There is no fun in taking a pair of headphones that go anywhere if all you can squeeze out of them is silence. But the xFyro G True Wireless Earbuds have a very unique design that’s supposed to address these issues. We were lucky enough to receive a free pair in exchange for our honest and in-depth review.

xFyro G

First Look

Unless you knew better, you would never realize that the xFyro G headphones where an audio device at first. When all put together, they look like a portable battery pack or maybe some kind of high end cosmetics. They’re a long black cylinder that’s a little squared off on each side. Each of the two caps are topped off with a premium looking gold band, giving the headphones a very premium feel. But once you pop off the caps, you’ll see the rubber earpieces hidden on each side.

What you’re looking at is a combination of headphones, a battery, and a case all rolled into one. The center of the cylinder contains a high capacity lithium ion battery that stores reserve power for each of the two earbuds. Of course, they have their own individual batteries. But they are designed to be compact, so the battery only last a few hours. For most people, this is a single session. You can remove them to plug back into the battery pack for a quick recharge in between sessions, allowing you to continue to use them even when you’re away from a power source for a long period of time. But this is only the basic functionality of the headphones. To find out what they’re really made of, we’ll have to go in-depth.

xFyro G

Design & Durability

The xFyro G’s are available in four attractive colors. For us, the black and silver models are the most appealing. These colors have been used with electronics for many years, so you can rest assured that they’re not about to become out of date anytime soon. Regardless of what color you choose, all models have the same great smooth finish. This finish is made from a hardened plastic. Our favorite part of it is how resistant it is to scratches. The battery pack is something that you’ll often have in your pocket while using the headphones. We use Bluetooth headphones when we’re out for a job or commuting, so we need something that will hold up to the kind of abuse we put it through.

The tips of the headphones and the battery have a metal band going around it. This serves two purposes. First, it reinforces all of the joints, so the headphones are extra durable. It also serves to conduct electricity for charging. You’ll often encounter devices that are spring loaded, but these tend to degrade and wear out over time. The nice thing about this system is that there is a lot of surface area, so you’re not going to encounter an issue where the headphones just stop charging from standard day to day use.

xFyro G

Battery Life

As we’ve stated, the long battery life is one of the key reasons we like the design of these Bluetooth headphones. Just the earbuds themselves are capable of a solid three hours of music playback. This is at any volume, so you’re not going to get disappointing performance just because you like your music cranked. If you’re using the earbuds for talking on the phone, you’ll notice that the battery life is much better. In our tests, we were able to get around four hours of talk time on a single charge.

What happens when the batteries die? With most headphones, you’ll be forced to find an outlet and recharge them. Not with this pair. The charging case can recharge the headphones up to a total of 10 times. This includes your initial charge. Functionality, this means that you’ll have to charge both the headphones and the case when you first get them. After you’ve drained the earbuds the first time, the case can recharge them an additional nine times.

xFyro G

The charging case has fast charging technology, with a small catch. Most batteries charge faster when they’re empty, but slow down as they get full. This means that, although it takes a full hour to completely replenish the earbuds, you can get 2 hours worth of charge after only 30 minutes in the charging case.

When they’re not in the case, your headphones will be in standby mode. This does use battery, but a very small amount. The same battery that gives you 3 hours of actual use will provide up to 300 hours in standby. You can chuck them in a drawer for a few days, pick them up, and they’ll still be ready to go with very little loss.

Sound Quality

While these aren’t designed to be audiophile grade headphones, they still provide pretty good sound quality. We found that they were especially good with rock, pop, and electronic music. They’ve got bass that packs a bunch, and vibrant mid-ranges. The sound was a little rolled off, with the highs feeling ever so slightly muted. But the trade-off is a punchy, lively sound quality that makes music enjoyable.

xFyro G

The headphones have passive noise cancellation for music playback. This comes from the ergonomically sized ear tips. They’re a little tighter than some, allowing them to completely seal you off from the outside world. This makes them suitable for sports, or commuting in a busy environment.

When you’re using the headphones to make calls, the microphone turns on an activates the active noise cancelling. This works by measuring the sound in your outside environment, an cancelling it out with equal and opposite motion in the drivers. The effect is almost eerie. With the single touch of a button, the noises of the world around you cut out and you’re left with a black canvas colored only by your conversation.

You might be wondering why active noise cancellation isn’t on all the time. When you’re playing music, the sound and the ear pieces do a really good job of isolating you from the environment. But when you’re having a conversation, it’s common to have a lull in the sound where you can hear what’s going on around you. This is the time when the active noise cancellation really makes a difference, and saving it for these times really improves battery life.

xFyro G


Although we’re a fan of these headphones, they’re not exactly audiophile grade. If sound quality is your number one objective, there are some better options on the market. Another issue is that they’re reasonably large. If you’re willing to compromise on battery life, you can find headphones that are a little more compact.

Final Verdict

Are the xFyro G‘s the right Bluetooth headphones for you? If you’ve been disappointed with the battery life of other headphones, then these are certainly going to be your best option. In addition to the impressive battery life, you get decent sound quality and a very attractive case that is designed to stand up to years of daily use.

xFyro G

Although we were impressed with the sound quality, if you’re a serious audiophile you might want to go for some high end over the ear headphones like the KEF Space One. But when it comes to portable Bluetooth headphones, we think that the xFyro G’s leave little to be desired.

It’s always a challenge to gauge audio quality, as this is a very subjective thing. While they might not be as bass heavy as the Powerbeats 3, the sound quality is refined and neutral enough that we think this pair of headphones has something that can please everyone. They aren’t the biggest brand on the market, but as long as they keep cranking out high quality products like the G True, we’ll expect to see this brand gain a lot more traction in the near future.

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  1. What is the correct battery capacity for the charging case? I saw the xfyro website stating 9000mAh but the amazon website stating 900mAh.

      • Its impossible that this tiny thing could hold 9000mh, i just contacted manufacturer, and they confirmed it was typo on their website, it is 900Mh which makes sense and it is capable of charging headpones for 9 times, order placed.

  2. How can it be 9000Mha in a small case like this?
    My anker battery pack has 9000 mha, but it 3 times bigger than this case, i would belive if it was 2500Mha, but 9000? How? I ordered these headphones anyway!
    Because of good reviews and the best look i ever saw in the wireless headphones…..


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