These are the Best PS4 Wall Mounts (1st Gen, Slim and Pro)

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With over 115 million units sold, the PlayStation 4 is the fourth best-selling console of all time. Assuming it sells a mere 3 million more units, it will outsell the GameBoy, and become the 3rd-best selling. The reasons for the PS4’s sales are not hard to understand. Sony had already dominated the previous console generation, and had more exclusives than Microsoft. Not only that, but the Xbox One had stumbled out of the gate, with early models’ widely-panned mandatory motion controls. Add to that the most powerful hardware of its generation, and it’s no surprise that the PS4 sold so well.

But the PS4 will continue to be relevant for many years. For one thing, it supports a number of games that will continue to be classics for years to come. For another thing, the global pandemic and a semiconductor shortage have slowed the rollout of next-gen games and consoles. Unless you want to get the most possible power out of a 4K TV, you won’t be missing out on much content. At least not for the next few years. So it still makes sense to invest in good PS4 accessories. And if there’s a PS5 coming in to occupy your old system’s place, you might want to move your PS4. As a result, it seemed like a good time to talk about PS4 wall mounts.

We’re about to review three of the best wall mounts for PS4. These include variants for all types of PS4, including the original, the Slim, and the Pro. We’ll start with the HIDEit. This wall mount has a compact, minimalist design, and is available for all three PS4 variants. The HumanCentric is also compatible with all three systems. In addition, it includes controller brackets for two DualShock 4 controllers. Last but not least, we’ll look at the TotalMount. It’s available for the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro only, but its plastic frame creates less wireless interference. Which one is the best? Let’s dig a little deeper, and find out!

Benefits of a PS4 Console Mount

Before we talk about the best PS4 console mounts, let’s talk about something more basic. What does a console mount do, and why would you want to use one? Put succinctly, a console mount is a specialized bracket that attaches to your wall. Ideally, it’s arranged to allow for easy cable management, and to keep your air vents clear. Here are some reasons a console mount can be a great investment.

Better Space Management

The first benefit of a PS4 mount is that it gives you somewhere to put your console. This is becoming more important, as wall-mounted TVs become the norm and large entertainment centers go out of style. Putting your PS4 on the wall means one less thing to find space for on your small entertainment center. Not only that, but you can even conceal your PS4 entirely behind your TV. This creates a cleaner look in your living room, with less visible clutter.

ps4 wall mount

Better Cable Management

Another, related benefit of a console mount is that it helps you to organize your cables. If you’ve already got a few devices, such as a sound bar or AV controller, there are wires behind your TV already. Add a set top box and another console or two, and soon you’re dealing with an absurd rat’s nest. Mounting your console on your wall helps keep the wires separate. If you’re a stickler for good cable management, it’s not a complete solution. But it’s a step in the right direction, and it makes further organization easier.

Better Ventilation

A good wall mount will provide plenty of air flow to keep your console cool. Now, the PS4 is already designed with cooling in mind, and has plenty of air vents. However, entertainment centers aren’t always ideal for cooling. If you’ve got a bunch of electronics close together, there’s invariably going to be less air flow. As a result, your console might start to get excessively warm. Similarly, locating your console higher up on the wall can help keep it free of dust. This means fewer blocked vents, and better cooling for your PlayStation.

Safer Around Kids and Pets

If you have kids, you probably already know that they tend to break things. Very small children get curious about buttons and shiny lights. Older kids are more sensible, but they get their growth spurt, they get clumsy, and things get knocked over. Point being, a game console that sits out in the open is just begging to get damaged. A console that’s mounted on the wall, on the other hand, is relatively safe. The same is true for pets, particularly dogs whose tails have minds of their own. With the PS4 out of the way, you don’t have to worry about it getting knocked over.

More Flexibility

A wall mount gives you a little more flexibility when it comes to placement. Let’s say you need to plug your PS4 into a wall outlet that’s not directly under the TV. Instead of using an extension cord, you can use a wall mount to position the console closer to the outlet. A wall mount can also be used in situations where the TV is very high up on the wall. Basically, you’re free from the restraints of setting your PS4 on an entertainment center.

HIDEit PS4 Wall Mount

HIDEit (Available for 1st Gen, Slim and Pro)

HIDEit is an established manufacturer that produces a variety of mounting solutions. Not too long ago, we reviewed their PS5 wall mount, and we liked the design. So we were eager to see if the PS4 version of the HIDEit lives up to the same standard. This is an all-metal stand, made in the USA from sturdy, 16-gauge steel. The steel is cold-rolled for better durability, and has a powder coated finish to prevent scratching. This coating comes in black or white, so it pairs well with more or less any aesthetic.

HIDEit PS4 Wall Mount

That said, the color isn’t as much of a concern as you might think. This is an exceptionally low-profile bracket, and is hardly visible at all. Even if it’s mounted on a bare wall, you’ll barely notice the HIDEit. The bracket is only a few inches wide, and is designed for you to slide your PS4 in from the side. Keep in mind that different PS4 variants had different mounting systems. For the original PS4, manufactured through 2017, the bracket will slide into the center channel. For the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, it will slide into Sony’s Secure Mounting Mechanism. Each type of bracket will only work with the PS4 variant it was designed for. When you order, make sure you’re ordering the version that’s right for the PS4 you own.

HIDEit PS4 Wall Mount

The slim profile makes the HIDEit one of the safest brackets that money can buy. It barely touches your console, so all of the air vents are free. Provided you don’t block access with some other device, your PS4 will stay nice and cool.

HIDEit PS4 Wall Mount

As far as mounting options go, this bracket can be positioned just about anywhere. It includes a set of drywall screws and anchors, so it can be wall mounted without a stud finder. The advertising says it doesn’t require drilling, but you should really pre-drill for the anchors. That said, the anchors are rated for 25 pounds each, so they’re very secure. In addition, the small size makes the HIDEit easy to mount under a desk with a pair of wood screws. The holes are even spaced for VESA mounting if you want to put it directly on the back of your TV.

HumanCentric PS4 Wall Mount

HumanCentric (Available for 1st Gen, Slim and Pro)

HumanCentric is another wall mount manufacturer we’ve reviewed in the past. We recently reviewed their cable box and modem mount, and now we’re going to look at their PS4 wall mount. This mount has a similar steel construction to the HIDEit mount. It even has a powder coated finish, although it’s only available in black.

HumanCentric PS4 Wall Mount

That said, there are a couple of important differences between the design of these two brackets. While the HIDEit is very slim, the HumanCentric is much broader. In fact, it’s nearly as wide as the PlayStation 4 console itself. The console still gets inserted the same way, though: from the side. This means you’ll need to be similarly careful about ordering the right kind. Thankfully, the HumanCentric comes sized for all three types of PS4, so there’s one for your console.

HumanCentric PS4 Wall Mount

Like the HIDEit, the HumanCentric bracket comes with drywall anchors and screws. However, it also includes VESA screws, so you won’t have to provide your own. On the other hand, desk-mounting is a bit trickier. Given the large size, this bracket isn’t suitable for attaching to most furniture.

HumanCentric PS4 Wall Mount

There are two additional features worth mentioning. First off, there’s a locking nut at the end, complete with a rubber washer to keep it from scratching your console. This keeps your PlayStation from getting knocked out of the wall mount by mistake. Second, the kit includes a pair of matching controller brackets. These are basically broad hooks where you can hang your PS4 controllers when they’re not in use.

TotalMount PS4 Wall Mount

TotalMount (Available for Slim and Pro)

The TotalMount comes from yet another manufacturer we’re already familiar with. We’ve reviewed their Nintendo Switch wall mount, and their PS4 wall mount is more or less the same thing. Even at first glance, there are a few major differences you’ll notice between the TotalMount and the last two. First off, it’s oriented vertically instead of horizontally. Instead of sliding your PlayStation in from the side, it drops in from the top. This makes it virtually impossible to knock your system out by accident.

TotalMount PS4 Wall Mount

Another useful feature is the built-in level. This makes mounting a breeze, since you don’t need to tie up one hand with a separate level. Drill-free installation is possible thanks to a pair of wide-threaded, self-anchoring drywall screws. If you want to mount on wood, you’ll need to provide your own screws. The holes are also not spaced for a VESA mount. This mount is sized for the PS4 Pro, although there’s a near-identical version for the PS4 Slim.

TotalMount PS4 Wall Mount

The last difference you’ll notice between the TotalMount and the others is that it’s made of plastic. Because it’s plastic instead of metal, it doesn’t create any wireless interference. This means you’ll get better speeds if you’re playing online with a WiFi connection. And while the plastic isn’t as tough as metal, that shouldn’t normally matter. Unless you’re beating up on your bracket, this one is going to be more than tough enough. It’s also safe for your console. A vented back and side ensure that your PS4 gets plenty of air flow.

TotalMount PS4 Wall Mount

Final Verdict

Each of these brackets has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s review what we’ve learned. We started out by looking at the HIDEit bracket. This wall mount has the smallest profile, and leaves the most space for cooling. It’s also easy to mount in a variety of positions. That said, there are no bonus features. It’s just a small metal bracket designed for a PS4. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of preference.

The HumanCentric bracket is similar to the HIDEit in that it’s made from powder coated metal. However, there are significant differences to set it apart. For one thing, it has a broader design, with a locking nut to keep your PS4 securely in place. It also comes with VESA mounting screws, as well as a pair of nifty DualShock 4 controller brackets. On the other hand, the broad profile makes it a poor choice for mounting on most desks.

The TotalMount is a bit of a different breed. Made from plastic, it’s not quite as durable as the others, but it also doesn’t interfere with your WiFi. In addition, your PS4 loads from the top instead of the sides. This makes it harder to knock out by accident.

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