Review of the Maxoak Bluetti AC200 Power Station

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Quick Analysis


Overall Design


Charging Power







  • Impressive 340,000mAh capacity.
  • Can recharge via AC, DC, or solar.
  • Compatible with almost any device.
  • User-friendly LED display.


  • Large and heavy.

Nowadays, we rely on electronic devices more than ever before. Whether you’re using your smartphone for online banking or working on your laptop, you need power for your device. Under ordinary, everyday circumstances, this is a non-issue. Just plug your device into a wall outlet, and you’ve got juice. Of course, not every day is ordinary. For instance, if your power goes out for more than a few minutes, your batteries can start getting low.

So far, the lack of power just sounds like an annoyance. It might set you back on your work, and you might get bored, but it’s hardly a life or death issue. But what if you rely on a CPAP machine to sleep safely through the night? Or what if the power is out for hours and your fridge starts to get warm? In this case, you’re looking at a much more serious situation. And serious situations require serious power delivery.

Bluetti’s Maxoak line of chargers is known for meeting just this kind of need. They manufacture some small power banks, such as the AC10. But they primarily manufacture beefier devices, such as the AC50 Power Station and the AC100 Power Station. Both of these power stations are exceedingly powerful, and can run most electronics.

But suppose you want the highest-capacity power station that money can buy? In that case, consider the Maxoak Bluetti AC200 Power Station. It’s a monster of a device, providing up to 2,000 watts of continuous power. This makes it strong enough to run even high-powered machines, such as a full-sized fridge or a mid-sized space heater. It begins shipping on July 1st, but is currently available for pre-order. Even better, customers who order before July 1st receive an early-bird discount. But is it worth investing your money? Let’s take a close look, and see what it brings to the table.

Maxoak Bluetti AC200

Overall Design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Maxoak Bluetti AC200 Power Station is the size. This is a very large power station, measuring about 16 inches wide, and 12 inches in depth and height. It’s correspondingly heavy, tipping the scales at just under 50 pounds. This is a necessity given the large, powerful internal battery, as well as the electronic components. Still, it’s relatively easy to move. A pair of handles are built into both sides of the top, so you can lift it with both hands. It might be an issue if you have a bad back or another difficulty with lifting heavy loads. But for most people, it can still be moved around with a little bit of effort.

The AC200’s frame is constructed from stainless steel, which makes it tough and durable. In theory, you could use it as a stepstool and not cause any damage. We wouldn’t recommend this as a matter of principle. But the fact remains that this is a very sturdy power station. The outer shell surrounding the frame is constructed from ABS plastic. This keeps the unit safer from temperature variations, and also makes it comfortable to grip. Moreover, the silver color of the outer frame contrasts with the black front, top, and side panels. This makes the AC200 a bit more attractive than most large power stations.

Maxoak Bluetti AC200

The bottom of the unit sports a set of four rubber feet. This means it won’t skid on damp or slippery surfaces. It also means it won’t scuff hardwood floors or scratch tile. You can use it on any surface without any concerns. The sides and the tops are all vented, which allows for plenty of air flow. Internal fans constantly draw air through the system, ensuring that the internal components remain cool. As a result, the AC200 is safe to use in most temperature conditions. Keep in mind though, that like any battery-powered device, its performance will suffer in very cold weather.

On the top of the AC200, there’s a wide panel with two wireless charging pads. Both pads are indicated by a simple circle, so you know where to put your phone or earbuds. The back of the unit is relatively Spartan. You’ll find a simple input for an AC adapter, as well as a 12-volt DC input. There are also a couple of less traditional inputs. First, there’s a port for connecting a solar panel. Secondly, there are contacts for connecting an external battery or a generator.

Maxoak Bluetti AC200

All of your power outputs are on the front. Far to the left, there’s set of 12-volt DC outputs. Next, there’s a USB Type-C port, and a row of four USB Type-A ports. Finally, on the right side, there’s a set of six AC power ports. These are the meat and potatoes of the AC200, and form the main attraction of its design. Finally, there’s an RV power connection for your camper. All of these ports have rubber plugs that are attached to the face of the unit. The AC200 might not be waterproof, but the plugs at least resist minor splashes and spills.

Above the power ports, there’s a power button to the top left. It has a built-in green LED ring that lets you know when the unit is active. Not that this is necessary. The front display also lights up when the AC200 is active, and it’s bright enough to be clearly visible. On this display, you’ll see a readout of what power sources are being used. There’s also a meter that shows you the overall battery capacity, and how many total watts are being drawn. Here, you’ll see everything you need to know to get the most out of your AC200.

Maxoak Bluetti AC200

Battery Performance and Capacity

As you can see, the Maxoak Bluetti AC200 Power Station is very well built. But how well does it perform when you plug in your devices? Let’s start with the capacity. You’re looking at a total capacity of 340,000mAh, or about 100 iPhone batteries. This is more than sufficient for just about any imaginable use. In total, the AC200 can output a total continuous power of 2,000 watts. That’s a very large amount of power, and is almost unheard of in the portable power realm.

Maxoak Bluetti AC200

Nonetheless, we feel the need to stress that 2,000 watts is the total maximum power. In other words, if you have six devices connected, the combined total draw cannot exceed 2,000 watts. Let’s say you have a mini fridge connected that draws 1,000 watts. In this case, you could plug in a 500-watt CPAP machine and a 60-watt laptop with no issues. The total draw would only be 1,560 watts. But if you then proceeded to connect another mini fridge, the breaker would trip and the AC200 would deactivate.

For charging, you get a few different options. When possible, it’s best to simply recharge using the AC adapter. This is the fastest method, and will have you fully juiced in about 2 ½ hours. For a household emergency backup power, this is the most obvious way to go.

Maxoak Bluetti AC200

However, you might want to use your power station on the road. In that case, you have additional choices. In a car or truck, you can charge via 12-volt DC power. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll want to keep your engine running. Otherwise, your power port won’t be active. If you’re in an RV, consider using solar panels when you get to your destination. Your exact solar performance will depend on the wattage of your solar panel. A standard 120-watt panel will take about 15 hours to fully charge the battery. However, you can significantly increase the charge speed by using a more powerful panel. If you run a few panels in parallel, the AC200 will charge at up to 700 watts. At this speed, you’ll get a complete charge in just 3 ½ hours. That’s almost as good as using your home’s AC power outlet!

In a pinch, you can also charge from an external lead-acid battery or generator. This is a bit obscure, and most people won’t need this function. But if you’ve got a spare car battery and need to run your mini fridge, it will get you out of a pickle.

Maxoak Bluetti AC200


As you’ve probably guessed, the Maxoak Bluetti AC200 Power Station can charge just about any device imaginable. With six AC outlets, you can power anything from an appliance to a drone. Just watch your wattage, and you’re good to go. The USB Type-C port supports PD technology, with a maximum delivery of up to 60 watts. This is good enough for quick charging a MacBook Pro in under 2 hours, or an iPhone X in under an hour. Keep in mind, though, that most laptops draw more than 60 watts when they’re running. If you need to use your laptop while it’s charging, use your AC adapter and plug into an AC port.

Maxoak Bluetti AC200

For smartphones, you also get a few additional options. The two wireless pads are quick and easy to use, and can also be used for smaller devices like earbuds. Moreover, you get four USB ports for a more traditional charge. These can also be used for other USB devices. The 12-volt ports are also very useful, whether you want to run a vacuum or an air compressor.

The RV adapter is a bit more obscure. Unless you drive an RV, you’re never going to need it. But if you need to power your RV, you’ll appreciate the ability to juice up without visiting a campsite. Just make sure you have somewhere to recharge your power station when you’re done.

Maxoak Bluetti AC200

Final Verdict

The Maxoak Bluetti AC200 Power Station is exceptionally versatile. It can power everything from a refrigerator to a CPAP machine to a smartphone. No matter what you need to power, your needs are covered. Not only that, but you can charge it in many ways as well. Whether you need AC power or a solar-compatible power station, you’re very well set up. As long as you don’t mind the size and weight, you’re good to go.

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