4 Best Replacement Nintendo Switch Kickstands [2023 Tested]

Ever found yourself in the middle of an intense gaming session, only to be interrupted by an unexpected tumble of your Nintendo Switch? You’re not alone. The fragile kickstand on the Switch has been a point of contention for many gamers since its release. Understanding the need for stability and durability, we at NerdTechy have …

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best nintendo switch dust cover

5 Best Nintendo Switch (OLED) Dust Covers in 2023

Whether you own the original Nintendo Switch or the newer OLED version, you’re going to want to protect it from dust and debris. Maintaining your console’s cleanliness is crucial to ensuring it continues to perform at its best. Dust and debris can hinder your gaming experience and potentially damage your hardware. That said, you should …

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Best Hall Effect Nintendo Switch Controller

6 Best Hall Effect Nintendo Switch Controllers Without Stick Drift (2023)

Nintendo Switch users everywhere are used to the joy cons that come with their device. These controllers are another addition to the long line of unique controllers from Nintendo. They can be used on the device or taken off and used wirelessly in a variety of ways. However, they don’t have the same look or …

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fix controller stick drift

How to Fix Controller Stick Drift (PS5, Switch & Xbox)

Stick drift is the uninvited guest at every gamer’s party. Controllers that wander aimlessly across the screen are enough to make even the most seasoned gamer grit their teeth. Whether it’s a PS5, Switch, or Xbox controller, no platform seems immune. Our handy guide will show you the way to victory over this digital adversary. …

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