Guide to the Best Whole-House EMF Radiation Neutralizer

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These days, the air is literally filled with radiation. Our cell phones, routers, and other devices are sending it in all directions. This is what most people typically mean when they talk about EMF radiation. But to be fair, EMF encompasses a whole lot of things. The light coming out of your screen right now is EMF, and so is the sunlight outside. Some EMF, like ultraviolet light and X-rays, can be harmful. Other EMF, like infrared light, does nothing, or can even be used in therapy. The type of EMF produced by your smartphone and WiFi router fall near the radio wave part of the spectrum.

For most people, these types of waves are completely harmless. But some individuals experience anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and other symptoms when exposed to EMF radiation. If you’re one of those people, it can pay to take measures to limit your exposure. This means protecting yourself at work, on the road, and at home. Your home is the most important for a couple of reasons. To begin with, it’s the environment over which you have the most direct control. Not only that, but it’s where you go to bed at night. If EMF radiation gives you insomnia, the best solution is to treat your home.

We’re about to look at not one, but three ways to neutralize EMF radiation in your home. We’ll start by reviewing the EMF Harmonizer Home & Office. This is a whole house system with larger packages available for offices. Next, we’ll examine the Aulterra EMF Home Protection device. This is a USB fob for suburban and rural home coverage, and it can also be used for travel. Last but not least, we’ll check out the Blushield Tesla Gold Series. This is a Smartphone-sized device for personal coverage, with a large internal battery. After we’ve gone over the most important features of each, we’ll render our final verdict. Let’s take a closer look, and see what we uncover!

EMF Radiation Neutralizer Basics

Before we look at any particular EMF radiation neutralizer, let’s talk about how they work. You might already be familiar with a radiation shield. A radiation shield, like Faraday fabric, is designed to block EMF radiation altogether. The technology is based on the principle of a Faraday cage, which has been well known for over a century. Basically, a wire mesh or cage is arranged in a certain geometric pattern to redirect radiation. This works great on a small scale. For example, Faraday bags and pouches are a popular way to protect yourself from smartphones.


But it’s hardly practical to install a cage around your house, or hang Faraday fabric on every wall. Similar solutions, like lead shielding, are equally impractical. In most cases, you wouldn’t even want to completely block EMF. Your phone wouldn’t work in your house, and your WiFi wouldn’t work right. Besides which, there’d still be EMF radiation inside your house. It would be coming from your light bulbs, your TV, and the wires in your walls. So even if you covered your entire house in a giant Faraday tent, you might still have issues with EMF. You need a better solution.

So, what do you do if you want to protect yourself from EMF radiation at home? There are actually ways to do this, but not in the way you think. See, what causes most people to have trouble with EMF radiation isn’t actually the radiation itself. It’s what scientists call “incoherence.” Incoherence is an irregularity in the radiation. Basically, instead of coming out in a smooth pattern, the wave is stuttering, or spiking irregularly. To be clear, this is a new area of research, but it seems to be the cause of trouble for many people.

Thankfully, there’s a surprisingly simple way to do that, and it works a lot like a noise-cancelling headphone. This makes sense if you think about it, since EMF and sound are both waves. With a noise-cancelling headphone, built-in microphones detect background noise in the room. Internal circuitry then introduces what’s called “anti-noise.” Where the noise has a spike in the wave form, the anti-noise will have a dip, and vice-versa. When the two waves combine, the reversed spikes and dips cancel each other out. Suddenly, you don’t hear the background noise, just the music you want to hear.

An EMF neutralizer works pretty much the same way. It detects background EMF radiation in your home. Then, it produces an inverse wave to smooth out any incoherence. This doesn’t completely eliminate EMF radiation, but it has a couple of benefits. First and foremost, it’s practical. You might not be able to build a Faraday cage over your house, but you can plug in a little device. For another thing, you can still use your electronic devices. Your router, phone, and PC will all work just fine with a neutralizer in place.

If you want even more protection when you’re sleeping, there are other, practical options. For example, you could hang an EMF-shielding bed canopy around your mattress. This won’t protect your entire home, or even your entire bedroom. But it will create a little bubble that’s virtually EMF-free.

EMF Harmonizer Home & Office

EMF Harmonizer Home & Office

The EMF Harmonizer Home & Office has the largest potential coverage area of all these EMF neutralizers. The base kit consists of one large metal plate, and four smaller metal plates. All of the plates are engraved with a large EMF Harmony logo, including their website. The larger plate measures 3 inches high and 2 ½ inches wide, and is fairly thin. The smaller plates are 2.25 inches wide and 0.5 inches high, and are made from an equally thin material. These plates all have an adhesive backing, and the smaller ones are adhered to your outlets. The larger one, meanwhile, is installed on the breaker box.

EMF Harmonizer Home & Office

There are a couple of other options that can cover more or less area. To begin with, if you don’t have access to the breaker box, you can order standalone outlet plates. If you’re covering a larger area, you can also order kits with even more smaller plates. These are 7, 10, and 13-plate packages respectively.

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So far, so good. We have a versatile kit that can cover even very large areas. But we have some general questions about how the technology actually works. EMF Harmony says that the Harmonizer works with quantum technology. Material in the metal plates is tuned to resonate at a certain frequency on the quantum level. This frequency is then used to “tune” the EMF radiation in your environment.

EMF Harmonizer Home & Office

We’re not qualified to make any claims about quantum physics. But we’re skeptical of the EMF Harmonizer because it’s un-powered. Without power, how is it going to affect EMF radiation from across the room? Another issue is that EMF Harmony claims that the harmonizer ionizes the air. This is real technology, and it’s used all the time in ionizers and some air purifiers. But it requires power, as well as other components the EMF Harmonizer doesn’t have.

If you want to radically reduce the amount of EMF radiation in your house, consider using a WiFi router guard. This will contain the radiation from your router. Of course, it will also slow down your wireless network, but that’s a necessary side effect.

Aulterra USB Whole House EMF Neutralizer

Aulterra EMF Home Protection

The Aulterra USB Whole House EMF Neutralizer does exactly what its name implies. It’s an EMF neutralizer that you plug into a USB outlet. Whenever it’s plugged in, it’s protecting the surrounding area. That’s all there is to it, and it’s a very versatile device. For example, you don’t have to plug it into a USB wall outlet. It can plug into a phone charger, a computer’s USB port, or even a car outlet.

As a matter of fact, Aulterra even offers an alternative version for automotive use. For most purposes, the two are the same; they’re simple USB fobs, about the size of a thumb drive. That said, the automotive version has a big metal D-ring that can attach to your key ring. This is ideal if you have a keyless ignition, since you can easily plug into your USB outlet while driving. It could be more awkward with a keyed ignition, since you wouldn’t be able to plug in.

Aulterra USB Whole House EMF Neutralizer

Both versions of the Aulterra neutralizer have the same rated coverage area of 5,000 square feet. However, this is really just a rough estimate. In practice, a lot depends on the amount of radiation in your environment. After all, this is just a 5-volt USB fob, so you can only expect so much. If you’re in a crowded urban area with a dozen or more overlapping WiFi networks, you’ll get less coverage. Then again, if you’re in the suburbs or out in the country, you can reliably cover a small to mid-sized house. If you have a larger home, you can always just add more fobs. They work independently, so there’s no limit to how many you can install in your home.

As we mentioned, Aulterra’s EMF neutralizer also works well if you spend a lot of time on the road. You can plug it in while you’re in the car, to mitigate the radiation from your car radio. You can plug it into your laptop, and keep your hotel room safe. You can even take it with you when you go to work. As long as you have somewhere to plug it in, it will reliably keep your environment safe.

Blushield Tesla Gold Series Whole House EMF Protector

Blushield Tesla Gold Series

The Blushield Tesla Gold Series is a compact, pocket-sized device that’s smaller than a smartphone. At 3 ¼ inches tall and 2 inches wide, it’s small enough to carry just about anywhere. The housing is entirely white, with a smooth finish that’s elegant and easy to clean. On the front, there’s a black “Blushield” imprint, with no other branding visible. To the top right, you’ll see a row of four lights, which indicate the current battery level. To the top left, you’ll find a single indicator, which lights up when the device is active. On the top, there’s a power switch, next to a USB Type-C charging cable.

Blushield Tesla Gold Series Whole House EMF Protector

The neat thing about the Tesla Gold Series is that it doesn’t have to be plugged in. Because it has an internal battery, it can be used pretty much anywhere. You can even keep it in your pocket when you’re taking a walk. This makes it ideal if you have no control of your working environment, since you’ll always be protected. The battery lasts from around one to four weeks, depending on how heavily you’re using it. Then again, it’s easy to keep charged, since you can plug it in overnight.

This neutralizer is rated to work in a three meter radius in all directions. That’s a sphere with a diameter of around 18 feet. In other words, this isn’t so much of a whole-house neutralizer as a personal neutralizer. It’s still great at what it does, though.

Final Verdict

So, which one of these EMF neutralizers is the right one for you? The EMF Harmonizer Home & Office has the largest coverage area. It’s also unobtrusive, and doesn’t require any power. That said, we had some serious questions about the underlying technology. Keep in mind that if you’d like to try it, be sure to use code “NERD15” for a 15% discount.

The Aulterra EMF Home Protection device, on the other hand, is great for whole-house protection. It’s not powerful enough for a crowded urban area, but it’s great for less congested areas. It’s also easy to use, since all you have to do is plug it in and let it do its thing.

The Blushield Tesla Gold Series has the smallest coverage area, just a small bubble. But it’s great if you’re on the road and need to take your coverage with you. It’s also helpful if you work in a workspace where you can’t use one of the other options. As long as you don’t mind keeping it charged and carrying it around, it’s an excellent choice.

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